Zoe Boyle

Actress. Emberley in #frontier Rona in #witless Lavinia in #downtonabbey Trinity in #sonsofanarchy . Ginger in everything #ginger

Harking back to summer where I sat in fields, drank champagne and looked ever so slightly moody about it
Gunning (gurning) for my Oscar/BAFTA/International Emmy/Razzie Award.... #frontier #netflix
Incompetent pool playing @thepig_hotel
Never mess with an angry ginger on some rocks #frontier #angryginger
First week done on Four Weddings and A Funeral for @hulu and I’m pleased to report my hair net matched my costume. We’re off to a flying start basically.
Just having a little lie down, waiting for my man @prideofgypsies to show up and rescue me #frontier #netflixandchill
I ate my way through @sohofarmhouse
Chillin out, maxing, relaxing all cool
More moody face. With a side portion of side eye for good measure. Frontier drops TODAY on Netflix 👀 #frontier #netflix 📸 by the legend @dennydenn
The ice man cometh! Comething to @netflix TOMORROW #jasonmomoa #dancingonice
Emberly serving some big moody face in the new season of #Frontier dropping on @netflix this very Friday. Tune in to see if she manages to crack a smile this season. (Unlikely)
Bye Cornwall. You’ve been ✨magic✨
Moody Cornwall 🌊
We’re back! The third season of Frontier drops on Netflix worldwide on November 23rd! Here’s Emberly creeping up on you with a creepy candle to really whet your appetite. #frontier #jasonmomoa #creepycandle
Bumped into this magnificent creature today. Gad I miss this broad! @thekerryhoward
About as far as I’m gonna get with a Halloween costume this year. 🐆
This gets its release in December and I’m thrilled to say that I am in it! Acting in French alongside some serious French talent. Vive la France! Merde! #remisansfamille #danielauteuil
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