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I turned $12k into $5 million while traveling the world, I now teach and am looking for more dedicated students and I’m also co-founder of @karmagawa

Flashback to my meeting with #keanureeves a little while back while he was busy working on the new #johnwick film and now the first trailer for #johnwick3 just came out yesterday and all I can say is WOW! I was fortunate enough to have seen some of this upcoming film and let me just say it’s going to be mind blowing for audiences everywhere, especially for fellow #doglovers as the trailer even teases. A lot of people have asked me what Keanu is like and I’m proud to report he’s such a cool and humble guy, a welcome change from too many celebrities that I’ve met who are just straight up dicks and a good reminder not to let success change you in any way whatsoever! #flashbackfriday #fbf #keanu #celebrities #beverlyhills #stayhumble #thematrix #jewwick
Back in the Middle Ages when getting knighted you would get slapped in the face so I had to demonstrate this by slapping @billygeneismarketing with $10,000 cash in front of a rather shocked crowd of his students...so, let’s have some fun and do a little #cashgiveaway I want you to leave a comment if you’d like to be slapped with $10,000 cash and tell me why and may the best comment win! #douchebags #richpeopleshit #gettingknighted #jewmoney
⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ Repost @karmagawa 300 pangolins are brutally killed like this every day, an estimated 1 million pangolins have been killed in the last decade alone and now they have become the world’s most heavily trafficked animal and an endangered species too. This is an undercover graphic video we need you to watch and share with your followers so people can see how these innocent animals are brutally killed for their scales to be used in traditional Asian medicine (despite having ZERO medicinal value whatsoever because just like our fingernails and rhino horn, their scales are simply made of Keratin), and to be eaten too as their meat is considered a delicacy despite being banned worldwide since 2016! We cannot just sit by and allow this to keep happening as these animals deserve better so the first step in saving these animals before they go extinct is to share this video with your followers, repost it, tag animal lovers in the comments below and know that the key to lessening the killings of pangolins is by working together to educate the world and spread awareness of this horrific issue! We’ll post much more soon on how exactly we intend to save the pangolins since we are in discussions with several organizations as to the most effective measures we can put in place, but for now please help us get the word out as not enough people know about these senseless killings and 1 million pangolins have paid the ultimate price in just the last 10 years alone...so let’s use our platforms to help these animals before it’s too late! #karmagawa
Why losses/mistakes are CRUCIAL for you to use to get better over time, see http://tim.ly/impact to watch my full interview with the legendary co-founder of Quest Nutrition, the man himself @tombilyeu as we talked about success, failure, education, living a life of meaning, wealth, @karmagawa and so much more! #lifelessons #appreciation #impacttheory #tombilyeu #yourjourney #dailyinspiration #dailymotivation #edjewcation #jewsinthenews
It’s SO GOOD to be back in #hawaii planning a big new @karmagawa project as besides traveling less in 2019, my #newyearresolution is to focus A LOT more on planning ahead of time and being extra-meticulous. In the past everything has happened SO quickly for me, from making millions #stocktrading when I was still in college, then my #education business exploding due to my having so many #millionaire students in just a few years and now my #charity community @karmagawa blowing up all in just one year thanks to great #teamwork it’s fair to say I’ve been more than fortunate in my endeavors and I’m just so #grateful for it all and all the amazing people I’ve met and incredible places I’ve now traveled to along the way...so it’s time to slow down and really think about and plan what’s next. Karmagawa has a chance to TRULY change the world so I will not waste the opportunity...stay tuned! And special shout out goes to my friend @samkolder whose #workethic is second to none and his #savetherhinos video that we did with @vetpaw is a big reason why we have such a great opportunity right now with Karmagawa so I’m going to follow his lead and spend far too many hours working extra-hard behind a computer screen! #newyearnewme #hawaiilife #patienceisavirtue #bigthingscoming ##planningcommunity #karmagawa #jewblue #jewswithviews #jewhalo
Happy birthday to my partner on @karmagawa the man, the myth, the legend himself @badboi who is the the most talented yet also humble and down to earth person you will ever meet so he would never admit to being the best photographer in the world so I’ll do it for him because he truly is! Please wish him a #happybirthday in the comments below as I’m SO very fortunate to have met him and travel all over the world with him since he’s literally the brother I always wanted but never had and as we approach our 300,000th follower on @karmagawa and our $5 millionth dollar donated to charities worldwide please know that we’re just getting started as we see SO many great causes like @balichildrensproject @vetpaw @pencilsofpromise @boochaces @little_brook_farm @cwficebu @wildhawaii @cambodianvillagefund @savethechildren @bgcmiamidade @buildon @cocosanimalwelfare @coastalbendfoodbank and so many more amazing charities that also need more funding and exposure so it’s our honor to do our part and help out! Matt, seriously, it’s been such an incredible year since we met and I’m just so grateful for it all and as we look toward the future all I can think about is how lucky I am that I get to work with you every day...let’s change the fucken world bro! #bigday #karmagawa #happybdaytoyou #bffs #brotherfromanothermother #bestguyiknow #badboyforlife #jewapino
