Tiffany & Co.

Founded in 1837, Tiffany & Co. is the world's premier jeweler and America's house of design. 727 Fifth Avenue NYC đź‘» Snapchat: tiffanyofficial

“I love jewelry—it can change the way you feel. It makes me happy when I put jewelry on.” —dancer/actor @maddieziegler #TiffanyT
Everything Tiffany stands for—creativity, love and strength—is embodied by #TiffanyT . Some of our favorite iconoclasts wear the collection and share what it means to them.
Flights of fancy, as seen in #ThisIsTiffany . Tourmalines are versatile stones that come in an array of colors, from greens to deeply saturated pinks. Thanks to its rows of rectangular facets, an emerald-cut yellow sapphire glows inside a frame of diamonds. Which rare specimen from our collection makes you dream? #Tiffany
True beauty can’t be held down. A notable exception, spotted in #ThisIsTiffany , is this electric aquamarine surrounded by rows of diamonds. Every Tiffany diamond must measure up to our exacting standards— we put as much care and precision into making our smallest diamonds as we do our large ones. The pavé stones trace this gemstone’s oval shape, which shows off its unusually deep tone and saturated color. #Tiffany #TiffanyAndCo
Butterfly effect. The round cut of this fiery spessartite creates an extraordinary display of brilliance, as seen in #ThisIsTiffany . Spessartine garnets that meet our standards for color and quality are extremely rare. #Tiffany #TiffanyAndCo
Objects of desire, up close in #ThisIsTiffany . Cut to maximize its brilliant color, the pear shape of this green tsavorite suggests tears of joy—or envy. Green tourmaline also requires an expert cut to highlight its rich tone. Here, that vivid hue is highlighted by an emerald cut, whose parallel facets show off the stone’s color and clarity. #Tiffany #TiffanyAndCo
Rare specimens, as seen in #ThisIsTiffany . A pear-shaped pink tourmaline keeps company with cool aquamarine and tanzanite gemstones. Looking at tanzanite from different angles reveals a spectrum of blue-violet colors within the same vivid gemstone, while the most prized aquamarines have a singular bright blue hue. #Tiffany
Nature is a mad genius and a bit of a show-off. Here, some of her finest work—a vibrant green tourmaline, as seen in #ThisIsTiffany . Because different tones of green appear when tourmaline is viewed from different angles, it’s the aligned facets of this stone’s cushion cut that highlight its rich color. #Tiffany
Sweep them off their feet. #TiffanyLoveGames #TiffanyEngagement
A true heartbreaker. #TiffanyLoveGames #TiffanyEngagement
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