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La Pera/Blanc/data transmission/Cr2/Nastyfunk/KOMP...Sussed/Heist resident Promos: promos.timtaylor@gmail.com Bookings: blanc.bookings@gmail.com

Hectic weekend, absoloutely mad to finally meet the boy @guilleplacencia after all this time 😊 ready for finishing some originals this week πŸ•Ί@_jamiesenior πŸ“·
Today I'll be taking over the @blancaudio Instagram story as I play in London for the @house559music boss @maximusstephanos ' party!πŸ‘… Then over to @richgotjacked who present @guilleplacencia in Birmingham πŸ˜ŽπŸ•Ί
My remix of the @komprecords boss @fabiosalerni is up on @blancaudio 's YouTube πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί thanks for all the support on it so far on @wittytunes πŸ‘ lots of remix's coming πŸ•Ί can't wait for the release of them 😎
Can not wait for this weekend! I'll be heading down to my baby's (@maximusstephanos )birthday sling playing b2b with @aidenfranciss , then straight over to play after the legend @guilleplacencia for @richgotjacked in birmingham!πŸ‘… see you all there! Ready to put on a show πŸ•Ί
So here it is! Buzzing to be playing alongside the boys @earlraff & @dannygerrard_5 ! Not to mention the fellas @chendrick__ & @tomrigbyyy πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί headliner announcing soon! Seriously keep an eye out 😎 Genuinely can't wait for this!
Tonight you can catch me at subversion alongside the fellas 😎 really game for this, so ready πŸ•Ί thanks for all the promos!
This tune must have been a stinker at @33_gram last weekend πŸ˜‚
Was madness yesterday at @33_gram ! Was buzzing to go downπŸ•Ί I've come to the conclusion that @djalishauk is following me aswell πŸ˜‚ loved seeing all of the London fellas! Way overdue 😊
Set times for today at @33_gram πŸ‘… thanks for all the promos I'll be definetly playing a few πŸ•Ί
Got so much stuff going on atm, all will be revealed very soon hopefully 🀞 finishing my last remix of a few and then straight into originals & collabs so expect some videos and story's πŸ•Ίcan't wait for the gigs over the next few weeks aswell! @_jamiesenior 🚲
Loved @sussedevents last night! Was class to see everyone again especially the boy @earlraff πŸ•Ί yeah @djalishauk smashed it aswell if your wondering hahaha! Absoloute madness πŸ˜†
Tonight is the night πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί buzzing for this one! @sussedevents back with another cheeky one πŸ˜† looking forward to seeing my mate @djalishauk tear it up 😎
5K! Absoloutely chuffed to bits with this! Thanks to everyone for the support on everything ❀ I'm gunna say the same as every producer atm but the break I've just had has made me come back so much more driven πŸ˜†πŸ•Ί
Just landed in workington for tonight! So ready for @tintechno gunna be a mad one πŸ•Ί plenty of promos to try πŸ˜‰
Full line-up for the next @33_gram πŸ‘†πŸ‘† love going down to London to see everyone! See you all there πŸ˜‰
Video from the weekend πŸ‘… playing one of my new ones called "money" (currently unsigned) Thanks @j_lomaxuk for having me down πŸ•Ί @joet2711 πŸ“½
Honestly buzzing to be part of the next @33_gram ! Big ups to @andynewb33 for the support over the year, is mad to see how much has happened since I went down in February πŸ˜† hopefully see you all there πŸ•Ί(the tune is an unreleased one of mine called "Blast Off" NEWS COMING SOON)
Can't wait for September! Loads of gigs should be a hectic one πŸ˜† see you on a dancefloor somewhere! (Think this is the only gig I've played recently without a hat πŸ˜‚)
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