Outta pocket.
Daisy with her serious face.😎
Yesterday the wifey and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. We hung out in Monterey, rode bikes walked on the beach, ate some great food and for some reason there were a lot of older couples out and my wife always likes to stop and talk to older couples and so we came across this couple that were married 60 years!!!! I thought that was a huge accomplishment and so we asked them what there secret was and they said well we just try and compromise as much as possible try and think of the other person more then your self. I feel that is why we have made it this far and even though things aren’t perfect we try to put each others needs first and it’s hard sometimes especially in this world we live in today but that’s the only way to make it last.❤️I am truly thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful person by my side here’s to growing old together babe. #blessed
1989 Toyota Supra #tbt #mk3 #supra #mk3supra #jza70
Bo & Rocky #apbt #ebt
Got the Supra Washed up and ready for a cruise with wifey. #supra #jza80 #2jzgte #2jz
Have a blessed week from Dakota and Pops.🤙🏼
Enjoy the journey 🔑
• B A R B E R L I F E • #timelessbarbers #timeless #timelessvick
Fresh one on my brotha @keanuapolo_ 👁
Take what you need. #faith
It was a blessing to have my wonderful wife working side by side with me at the Bay Area Barber Battle this past Sunday. Baby Daisy had a good time as well.✨ #timelessbarbers #familybusiness #timelessproducts #bayareabarberbattle #imablessedman
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