Daniel Wai

NYC Personal trainer NASM CPT/CES/WFS certified Questions?? Email: For online training #strongerlongerfaster

Deficit deadlifts good for working on the intial part of the dead lift. 🎥@jasonm_fitness
When I'm not lifting or punching things I'm carving pumpkins. 🔪 🎃 We are venom!!! My ten year old self would be proud. Should I start drawing again? . 🎥@joycioci
Jumping into the weekend... One legged. What's your favorite plyo exercise?
That time of year I get to geek out and spend money on random things! . Can you guess who I am? Happy to also get to hang with Jackson's first comic con!!!
Flying into the week. . Anyone else chest Mondays??
This is how I pull up to the weekend! . Anyone else use weight pull ups as a strength based exercise? Great for a drop set to no weight! 🎥@whytmamba
Working on the transition from body shots to head shots. What's your cardio?? My coach and videographer @barlifenyc #hecandoboth #getaguythatcandoboth
Dips . Some people swear by them and other says it puts too much strain on your shoulder joints. Which one are you?
Is it ok to wear white after labor day?
Mondays are for lifting things up and then putting them down!! . Which one of you guys/gals love starting the week with a good workout and eating right? . I feel that when you start your week off right, it sets the tone for the rest of your week. Starting productivity, healthy, and feeling good, makes you want to accomplish more during that week and gives you the energy to take on the week.
What else would workout in the brand new @equinox ??
Just hanging out 🐒
Sunsets on rooftops in London throw back to last week.
Clear skies and palm trees..guess Cali isn't that bad.
Basically I'm being basic in London
Don't skip legs in London! #legsonvacation
Ready to battle? . Who else uses battles ropes instead of cardio??
Lifting out here like the American Ninja warrior! #americanninjawarrior . . 📷@whytmamba
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