Tom de Dorlodot

World traveller 🌎 Mountain lover 🏔Ocean addict ⛵️Pro paraglider pilot🦅 Expedition leader ⛺️Speaker 🎙#searchprojects 🎥

Look what’s coming tomorrow... 😍 Up North / the adventures of the @searchprojects ⛵️ in Norway. 🤘 Stay tuned!
This feeling... 😜 What a blast! It took me 3 days of hard work with the good advices of my friends @acroracio , @artooshgh and @javimalaguita99 🤘Here it is, my very first infinity 😉
Balance, timing, strength, patience, motivation, work... it’s an ongoing process. 🤞Almost there... #infinity
Malaguita shows me how it’s done on the tandem! The harness broke on the process... 😂 We had a good laugh! Thanks @malaguitastyle 🤘
This flight goes on the podium 🤘#bestparamotorflights 📷: @johnstapels_photographer
That’s how we go to the Turkish bath... 😜
Camp life... 👌 📷by @johnstapels_photographer
We flew to the moon and back today. 😉
A feeling words can’t describe... no caption needed for this one. 😜#magic
I can’t wait to be tomorrow morning to fly with them... 😋
I have always dreamed to fly above a salt lake... ✅check... 😉 📷: @johnstapels_photographer
Flying with other birds today at the Paragliding World Cup. 🇹🇷
It doesn’t get much better than this... around 150km flown in epic conditions today. 🤘Turkey delivers.
“Three, two, one... and ACTION!” 📽
We parked where the road ends, took our gliders out, and kept on exploring... #searchprojects
Cruising in Turkey with the @searchprojects crew 👌
Turkey felt like the Alps today... 🤘🏔🇹🇷
Wind is all I need. 🤘
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