Robert Ramirez

We are the music makers. The dreamer of dreams. Bassist in the band @the_steins_band

We cultured.
Saw two of my favorite bands tonight. Sang my emo heart off.
Believe it or not, I used to be adorable.
Maybe I was a little too wild in the 70s.
Got to see my favorite band with some of my favorite peeps. It was a good fucking day.
Yesterday marked the last time that our band The Steins played with @chococakes in the lineup. It's a bittersweet moment, but I'm excited for what life has in store for you, Germs! The first photo is from when we all started playing together about 2 years ago and the second was taken by the awesome @areesha_ last night. Thank you guys for all your wisdom and patience over these last couple of years. Myself and the band wouldn't have come this far without you two. Good luck, and shred on! As for @the_steins_band , we aren't going anywhere so stay tuned for updates over on our page!
This trip has been amazing. Back to reality tomorrow.
He looks angry.
Took my nephew to the museum. He didn't care.
Iā€™m not always featured on the @succulent_productions page, but when I am, Iā€™m usually slapping the bass. Photo creds to @areesha_
Leaving our mark. Follow @the_steins_band on IG for updates and shows.
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