Today has been a great day for me as I controlled my #stocktrading losses and protected my overall profits this week despite being wrong on the stock I was buying (it happens from time to time, just don’t let small mistakes turn into big disasters), and I’m finally caught up on far too many DMs (sorry again for getting so behind), so now I can relax a little...whewwwwww! And because so many people are messaging me and DMing me their #newyearsresolution I’ll tell you mine is to not overload myself with too many projects and too much travel like I have done in the past, quality over quantity in 2019 as I will just stick to making @stockstotrade and @karmagawa bigger and better so let’s play a little game and see if you can guess how many countries I intend to travel to this year? I’ll give you a big clue in saying that last year I let my inner #traveladdict run the show, overwhelming myself while visiting 20+ countries all while teaching, trading stocks daily no matter my time zone and giving away over $1.2 million through @karmagawa to deserving charities! I’ll still do it all in 2019 as I’m king of #multitasking but just not at such a hectic pace, I promise! #whataday #relaxtime #workhardplayhard #nodaysoff #spatime #lifechoices #hottub #villahonegg #stockstotrade #dreamjob #ilovemyjob #calmdown #karmagawa #jewswithviews
Here’s some #mondaymotivation from my last trip to #china as I’m getting a lot of DMs about #newyearsresolutions and I think it’s important in 2019 for you to #exploremore and see what an amazing world it is! And yes, you should utilize @stockstotrade too so you can still trade in the #stockmarket throughout your travels :) With that in mind, just wait til you see what we have planned this year for @karmagawa as we cannot wait to show you how we #travel everywhere while also helping with important local causes like in #southafrica where we are obsessed with trying to #savetherhinos before it’s too late. Anyways, it was during this crazy trip to #asia where I pushed myself extra hard to try to keep up with my hardcore #adrenalinejunkie friend @everchanginghorizon as it’s good to #challengeyourself and #pushyourself too and my oh my what an amazing place this was, especially #zhangjiajie which was just otherworldly! PS this video is Quinn walking on the side of a mountain with a 7,000+ foot drop, not me, as it’s also important to #knowyourlimits as I would’ve freaked the fuck out on this little wooden plank and probably would’ve needed to be tranquilized like a #rhino while the local emergency department coordinated an air rescue! #seriously #mondaymemories #adrenaline #walktheline #lifechoices #scaredofheights #newyearsresolution #deathdefying #scary #jewswithviews
⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ How is this barbaric killing of baby seals in Canada still legal? We cannot just sit by and allow this to keep happening as animals deserve better than this so please share this video with your followers, repost it, tag animal lovers in the comments below and let Canada’s prime minister @justinpjtrudeau see firsthand the @karmagawa community’s outrage of Canada’s government not only condoning horrific acts of violence like this, but actually funding it too! It’s time to end inhumane seal hunts like this for good and we can actually make it happen by working together to spread awareness of this issue! Repost @peta2 #karmagawa
Happy #newyear 2019, let’s make this the best year ever with @karmagawa and despite the #stockmarket and #apple crashing, there’s still one sector spiking right now, I made $1,000+ today on it and it accounted for the majority of my 70%+ returns in my main #stocktrading account in 2018, message me and I’ll tell you all about it. You don’t need to lose a lot of money and go down with the ship like #cnbc and #mutualfunds are doing; don’t be so narrow-minded like the new #kanye is...I miss the old Kanye! #proudteacher #finance #studyhard #ilovemyjob #karmagawa #kanyewest #edjewcation
Happy New Year 2019! Right now everyone’s thinking about their #newyearsresolution but sadly after a few days/weeks, most people won’t stick to them so I want you to be different and truly commit to focusing on ways that you can improve yourself, those around you and our planet too, and leave a comment below as a promise to me that you won’t flake out. Along with the @karmagawa team, I’ve been so fortunate to travel the world, experience so many beautiful cultures and meet so many incredible people and one constant remains: we are ALL capable of such amazing things, but too many people let self-doubt and negativity interfere with them capitalizing on their full potential so I don’t want that to happen to you...not this year! You give me one year of #hardwork and #dedication and #positivity and #patience and I will give you the world in all it’s glory! Who wants it bad enough?!?! What will you do in 2019 to make this the absolute best year ever?!?!! #dreambig #dailymotivation #pushyourself #happynewyear2019 #poolside #challengeyourself #sixsenses #workhardplayhard #nodaysoff #seychelles #jewblue #jewswithviews
I love this #dronevideo that @johnny_fpv and I filmed at a great hotel in #nairobi #kenya which literally has the fastest WiFi in all of #africa called Hemingway’s because it shows a few things I know to be true: 1.) this year has REALLY flown by and contrary to money/wealth being what too many people believe is the most valuable resource in the world, it’s actually time since no matter how hard you work or how successful you become, you’re always running out of it so you have to maximize EVERY day and make it count 2.) new technology like #fpvdrones which is what we filmed this video with will change #dronevideos forever 3.) yes, it actually is possible to #workfromanywhere using the #laptoplifestyle and it’s only going to get easier in the future thanks to more new #technology and #innovation and 4.) the world is SUCH a truly fascinating and amazing place so make your #newyearsresolution to get out and #exploremore in 2019...and also please do leave a comment below if you want more #fpvdrone videos like this in the future! #ilovemyjob #proudteacher #dronestagram #dreamjob #thefutureisnow #hemingways #jewswithviews #jewswithdroneviews
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