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💊 CMO @ MuscleSport//Kodiak 🍔 Wendy’s Enthusiast 🐺 Serial Entrepreneur ❤️Alexa Marsico💍

I don’t think #CoupleGoals are 2 perfect people who have nice things. I think it’s 2 imperfect people who fight a lot, disagree a lot but never give up on each other & still love the shit out of each other every day - - - Thank you for being my version of perfect. I’m so proud of you & everything you do daily for yourself, our new place, me & Nova 🐶
Welcome to the family baby girl, you’re officially my favorite female in the house ❤️🐶 - - - Just kidding, mommy’s still my favorite ❤️ @alexamarsico
Focused AF 😜 #HumpDay
October is for legends 🤙🏻 #NYY
It’s #SpookySZN mofos 🎃
Pro tip: Hoboken definitely isn’t the spot for #OffWhites 👎🏻🤦🏻‍♂️
Much needed today💨🙏🏻 . Between the expansion of our brands, moving into my new place and @alexamarsico stressing me out daily, CBD is a life saver . @haraflow CBD Pens, along with our fast-growing range of other products help alleviate stress, anxiety, pain & a list of other benefits too long for Instagram . Snag 10% off your order with the code in my bio 🔥😜 #HaraFlow #HaraCBD #CBD
You know why they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Because you don’t remember 🙄 #MrOlympia18
Great running into @dillian_alchemylabs this weekend. I think Vegas maybe got the best of both of us ✌🏻
Right or Left? ♣️♦️♠️♥️
Get yourself a woman that can do both ❤️🤤🔥 #KingAndQueenShit
Peak Week for Olympia 🏆 ••• My diet currently consists of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers, Tubs of Peanut Butter & @alexamarsico 🤤❤️ #ThisPicIsAMonthOld #ImFatNow
The only thing hotter than #Kamikaze are these new @purgesupps shakers 🔥
Inhale positivity // exhale bullshit 💨 ••• @haraflow - - - link in bio
Have you ever @grubhub mozzarella sticks to a VIP table? #TheresLevelsToThis
“Excuse me? What’d you say about my dad?” —Nala, the 38lb pit-mix that’s afraid of sewer grates & small cats
Much love to @scheri88 for coming to my office & putting in work on my back & shoulders to keep me actually feeling 27 instead of 72 😩🙏🏻
Possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of is linking up with @haraflow 💨 ___ Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m almost always going 100mph, pretty stressed and always battling one ridiculous injury or another 💩 - - - This @haraflow @lady__hammer edition pen is 200mg of 99% pure USDA grade organic CBD oil and has almost unlimited benefits - - - 💆🏻‍♂️ Reduces Stress & Anxiety 💪🏻 Pain Relief 🧠 Increased Focus - - - 100% legal in all 50 states, no you don’t get high but if you want to start feeling better, jump over to the link in my bio
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