Producer / Shooter. Based in Orlando, FL. Available International. for bookings.

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Cold World
All Eyes
I’m self-publishing my first calendar for 2019! Look for pre-orders to go live on my Big Cartel page on September 1st.
This is Progress
F A N C Y B O I . Credit to @ultimaesperanza for the styling.
Kotto with the quickness
Homecoming King
True Bromance
Big ⬆️
50MM. For about a year I shot shows on a 50MM lens on a Canon 60D. It means missing a lot of shots, but when it hit it was magic.
Huey 🦆 with the Rolleiflex. Harry 🐻 with the jealousy.
Its_so_hard_to_say_goodbye_to_yesterday[boyz2men].wav ▶️
Crystal Critter
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