Joyride out now

Great show last night... LA show this weekend. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Who pullin up?
I jus wanna party πŸ˜›
My dad is a rare breed. He really sets the bar so high, I pray I find someone even a fraction of as dope as he is. I’ve always admired the way he can maneuver through any situation life throws at him with such a sense of calm, grace, and kindness. I try to emulate that as much as I can. Thanks for teaching me your superpower πŸŒ€
Hope ur having a nice day 😊
You gon make them eggs cheesy with them grits or naa?
You know you belong right here
Ain’t lookin back on the old me ✨
Vibrate higher πŸ“Ά
I have a scar on my right cheek from about 10 years ago when my kitty (RIP) who I loved so much accidentally scratched me in the face. It is my favorite imperfection. I hope it never goes away πŸ–€
My babies! 😝
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