Tiry “Ty” MacLucas

Tattoo Artist Capital Ink Sacto, Califas 12-10pm Tuesday’s to Saturday’s ❤️ @samanthaelizabethtaylor Vox for @disperserhc Break Neck Artist

Action shot from last night! Thanks for coming through @stevenbakescakes
For fans of my watercolor tattoos, I have this design Available. I really enjoy doing these kinds of tattoos and would like to do more of them. If you’re interested in getting a design like this or just interested in getting tattooed then slide into my DM’s or come to @capitalinktattoo in Old Sacramento! Let’s do something fun!
@disperserhc is opening up for @pointbreakaz and Lucia!!!! It’s gonna be at the amazing Colony!!!! May 24th at 7pm!!! $8!!!! BE THERE!!!!
Got to do this super fun rose on a mother daughter a few weeks back! It was a hell of a fun time and I’m super happy with how it turned out! Thanks for looking! Done at the almost world famous @capitalinktattoo in sunny Old Sacramento! Slide into the DM’s or come by the shop for all inquiries! @bna_crew_ca @bna_crew @bnacrew_ink #oldsacramentowaterfront #capitalinksacramento #traditionaltattoos #oldsacramento #sacto #sactoproud #sactotattoos #bna_crew_ca #bna_crew #bna_crew_ink #tattoos #tattoosofsacramento #roses #rosetattoos #sacramentotattooartist #sacramentoproud
Got to do this mean black and grey snake head with some lettering a few weeks ago. Super fun on a return client! Y’all bring me the best ideas! Thanks for looking! Done at the almost world famous @capitalinktattoo in sunny Old Sacramento!! For inquiries call the shop or slide into my DM’s!!! @bna_crew_ca @bna_crew @bnacrew_ink #capitalinksacramento #oldsacramentowaterfront #traditionaltattoos #bna_crew_ca #bna_crew #bna_crew_ink #tattoos #snakeheads #snakeheadtattoo #blackandgreytattoos #capitalink
Got to do this super fun tiger feather mash up the other day! Hella fun times at the almost world famous @capitalinktattoo in sunny Old Sacramento!!! @bna_crew_ca @bna_crew @bnacrew_ink #tigereyes #bna_crew #bna_crew_ca #bna_crew_ink #capitalink #capitalinkcrew #capitalinksacramento #capitalinksac #sacto #tattoos #blackandgreytattoo
Some fun action shots of me doing my good friend @captain_dubious Merlion tattoo yesterday! He always has such great ideas! Come by @capitalinktattoo and tell us your great ideas and let us make them happen!!!
Fun one from this past weekend! Done at the almost world famous @capitalinktattoo in sunny Old sac! I love doing traditional tattoos and I love making my clients happy! Can’t wait to add more to her sleeve! @bna_crew_ca @bnacrew_ink @bna_crew #traditionaltattoo #islandtime #pocketwatchtattoo #whattimeisit #birdsofparadise #flowers #letsgettropical #tropical #bna_crew #bna_crew_ca #bna_crew_ink #oldsac #sacramento #capitalink #capitalinksacramento #doco #oldsacramentowaterfront #americantraditional #traditionaltattoos
Did this sick ass tattoo of a dragon on my good friend and bandmate @stevenbakescakes tonight at the almost world famous @capitalinktattoo in Old Sacramento!!! I love doing stuff like this! Let’s do more stuff like this!!!! @bna_crew_ca @bna_crew @bnacrew_ink #dragontattoo #dragon #dragonhead #americantraditional #traditional #sacto #oldsac #capitalinksacramento #oldsacramentowaterfront #doco #traditionaltattoos #tradworkers #bna_crew #bna_crew_ca #bna_crew_ink #tattooartist #sactowntattooer
Just kicking it with these nerds in 2019! Hyped to be a part of this band! Hyped to be hyped on my friends and all the cool stuff they’re doing! @disperserhc give us a listen if you’re into punk, hardcore, metal or just heavy music in general!
Had the pleasure of tattooing my good friend @sab_ra_ka_dab_ra on her birthday!!!! Happy birthday you turtle turtle! Thank you so much!!! Done today at the almost world famous @capitalinktattoo in sunny Old Sacramento!!! 1021 2nd Street suite 100 DOWNSTAIRS!!! #capitalinktattoo #capitalinksacramento #attitudeofgratitude #capitalink #turtletattoo #turtlepower #turtleturtle #seaturtletattoo #sacto #bna #bna_crew_ink #bna_crew_ca #bna_crew #breakneckartists #oldsacramento #oldsac #oldsacramentowaterfront @bna_art__family @bnacrew_ink @bna_crew_ca @bna_crew
#Repost @bnacrew_ink with @get_repost ・・・ Reposted from @killadoom422 - I don’t know where to start but I never thought I would ever need help like this but I’ve been fighting a big case in court, it all started one night that I was working late at the house doom Tattoo shop January 31 after finishing a long 15hour shift of tattooing my clients , I came out found a weapon on the stairwell of my tattoo shop pick it up because I knew it might’ve been one of my clients weapon so when i went to get in my vehicle and try to make phone calls to find the owner of it the police officers came inside my tattoo shop parking lot drag me out my car without Reading my rights or having any probable cause they pretty much did And unlawful search because I’m not on parole or probation or have any type of Warrants or anything,so they ended up finding the weapon tha I found in my stairwell of my tattoo shop and Normally it’s not a big deal they throwaway these type of cases but since before I became a professional tattoo and Mural artist , I did some crimes that gave me felonies that I totally regret all doing but at the time I was still young and doing the wrong things in life wrong choices hanging out with the wrong people and now tha I have a family with kids and I’m a business owner trying to do something better in my life for me and my kids they still see me as a criminal And want to convict me with atleast six years minimum state prison time ,But I have a chance to fight it and I should win if I could come up with all the lawyer fees that are extremely high but in this case I’m running out of money fighting this case and trying to keep my shop open and supporting my kids at the same time An it seems impossible,so if you guys can help with anything I would truly appreciate it and I will try my best to pay you back in anyway possibleBut if I fail to continue with my case because they want me to give them extremely a lot of money in 10 days after I just gave them all my money 2days ago they’re making it super impossible for me to even make that much money In so short of time if I don’t have it I will lose my tattoo shop and Mural company and it will be close for good by April
Hella rad week!!! Thanks to my friends, coworkers and clients!!! Plus my gf and pup are pretty dope too! Here’s just a few of the things that went down this week! Thanks for looking! All tattoos done at the almost world famous @capitalinktattoo in sunny Old Sacramento!!! Be Sure to swing by the shop or DM me for all inquiries! 1021 2nd Street Downstairs 916-446-6824 @bna_crew_ca @bna_crew @bnacrew_ink #oldsacramento #sactolove #sactopride #capitalinksacramento #capitalink #capitalinktattoo #sactotattooartist #tattooartist #clientappreciationpost #thanks #begrateful #attitudeofgratitude
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