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Getting out to the polls today to get my votes in early. Here’s a shot of Florida’s next governor @andrewgillum.
Glitching again
Rotten Oranges
Next level. Congrats to Chelsea for her new contract with WWE.
Battle Born
I’m 10 minutes in and this is so beautifully insane.
🎼Hello darkness, my old friend...
Whoops meant to go to Orlando
If I could look like this on travel days I would. Chicago ✈️ Detroit ✈️ Orlando ✈️ Providence in the next 36 hours.
Been real, Illinois.
Leaf Peeper
Midwest Midweek
Bad Bitch Status
Keep it tranquillo
Florida is a place where I’ve really grown as a person since moving here a little over five years ago. Only fitting to make my first tattoo an homage. Big thanks to @DerekTheBeard at The East for taking care of me. 🍊
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