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How’s your week going on so far😄? Remember, we only have 1 more day to go till the weekend🙌🏻
In my mind, it’s still summer😆🌈🌴 wearing @forever21_losangeles @forever21
Hello, can you hear me? It is meme you’re looking for😂? Wearing @forever21 @forever21_losangeles
Sorry I’ve been MIA cos of my new job😭 Anyways, here’s to happy oct 3, Mean Girls Day👯‍♀️💋 P.S. On Wednesday, we wear pink💕
Stay classy LA😉💋 Wearing @forever21
My bed wasn’t feeling well this weekend, so I stayed home to take care of it😂✌🏻How’s yours? @forever21 @forever21_losangeles
Happy Friday everyone🙌🏻 Make sure to check out my new blog post Never Ending Summer Look in LA😉💋 Link in Bio.
On Wednesday, we wear red instead of pink😍❤️🌈
What do you meme😳? Lol
I’m super hyped to go to lantern festival later tonight😆🌠 Anyone who’s going?
While every fashion blogger is in nyfw, I’m just chilling here, enjoying LA not so fall weather😊🌴🤟
How’s your weekend😎?
I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday😂 Do you agree? Lol #saturdayvibes
My favorite view😍❤️🌴
Quench your thirst with these drinks😋🍹
Which one is your favorite😎? Mine is the yellow one💛
Say whaaat🤪? Wearing @zara @asos_us
Not a sweet tooth person but do it for the Gram right😜✌🏻Happy Sunday y’all💕❤️@zara @asos_us
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