Tiago Apolónia

⚪Team European Champion ⚪Team European Games Gold ⚪Single European Bronze 🌍Lisbon 🔵Butterfly Pro 🔴@butterflyttofficial Apolónia ZLC and Tenergy 05

Sunday afternoon with my boy ❤️😊
That moment when you are tired but feeling happy after a good training session 🏓💪
Big boy is already 10 months old 😊❤️🎉
Good Night 🏓🌙
Great win yesterday in Hungary 💪🏓😊 Road to Euro2019!!!
Nice time playing in an huge shopping mall with @seiyakishikawa and @sakaryu1125 🏓🏓🏓
@t.tsaitama uniform! The colors I will be fighting for 💪🏓 @t.league_official is about to start!!!
T.T Saitama Opening Party!!! T-League is starting soon and T.T Saitama is ready 💪🏓😉
Chopsticks skills approved by Japanese experts 🥢😊🎓
Someone ready for a late night training session?🏓😊
Which word would you use to describe it??? 🤔🏓😊
Sunday practice 💪🔝 #fitness #workout
Thank you everyone who sent me birthday wishes yesterday 😍🙏😊 back in Europe with my ❤️💙
Thanks @ulttabletennis for this great Happy Birthday video!👍🙏
Waiting times at the airport can be boring 😞 Soon Australia for the first time🌏🛫
Hard but successful day🏓✌ #ittfworldtour #korea
Santiago is ready..Vamos Portugal⚽🇵🇹 #fifaworldcup2018
World Cup fever, CR7 everywhere!!!🏓🇵🇹⚽ G.O.A.T. @cristiano Vamos @portugal #football #tabletennis
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