Tony Lechmanski

Guitarist for Bella Morte and The Secret Storm and guitarist and vocals for The 40 Boys!

Can't wait to see you all!!!!!
Caught this little guy hanging out in my house today. He was more shocked to see me than I was to see him!!!! I took him back out and sent him on his way. He'll be happier out there. Both of my neighbors have cats.
Happy as hell to let you all know that we'll be seeing everyone in Mexico City on February 16 2019 for this festival! Can't wait!
Doing some decorating around the house!!!
See you in October New Orleans!!!!!!
My friend Mark is a great artist and he knows my odd love of velvet paintings. He was a guest at a convention that I was also a guest at and he showed up with this painting for me! Velvet painting of Andy and I at a show!!! Finally got to hang it up!!!
My two motorcycles in my new garage!
Just a friendly reminder to my fellow motorcycle riders. Tailpipes will burn the hell out of you! In all the years I've been riding, this is only the second time I've done this!😂 #motorcycle #motorcycleriders #burnrubberburnlegs #shouldveknownbetter #championoftheworld
Found this pic I took of my pals The Long Losts at Dark Side of the Con! For some reason it will let me tag @patlost but not Anka or Cristian. Stupid phone computer acting like an ass hole.
I got to hang out with some baby goats today with Porter, Kathleen, Margie and Sasha! It was a ton of fun and those little goats were funny as hell!
Added a new guy to my collection! Giant Bird Eating Tarantula!
Here is just one reason the "Write A Song with Bella Morte" panel is my favorite panel ever!!! Our fans just seem to get us!😂
My cat skeleton came today and it's a great addition to my skeleton collection!
The dogs came in a little bit too excited and the cat sleeping on my lap didn't like it at all!
Today I voted! When I got home the piranha that lives in the kitchen ate my face. So much blood.
Had to get a picture with Herman and Lily Munster while I had on my Munster's shirt! Just seemed right!
Happy Birthday to The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis!
I love my chances to see Paul! Great guy, great friend! Always such a pleasure!
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