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Parker is 10 weeks old today, double digits now! Those newborn days really didn’t last long enough, but I’m loving seeing this little boy grow & learn 😍 He is now in crawler size nappies & 3-6 month clothing, & he has slept 10 hours the last 2 nights! 🙌🏻 Not to mention how eager he is already to sit on his own & chase after his brothers! Not yet baby boy, give us a few more months! 🙈
I’m so in love with our alfresco this Christmas! 🎄🎅🏼🌈😍
Oh hey cutie 👋🏻😍 Parker loves to lay in the backyard watching the clouds go by with the wind in his hair & the warm sun on his skin, so bliss 💙
Parker’s first time at the beach, he just slept 🙊😍☀️
This little babe is so alert, I love getting to know his personality more & more each day 😍
I can’t wait for the school holidays to begin so we can enjoy slow mornings playing in here 🌈😍
Because pink isn’t only for girls 💕😍😍
I love the way Parker sucks on his bottom lip like this, he was even doing it during my 34 week ultrasound 🙊😍😍
Parker loves his adorable musical polar bear from @moulin_roty_australia , just look at that smile 😍😍 @moulin_roty_australia have an amazing Christmas gift catalogue available through the link in their profile, make sure you check it out 🙌🏻
This happy little space on an overcast day 😍
9 weeks of bliss with you, Parker 😍😍
Summer bod ready 🙊😍😍
Whenever I pull out the camera now I have these little wide eyes staring right at me 🙈😍 This adorable blanket from @babytulaanz feels just as good as it looks 🦖😍
Two months old already! Growing before my eyes & more in love everyday! You’re the sweetest little thing Parker, just look at you 😍😍😍
It’s birthday month for this babe! 💙 So I’m sharing another throwback from his second birthday because how cute is he?! 😍😍
So glad the weekend is finally here! 🙌🏻 & we get to start the advent calendar tomorrow 😍
Throwback to a little 6 month old Miles, because last night he lost his first tooth! My gosh, all of this is happening too fast for my liking! 😭 He used the same tooth box that I used as a little girl, & woke up excitedly at 5am showing off the $4 the tooth fairy left behind! 🙈 As soon as we got to school this morning he was showing everyone his gappy smile 😍😍
Parker had a 3 hour nap today! 🙌🏻 So I was able to finish this deer doll I started making him earlier this week, for Christmas 😍 It had been way too long since I had spent some time in my sewing room creating whatever I felt like, I’ll definitely need to make time for it more often ❤️ I’m happy with how this turned out considering I wasn’t working from a pattern 🙈 Swipe across to see the back too 😊
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