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i talk about making amends, telling someone you love them, reaching as you truly never know what tomorrow brings i have loved deeply which is why i hurt deeply i always assumed my sister and i with wisdom and age would figure where we went wrong as sisters we both wanted it so deeply but something in the universe kept us from embracing each other for who we are today, my little sister entered her new home a long term care facility in the bay area to say i am saddened is a complete understatement i cant even imagine how Izzy, her daughter, Mark, her husband and my parents are feeling i know how i feel i waited for too long i waited for tomorrow and now tomorrow will never come for us a few months ago i was sitting with diana she was so frightened of the demons that lurked within and that surrounded her i brought candles, essential oils, ganesha all to let her feel protected i asked her if she could think of her guardian angels who they would be she put her head down and slowly looked up her eyes sweetly penetrating mine “you, you are my guardian angel” alzheimers is the worst i want to swear and scream at the injustices in the world but instead i will love more than i have ever loved please send prayers to diana to Izzy to Mark and my mom and dad thankyou🙏❤️ #alzheimerssucks #sisters #lifehurts #embracelove #natureheals #
I just had an injection in my spine ... as tears rolled down my face , I contemplated this life.. It’s just an injection Praying for all those suffering with physical pain❤️#life #canonphotography #photographersofinstagram #longexposure #backpain #exploretocreate #natureheals
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