Tiago Apolónia

⚪Team European Champion ⚪Team European Games Gold ⚪Single European Bronze 🌍Lisbon 🔵Butterfly Pro 🔴@butterflyttofficial Apolónia ZLC and Tenergy 05

Budapest sightseeing 🎓😉😊
Yes!!! 2019 is right here 🎉 I wish everyone a Happy New Year 🍾🎉
Normally I celebrate this very special period of the year together with the ones I love, but this time I am far away and need to celebrate doing something I love to do 🏓 MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone 🎄🎉🎁❤️
We had an amazing weekend with 2 very important wins over Okayama Rivets and Kinoshita Meister. Very happy with our team spirit and very grateful to all the support I get from the Saitama people!!! ✌🏓
Great Sushi Night 😜🇯🇵🍣
365 days of endless Love ❤️ Happy 1st Anniversary 🎂🎉Happy Birthday big boy 💙
Ready to go to Okinawa 🏓🛫☺️😷
Team dinner before one more T-League game tomorrow in Okayama 🏓
After many months staying in Asian hot countries and in Portugal...feels now strange to wear long jacket again ❄️😱
Great win today against Okinawa! Great team work, great team spirit 💪🏓 Now is time to fly back to Europe to play Sweden and Austria World Tour ✌🖐
My first big point in T-League 🏓😉
Very happy to play for the first time in T-League and even more happy that our team managed to win today. Good job guys 💪🏓
After a relaxing travel 😴😂 arrived for the first time in Nagoya. Happy to add one more Japanese city to my "already visited cities" list 👌📌 good night 😴🙏😉
T.T Saitama 1-3 Kinoshita. Not the result we wanted but it was an amazing atmosphere in this Opening T-League match. Great show, six thousand spectators in one mythical Japanese Sumo hall in Tokyo 🙏🏓 Despite the defeat, cumpliment to the Saitama players who played today for their big fight 👌 We will keep fighting together 💪👊
Lucky ball Part II 😂 Great practice session with T.T Saitama team mate @tingwong0907 ✌🏓
Lucky ball 😱 Sorry @seiyakishikawa 🙏 @butterflyttofficial
My japanese team mates 🏓💪🇯🇵
Enjoying our free afternoon 😜 take care @0803_maharu 😂
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