Tiago Apolónia

⚪Team European Champion ⚪Team European Games Gold Medal ⚪Single European Bronze Medal 🌍Saarbrücken 🔴Sponsor: Butterfly

Very happy to announce that next season I will play in the japanese club TT Saitama! New League, new challenge, new goals!🏓🏓🏓 #saitama #japan #nippon
@ulttabletennis Season 2 is about to start!!! 🏓🏓🏓
Santiago's first practice session 😉🏓💪
First time on the Green..Beginner's Luck?! 🤔⛳🏌
Enjoying Lisbon with my Boy💙
Always a pleasure to take part of @butterflyttofficial party! 🏓👌 #wttchalmstad2018
First time holding a racket 😜🏓No better way to celebrate the #WorldTableTennisDay @butterflyttofficial @ettu_official @ittfworld
Unfortunately for Table Tennis in general, the Real Madrid project was just a 1st April fool. I can't announce yet my future club but it is sure that I will not continue playing by a German club next season. For now is time to prepare my 10th German Bundesliga Play Off in a row and give my best to help my club in the semi final against Borussia Düsseldorf.. #goodbye #bundesliga
Happy to announce my future club in Europe. Glad that such a huge club wants to embrace a very big project in Table Tennis🏓 Hala Madrid!!! #tabletennis #realmadrid
Cold but sunny and beautiful 😎🔝 #innsbruck #austria
India...see you next Summer! Glad to announce that I will join again UTT League! #UTT #season2 #india #league
@tabletennisdaily Next time challenge me on something more difficult please 😀🏓😉 I now challenge my friends @seungmin.ryu.82 @giovanie747 @seiya_kishi #aroundthebottlechallenge
Butterfly new collection 2018 is also already available in China🇨🇳🏓
Lights...camera...action!!!🎬🎥 filming some videos about new @butterflyttofficial product🔥
Very important win today against Borussia Düsseldorf and a good step road to Play-Off👊 #saarbrücken #bundesliga
First Valentines Day as father and second as husband! Couldn't be more happy...thank you My Valentine❤ #valentines #love
Enjoying a free afternoon with my boy❤ Results on my insta story showed I should post the first picture, but I didn't resist to also post the "Hi ladies look" on the second one 😉😎
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