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Lover of Jesus and music and machining and motorcycles and all that that entails....

This is my beautiful wife Dana and her amazing son @will_chayer_16 , today he signed to play basketball for Texas A&M- Kingsville, he’s not only a great ball player but he’s also ranked in the top 4% of his senior class at Veterans Memorial High School in Corpus Christi, Texas..he plans to study engineering, he has made us so proud, I surely have been blessed with great kids, biological and nonbiological.... #gojavs 🐗
Wedding dog @realladybird @slmshelton @trace.shelton ahhhh, good times
I sure hope I never get trapped in this bathroom cuz that little sign above that tiny sign above that tiny window say “emergency exit “.... #iwouldhavetodie
It’s been many a year since I’ve just laid on my back on the trampoline and stared up at the half wheel of cheese in the sky... everyone should take time to marvel at Gods creations a little more often.. #blessed 🙏
While cruising home from Houston to Corpus tonight I was so happy to hear one of my favorite #rockabilly rebels @jebrockstexas !!
Had a great time last night, such great singer/ songwriters
My favorite valentine and I, remember that one time we went @santorini #santorini ... I love you babe @danachayergriffis
This boy right here is showing great hustle and then gets a big rebound.. what I didn’t catch on video was the quick steal and layup he got right after this, way to go Peyton Smith,@cchandballjms , that’s your boy
We sure love to come out to support our @islandersmbb , but it’s so disappointing when about half of them show no respect for our country during the national anthem
Excellent ending to a great day, church at @emmauschurchcc , lunch, worked on @danachayergriffis car, beautiful sunset... couldn’t get much better
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