Tiasia OBrien.

I’m a researcher + storyteller who founded Seam Social Labs to work on #innovation for urban economies. Sign up for my monthly e-journal below💡👇🏾

My post hangover look. 🥂 I’m spending a few days having fun in #Paris and #Rome . Travel has always been my way of staying present and grounded. It is a wonderful pause in the midst of work and life to remind you oh how little you know and how much wonder and beauty there is in the world. I also believe that global travel brings a level of knowledge + perspective you cannot otherwise attain that force growth in you. Take some time and invest in your experience through travel. It really opens your eyes to so much! ✈️ 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 . . #travelnoire #wanderlust #travelphotography #femmetravel #Italy #France
La-la-la-lights galore! I’m packing my bags for a trip... it’s not to this location which was a lantern shop in #Turkey but it is to a new destination that I’ve been planning to visit for a while. In the meantime, I am going to reminisce on past trips with beautiful sights. Stay tuned for where I land next week! 😍🤔✈️ . . #jetset #wanderlust #design #global #turkey 🇹🇷
My mood. Left the safety net of full time work a lil over a month ago. This will be my third venture into entrepreneurship, but honestly it will be my first attempt at really trusting + pushing myself beyond many fears. I decided that the energy and commitment I have given to other missions can be applied to my dreams too. Because life is short and you only get one shot at it. So why not live it to your fullest potential and fill it with love, happiness, empathy and perspective. 🥂 . . Also thanks to @rachelleinerphoto for a fun shoot! 📷 #humanist #entrepreneurship #girlboss #design #photography #innovation
I found this gem on my way to the office in the Lower East Side. It reminded me why I love New York so dearly. This is a dynamic city that explores all types of creativity and beauty. NYC gives me so much #pride 😍 Art by @deedeewashere . . Happy belated #pride 🌈 . #nyc #streetart #tagetheartist #devonaoki
My life has been filled with complications since I was a child. But this man ☝🏾 swept in when I was about 4 years old and from day 1 became a #Father —-in the most beautiful way. He married my mom when he was 22, cared for me and my older brother with #autism . He took me on #Barbie doll shopping sprees, taught me about business, made me read more than I thought I should and told me to always be a leader. Of all the influence my father has had in my life— the biggest was his emphasis on “questioning + understanding”. I am a swift learner, one who challenges and pushes back bc of him. A single day can’t thank for that. 💕#happyfathersday . . #bronxdad #harleydavidson #1dad 🏆
Ok I had to do one more of 🇬🇷 bc it’s the weekend and I am vibing as I daydream of blue waters and gorgeous #design like this. Anyone else planning a vacation soon? . . #designthinking #innovation #travelphotography #travel #wanderlust #futurist
Dreaming of visiting Oia again! The design of this small town is gorgeous, overlooking a cliff and the Mediterranean Sea. Planning some trips and hoping to visit #Greece again in the next couple of months. Anyone else have exciting travel plans? . . #design #innovation #wanderlust #travel
Nobody knows innovation like the young girl growing up in the poorest neighborhood in the Bronx. Innovation became a way of survival. . . #innovation #bronx #entrepreneurship
Who are you if you don’t follow your dreams? Seek your freedom? Achieve your purpose? 🧐🤔 . . #dream #goals #vision #femaleentrepreneur
I was born + raised as a leader. I’ve been committed to social impact for nearly ten years. B Corp launching in a few months. Stay tuned via links in bio. . . #girlboss #impact #startups
Preparing for my b corporation launch. Stay tuned. Check link in bio for my 💡 + Stitch newsletter. . . #newsletter #design #innovation #bcorp
Innovation begins with human centered experiences. It begins with perception. . . #futurist #design #perception #innovation
I believe in change. I believe in enterprise. I believe in innovation. In 6 months I will be launching a company dedicated to my beliefs. This company will be committed to supporting + sustaining local economies. . . #futurist #disruption #innovation #design
I have always been intrigued by the idea of #superheroes . This woman reminded me of a character from Watchmen, my favorite graphic novel about super heroes who are threatened by changing times. The premise of the story is intended to remind us that even superheroes need someone to watch their back. So who watches the watch(wo)man? Tag your superhero(ine) below! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️ . . #picoftheday #tagyourfriends #superheroes #watchmen
Back in 2016 I visited #Dubai with my friend. We took an exciting day trip to Abu Dhabi hoping to shop —but ended up in marvel of the gorgeous and thoughtful architecture in the #UAE . It reminded me of how people must have felt about #NYC in the early 1900s with all of the new futuristic developments. What are your thoughts on the intersection of culture and architectural #design 🤔🇦🇪 ? . . #travelnoire #designthinking #futurist #innovation #abudhabi
Happy Mama’s Day to all the fly badass #mothers out there, including mines. At 7 months #pregnant this woman ran miles (outrunning the men) in the corrections academy back in the 90s and finished with flying colors. She did the same academy about 6 years ago, a year after breaking her ankle. My mom is a unique blend of bold, beautiful, badass and tough. I have learned so much from her. I still learn so much from her. 💕 . . #happymothersday #redhair #redhairdontcare
I used to ask people how they knew they found ’the one’. Since asking that question my perspective has changed on people having ‘a one forever’. But what I do know is the support, care and love this one gives me is more than I can ever ask for. 😍😏 cheers to the #loversandfriends ♥️
Sweet dreams of #Brooklyn in the #Summer . I am getting so excited for the Summer because it is one of my favorite times in #NYC : frolicking in parks, moonlit dances, rooftop conversations and al fresco eating. What do you love about the summer in New York? . . #adventures #summertime #coneyisland
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