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Yesterday the wifey and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. We hung out in Monterey, rode bikes walked on the beach, ate some great food and for some reason there were a lot of older couples out and my wife always likes to stop and talk to older couples and so we came across this couple that were married 60 years!!!! I thought that was a huge accomplishment and so we asked them what there secret was and they said well we just try and compromise as much as possible try and think of the other person more then your self. I feel that is why we have made it this far and even though things aren’t perfect we try to put each others needs first and it’s hard sometimes especially in this world we live in today but that’s the only way to make it last.❤️I am truly thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful person by my side here’s to growing old together babe. #blessed
Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife and to all you Mother’s out there. It’s one thing to make a baby but it takes a strong woman to be a great Mother. My children and I are extremely blessed to have you in our life. #blessed #happymothersday #mothersday2018
#tbt This is the car that got me into Supra’s. My buddy Johani’s 1989 Soup, had a built 7m motor with a small garret turbo pushing a respectable 375hp sitting on some 18 inch Work equips which I later bought off him and ran on my first supra.✊🏼Ever since I took my first drive in this car I was hooked to say the least. This car was eventually completely gutted out and had a junk yard 2jzge from an SC300 swapped in and ran a Greddy t88 and was one of the fastest things around but I still wish the car was left in this condition. #supra #toyotasupra #7m #7mgte #workequips #2j #2jzgte #poopra #toyota #1989supra #mk3 #mk3supra #1jzgte #jdmlegend #purefunction #ma70 #jza70 #bayareasupras #supratales
S/O @scotty_snippins for taking his Craft or should I say the craft collectively to the next level.🙌🏼 ➖ Shop 👉🏼 www.timelessbarbers.com ______________________________________________________________ #timelessbarbers #thebarberbible #timeless #barber #barbering #barbershop #acutabovetherest
Bo & Rocky Homies for life.😎 #apbt #ebt
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