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@jeffgoldblum stopped by with some adorable puppies to talk @isleofdogsmovie this morning with @klgandhoda. #todayshow (photos via @photonate )
@zoeydeutch talks @flowerthemovie with @klgandhoda this morning on TODAY. #todayshow (photos via @photonate )
Bill Murray as a dog made our day! #todayshow @isleofdogsmovie
When Tommy and Maryanne married almost 23 years ago, people believed it would never last because both of them have Down syndrome. They've proved critics wrong. #TODAYShow
Sunny’s having a great time in the snow! #todayshow #todaypuppy (photos via @_oliviapoff )
Ever wonder how nail polish is made? The process is seriously hypnotizing. @TODAYstyle
We love when Bill Murray stops by! #todayshow @isleofdogsmovie (photos via @photonate )
Happy Wednesday from @klgandhoda ! #todayshow (photos via @photonate )
Bill Murray has arrived at #Studio1A to talk @isleofdogsmovie ! #todayshow (photos via @photonate )
A little snow isn’t going to get in the way of Al’s plaza greetings and our awesome crowd! #todayshow (photos via @photonate )
Scenes from the #todayplaza ! #todayshow (photos via @photonate )
Sunny is quickly outgrowing his puppy pen! #todayshow #todaypuppy (photo via @photonate )
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