Tom St George

Underwater photographer - Tulum, Mexico. All shots taken with Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses. #tomstgeorge

Another shot of Julia from our dive downstream Cenote Carwash testing out the prototype @orcatorch D950 10K lumen video light.
Cave diving downstream at Cenote Carwash with Julia putting a prototype 10K lumen @orcatorch D950V video light through its paces.
Julia descending through magical rays of light reaching all the way to the bottom, diving sidemount at the Pit with @xdeep_dive_gear
Julia leading a cavern tour along the wall of the always magnificent Cenote El Pit.
Anne-Laure and Arthur from @elitediversinternational diving in the sunbeams at this majestic sinkhole.
A lovely couple doing a safety stop at Cenote El Pit.
Gorgeous light at the entrance of Cenote Esmeralda.
Magic light at Casa Cenote streaming through the mangrove roots. The beautiful golden hue is due to tannic water from heavy rains.
Julia about to enter a curtain of shimmering light. Diving sidemount at the Pit with @xdeep_dive_gear πŸ€™
Julia diving sidemount at the Pit with a majestic backdrop of stunning sunbeams. - @apeksdiving - - @xdeep_dive_gear - - @getolympus - - @olympusuk -
The stunning sunbeams reaching all the way to the hydrogen sulfide cloud at 100ft/33m. Awesome summer diving at The Pit with Julia!
We got some good shots on my last cave dive with Julia & Emily. Team work in actionπŸ€™ Does this make you want to cave dive? Let me know in the comments! 🌟
Emily (@hong_travels ) on our recent cave dive with Julia doing lighting 🌟
Awesome photo cave dive with Julia and Emily (@hong_travels ). These guys did a great job modelling and lighting.
@pablo_dutto diving at Cenote El Pit with @kooxadventure. We brought plenty of Big Blue video lights to illuminate this pretty cave.
A shot of @xanath64 cave diving Cenote El Pit with @kooxadventure. While the Pit is known for its spectacular cavern dive the cave diving here is pretty awesome too πŸ˜€
Another promo video for Sublue shot in conjunction with Prorec Tulum. These WhiteShark MIX scooters are so much fun on breath-hold πŸ˜€ - - @subluetech - - @prorecdiving - - @getwetmexico - - @getolympus -
Roxy giving us her very best "blue steel" on our shoot for Mares. - - @maresjustaddwater - - @getwetmexico - - @getolympus - - -
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