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Added these Active Arching Hangs to my routine. I saw a video of @fysiofabriek explaining them, and thought Heck I give it a try. Seems to activate my upper back great before doing any pull ups or front levers.
Important stuff, please read: I’m not one who is great at giving inspirational speaches, encouraging talks and stuff like that. I do my best, and sometimes what is in my mind does actually come out and deliveries the message. This is one of those tries. Most of the big public #metoo talks on the Internet are over, like it’s not an issue anymore. Like a bunch of celebs talked about it, some people got fired, a lot of abusing men got butthurt and got all defensive and that was it. Nowadays I only see @oliviamunn and the heroes from @shethoritypack and @shethority who are still talking about it. Meanwhile I still see lots of (mostly) men posting ridiculous, inappropriate and abusive comments on pages or pictures of women. What worries me the most, is that I only see a handful of guys calling those (again mostly) men out. Most of the ones calling those men out are women. It’s really time for us men to call those bastards out. Tell them they are acting inappropriate, abusive, basically like ass holes. It’s time for us to have each other’s backs. Stand up for each other. It’s time for #igotyourback . So I want all of you to post a #igotyourback below and start living like that. You see abuse? You act! ‘Only love can save the world’ Wonder Woman
Bootyday! Growing that Assgardian booty 👌. Here you go @cos.may , moar booty for you 🤣.
Need to work on getting my back a bit more horizontal in this stage of front levers. I'm happy I can get my back fairly straight though, that's already a huge step and takes lots of effort. I love this exercise, so fun to do and you feel it through your whole body.
Work in progress on the skull of Surtur. Starting to look gooood 💪.
Do Thor got 🍑? He doooo! Have a great day lovelies, shine bright 😘☀️🌩️🌈🔥!
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Happy Thor day everyone! Loki: @dudweert Photo: @guerrillaphotography666 Edit: @wonderwoman_nl
Jamming some Linkin Park with Tobi. I think we need to start a band @ghost_the_samoyed & @siberianhusky_jax It starts with this...
Picking some drinks for revels 👌🍻🍷🍸🍹 @dudweert Loki @cos.may Dr. Strange @didemay._ Valkyrie 📷@vanhoogstratenfotografie
Jumping into the week like....
Starting point. I'm going to lean out a bit because of health reasons. If I'm over 100kgs I get pretty bugged by stomach acid, so every once in a while I try to get a little leaner so I don't have to use medication. Current weight is 103,8kgs so I don't have to lean that much. Let's see what will happen. Also, really happy with this shape of my back. Been doing a test circuit from @jemfitnl for a while now. Focusing on some athletic stuff with plan he, front levers and pelicans. Lots of back workouts that gave me a Dorrito's shape 💪.
Sooooo, Thor / Kingsman crossover needs to be a thing right?! 📷@vanhoogstratenfotografie Doctor Strange @cos.may
Sound on! There’s a storm coming and Tobi is feeling a lot better now that temperatures are going down 👍. Aroooooo!!!! @siberianhusky_jax @ghost_the_samoyed
Strongest Viking (and a Valkyrie) games at Vikingating in Nysäter. Love it!
Touring Mellerud Kommune and Dalsland in search of potential places to live. Found some nice spots!
Arnold presses! Get them shoulders going and growing 💪. I bulked up a bit in the last month, curious to find out what’s underneath it. We’ll see that in the coming weeks.
Hey big guy, the sun’s getting real low....
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