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Some of the city’s best pizza spots have been rolling out single-serving slices this year, and we are here for it. One of our favorites is the Classic at Lions and Tigers and Squares, a Detroit-style slice baked in a square pan. One bite will make you eternally grateful of the Midwest.
Espresso martinis are back in a big way, so we asked Aisa Shelley, the managing partner at Primo's, why that is, and why he added the cocktail to his own menu. “I think it’s one of those funny things where a lot of people have the same idea, independently—it’s part of the zeitgeist,” he says. “In my mind, it’s the idea of wanting to steer away from mixology and take that knowledge and apply it to things that have become out of fashion and passé. Can we make drinks that are considered terrible, good? With Primo’s, I wanted to create a throwback to the era when those drinks were popular. Personally, I love the espresso martini. I think it’s a great drink.” It's so great, in fact, that it ranks number 12 on our list of New York's best dishes and drinks in 2018. (📸: Courtesy Special Sauce)
The Fettuccine at @misinewyork is our top dish of 2018, and with good reason. The standout is a reminder that, sometimes, you’ve gotta keep it simple, stupid. Carb queen @missyarobbins tosses her homemade noodles with only buffalo butter, Parmigiano and black pepper for a stunning al dente bowl of cheesy, creamy goodness, shining a spotlight on a just a few quality ingredients. The result is a soul-warming masterpiece that brings us more joy and comfort than anything and everything else we’ve tried all year. (📸: @teddywolff )
The holidays can be stressful, infuriating and downright exhausting. But when you walk through the city during the season, it’s hard to be upset. Snap any great pics around town lately? Share them with the tag #TimeOutNewYork . (📸: @avidblain )
2018 never tasted so good! Pick up a copy of the new Time Out New York for our mouthwatering list of the very best things we ate and drank all year. (📸: @jakecohen )
Our favorite food trend of 2018? Some of the city’s best pizza spots are embracing the majesty of the slice. Want a great example? Look no further than Sauce Pizzeria, which is now serving an Al Pastor slice that features the ever-controversial topping of pineapple (trust us, it’s amazing). Run, don’t walk, to the East Village to try this one.
What the hell is schug? Much like malawach, this green Yemeni chili sauce has been surfacing in dishes all over town, including two appearances in this year’s #TONYBestDishes . We proudly consider it our condiment of the year. Discover where you can find it in the city in the latest issue of #TimeOutNewYork , which hits the streets on Wednesday. (📸: Courtesy Nur/Collette Wojdylo)
New York’s gallery scene can be a bit daunting, but we’re here to guide you through it. Swipe through to check out the five best art shows to check out across the city this week. 1️⃣ Walter Robinson, “Salad, Candles and Money” at @johannesvogtnyc 2️⃣ Peter Halley, “Unseen Paintings 1997–2002, From the Collection of Gian Enzo Sperone” at @speronewestwater 3️⃣ “Alberto Giacometti: Intimate Immensity Sculptures, 1935–1945” at @luxembourgdayan 4️⃣ Tracy Molis, “Eclipsing, Your Lips Sing, Incandescent” at @kaimatsumiya 5️⃣ Seth Price, “Hell Has Everything” at @petzelgallery
Look no further, we've got your holiday cheer right here! The winter wonderland cake from @tpbakes is filled with lemon curd and pie crumb, frosted with elderflower Swiss meringue buttercream and garnished with adorable little evergreen trees. 🎄That's the spirit. (📸: @brwngirlemoji )
There is no better capstone to the food pyramid than the mighty pizza slice, and this year, some of New York City’s best pizza joints have been taking that sentiment to heart. Spots around town have been stepping away from fancy pies and sit-down experiences in favor of the individual serving of a fast casual slice. Case in point: Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop. The spinoff spot is a fabulous compliment to the flagship Greenpoint pizzeria, and the star of its menu is Hellboy, a pepperoni slice drizzled with Mike’s Hot Honey. It’s the stuff of pizza dreams. Find this slice and more amazing dishes we tried in 2018 in #TimeOutNewYork on Wednesday!
The season for ice skating has finally arrived! ⛸ Share you best ice skating pics with the tag #TimeOutNewYork . (📸: @chandle.like.candle )
Be sure to check out this dazzling light installation at Brookfield Place this holiday season, and share your best snaps with the tag #TimeOutNewYork . (📸: @clairelarkins )
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