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🎥 Film & Photography 📸 🇸🇮 From Slovenia 🏝 My YouTube channel👇🏻

So worth waking up at 2am to do this sunrise hike on a volcano📸😍
Typical Bali, love this island🏝 . . . Quick Drone Tip: try to plan the pics & composition you want to capture before taking your drone in the air. Or at least try to have some ideas because that battery life is short, don’t waste it😉
Travelling and discovering places like this is what makes me feel alive and happy😊📸 . . . Photo taken by @jacob , edited by me😊 . . . #jacobxthatoneblondkid #lookatthosecolours #waterfallsofinstagram #waterfallfordays #bali #baliindonesia #travelbali #discoverbali #baliphoto #balihiddengem #baliphotography #baliphotographer #balicili #indtravel
That morning light😍 My favourite way to start the day is to catch a beautiful sunrise with a camera in my hand📸
Views like this😍 . . . This photo was taken at one of my favorite places - T-rex head on Nusa Penida island. It’s a tough hike down to the beach, especcialy when it’s so hot.... buuut so worth it.🏝
What a beautiful place we live in☺️ . . . 📸: Canon 5D mark iv + Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
Dream BIG!😎 . . . I love waterfalls and this one was a huuuuge one! Unbelievable what a variety of different nature sceneries Bali has to offer😍
Woke up at 2am to do the sunrise hike on Mount Batur and was blessed to expirience these amazing colors🌈🌄 . . . My finger is sore from snapping so many pics haha... will show you more of this stunning views sometime in the following posts📸🌋
Be present in the moment.☺️ This was always one of the hardest things for me to do... to stop worrying about what will happen in the future and just be grateful for what I have today, rigtht now at this moment . . . Now I finally understand what the quote “happiness is a journey and not a destination” REALLY means🤙🏻
🔥WHAT A WEEK!🔥 Workshop is now finished, hard to put in words how it was... well it was just simply epic! I am so grateful that I was able to be surrounded with so many unique creatives! It has opened my eyes. Thank you guys🤙🏻 . . My mind is now rewired and I am laser focused to work hard and go to the next level📸 . . . P.S. If you are a passionate photographer or videographer, check @jacob & @thatoneblondkid profiles for more info about the workshop🤙🏻 #jacobxthatoneblondkid
The moment when the morning light hits those amazing rice terraces 🌞 . . This is a must visit place if on Bali 🤙🏻 . . . 📸 Canon 5D Mark IV & Canon 24-70 f/2.8 . #jacobxthatoneblondkid #thatoneblondkid #lookatthosecolours #baliindonesia #explorebali #travelbali #riceterraces #ubudbali #canon5dmarkiv #canonphotography
Surround yourself with people who force you to level up!🔥 . . . Day 1 of the photo/video workshop with @jacob & @thatoneblondkid done. This is the magical location we’ve visited today. Learned so much new stuff!📸 . . . This is my photo from today, edited with Jacobs help. Can’t wait for tomorrows sunrise at rice terraces 🤙🏻 #jacobxthatoneblondkid #baliworkshop #followingmypassion #lookatthosecolours
Who can guess what I’m holding in my hand😜 . There are a lot of Castles in Slovenia and this is one of the oldest ones. I love to explore places that have lots of history. 🤓 . Not much greens in the nature right now, so end of winter is not the ideal time to take photos... but I couldn’t resist that sun flares🤩 Picture taken with my DJI Mavic Pro & ND8 filter. #igslovenia #kampadanes #nasvetzaizlet #geoslovenija #ifeelslovenia #hiddenbeauty #dronephotography #castles #slovenia_ig #slovenskekonjice
Invest in yourself🙏🏻 ... Back home in Slovenia but next week I am flying to Bali to attend a photo/video workshop with @jacob & @thatoneblondkid . Words can't describe how excited I am! 🔥 Btw there is still one spot left so feel free to check their Instagram profiles for more info. . . Photo by @babic_renato with Canon 80D & Tokina 11-20mm; edited by me😊 #investinyourself #canonphotography #slovenia_ig #homesweethome
Who knows where is this magical place?🤭
Drinking mango smoothie while enjoying the view😍 This was by far my favorite Cafe in Vietnam 🌄 #vietnam #travelseasia #beautifuldestinations #ninhbinh #vietnamricefields #bestcafe #exploringvietnam #travelvietnam #vietnam2018
* @tampahhills Job Application * The main reason why I've decided to apply is that i want to expand my network and by providing value hopefully become your go to content creator in your circle . . I really enjoy creating content in travel, lifestyle and real estate niche so this is why I want to join your community. I want to surround myself with successful entrepreneurs who will push me to grow even more in the following year . . ***Most of the material from this video edit is owned by @tampahhills . . To see more of my videos in Youtube click the link in my bio. #tampahworkation
There are moments in life you will simply never forget! . . . What a glorious feeling it was to watch how the sun sets down over this majestic landscape⛰ #livemore #dowhatmakesyoufeelalive #krabithailand #hiking 🌲 #hiking 👣 #ilovehiking #viewslikethis #insanelandscape #amazingthailand #levjikralj 🦁haha
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