Tom Kenny

Spent a year travelling the world.

Kew Gardens
iPhone X portrait mode works extremely well at night. This is straight from the camera without any editing at all.
I can’t believe what phone cameras can do these days. Other than the overblown lights, the iPhone X captures this night scene amazingly well, with hardly any noise!
Ueno Zoo Pagoda
My wife is the best at planning holidays. Just look at this view from our hotel balcony!
Mount Vesuvius as seen from Sorrento.
Another photo from Jingo-ji temple in Kyoto. I really miss Autumn in Japan.
A wonderful view from Jingo-ji temple in Kyoto. This particular spot is where you can buy small clay discs and throw them into the valley as far as you can to rid yourself of bad karma.
I took this photo before Instagram removed the square limitation. As you can see, it wouldn't have worked as well cut into a square because now you can see the contrast of the purple in the foreground and the glorious gold in the background.
Going back through my photos from travelling the world on the hunt to find some that I didn't get round to sharing.
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