Little kitten with human father @verygreatgod 🇷🇺 I’m from Russia, Nizhny Novgorod 📸 Here to share photos and make friends 😺

🇷🇺 Just a small piece of autumn 🍁😺🍂
Up, up and away 🚀
😼 Today I was in 46 places at the same time. 🌅🌠🌄 Thank @futuro_gallery for that 👹
🌅 Words are useless in describing this fantastic sunset 😻 Btw, swipe left to see my dad @verygreatgod taking picture of me 😸 👨‍👦
A bit of facesitting for your feed 😉😹 double tap and keep scrolling
So cold 😬
😸 Found my brother from another mother 🤙🏻 @stasbags_art
Came to my friends house 🐈🐈 they said meow 😹
Choo-choo-choo 🚂
📚 Magnificent library of Nicolay the second 🤴🏻
Looking for trolls under the bridge 😼
Throwback Saturday 🕊😼🌊
🌙Overpriced coffee is the best ☕️😸
How are you, my friends? 🙃
Who is this beauty? I think I’m in love 😻🌿
It was a beautiful day 🌅😻
So pretty 😻
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