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Walking those 100+ dumbbells into the weekend. Doing chest for a second time this week, why? In order for any muscle hypertrophy for my body type I realized I have to train the muscle groups twice a week. Anything else is just not enough volume, for me. Now this may be true for some people and different for others, I have always felt it was important to cater to each of your clients to their specific body type or needs. Some people want strength some want aesthetics and some want functionality, but each type of need or wants require a different kind of training. Anyone else train need to their muscles groups twice a week for growth?
Throw back to when it wasn't 20 degrees! Whose already training for that summer weather and body?? Anyone that's been training for awhile already know that if you guys want that beach ready body you need to start before it's warm. It's the cold months that count even I start doing stairmaster around end of February and start changing the diet up. There's no quick solution or specific weather for fitness it's all year around.
Running into the weekend at 15.3 mph! 🏃💨 (Sidenote at second glance is he farting or running super fast at Sonic speeds) Hate running, but who else ends workouts with some sprints??
For everyone that doesn't like cardio, you don't have to go running or biking if you hate it, you just need to find a form of it that you like. This also goes with all aspects of fitness and I try to preach this to my clients this all the time. Not everyone likes lifting like I do, but they do realize the benefits that come with my training, such a increased stabilization and strength to be better at the activities they do love to do. I have clients that hate lifting, but love surfing and skiing, and they have experienced a lot if the benefits that come with the strength training, so they continues to train with me. I don't like running to but to get my cardio in I bix with @barlifenyc Comment below on what's yours passion that helps drive your fitness or your cardio replacement??
When you get turnt upside down😅 . Anyone ever tried this instead of your regular reverse lat row? 🎥:@jtera08
New year new me wooo 2019 here I come!! Now that the year is over what are your 2019 fitness goals? . Mine are to stretch more and use more myofascial release tools for better recovery. Often recovery is the most overlooked tool in fitness for gains in strength and even weight loss. Without proper sleep and maintenance your goals will be harder to achieve.
Which kicks are you bringing out for the near year and weekend? What's your favorite sneakers? . Ones laced up by @therealstarway only way with @aglit_italy laces
If you can't do it on one leg you can't do it at all. Merry liftmas everyone. Who wants to try this out?
Dumbbell chest flys or cable chest flys? Which one do you prefer and why? Comment below!!!
This is how you do alternating barbell bench right??
Taking these two 36 lb kettle bells for a ride on the single leg train.
275 at 185 body weight, but you get that third rep when @atoscher spots you and leans in close for safety.
Everyone wants a big thicc butt but ain't nobody trying to lift no heavy ass weights. . Finishing wiht a drop set for my last set of squats 315x2 255x4 225x5 185 x10
Thanksgiving with a view.
Deficit deadlifts good for working on the intial part of the dead lift. 🎥@jasonm_fitness
When I'm not lifting or punching things I'm carving pumpkins. 🔪 🎃 We are venom!!! My ten year old self would be proud. Should I start drawing again? . 🎥@joycioci
Jumping into the weekend... One legged. What's your favorite plyo exercise?
That time of year I get to geek out and spend money on random things! . Can you guess who I am? Happy to also get to hang with Jackson's first comic con!!!
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