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PAPER BOAT RACES!!!! Right after the ride tomorrow about 11 AM we are having our first ever and hope to be annual paper boat race down at the creek. It rarely flows so virtually the entire paper boat season is tomorrow. #paperboats
8 AM tomorrow is another Saturday ride. We leave right at 8 so please show up early so we can ride for a couple hours, stop for a little poetry and be back to open the Outpost and sell some stuff by 11 AM. Always hills. Always fun. Always a great assembly of amazing people. 🦹🏽‍♂️👨🏻‍🚀👩🏼‍🚒👨‍🔬👨🏿‍🏫👩🏼‍🎤
Patrick picked up his @surlybikes Karate Monkey and did the shop loop. A bit over 10 miles. A bit over 1500 feet of elevation gain and you will smile like Patrick. So awesome to see! Happy New Bike Day. #newbikeday #happynewbikeday
@bromungandr has been busy lately building wheels and bikes including this @rohloff_en @surlybikes build. @bdfuerst is on his 2nd Surly from us. Big thanks and thanks for sporting paper boat hats guys!
After the shop ride on Saturday we are having a paper boat race down by the creek. We rarely have water running so don’t anticipate Autumn finals. It’s a Spring sport. And, as you might see by our dapper dog @rover_shopdog , the boats can be used as hats. Thanks for modeling Rover! #paperboats #paperboatsailors #paperboatracing #unpredictyourjourney had his @surlybikes set up minimally for our @unpredictyourwednesday adventure #bikepacking to Ojai. #unpredictyourwednesday
After a crazy night of pouring rain camping in the picnic table pavilion the skies cleared up in Ojai for a spectacular ride from Dennison Park back down to Ventura. We stopped above the valley for this photo as we headed out of the campsite. #unpredictyourwednesday #bikepacking
Absolutely an #unpredictyourwednesday kinda adventure. @bruceribbon @onion.sauce and headed out to Ojai for a quick camping excursion #bikepacking - During the final climb out of Ojai to Dennison Park the rain started. Instead of a bucolic setting overlooking the Ojai Valley the guys sheltered under the picnic table pavilion. #unpredictyourjourney
Our creek rarely allows us to play in it so we are taking full advantage this weekend after the shop ride. Make or bring a paper boat for races about 11:150. We were practicing today while @bdfuerst stopped in to pick up his new @surlybikes and it turns out he’s a natural paper boat sailor. . Go figure. #paperboats #paperboatsailors
Headed #bikepacking to Ojai to enjoy the green and some flowers along the way on Tuesday/Wednesday for #unpredictyourwednesday - Room for a couple more. Let us know if you can join us.
Remember the muppets who sat in the balcony with scathing witty commentary on the Muppet Show? These two chairs sit atop a decent little climb and @_whatmoredoyouneed and Nate are like our own muppets. #tweedledeeandtweedledum #muppets knows us too well. He showed up with his namesake thing. #donuts plus some root beer. 💯💚. While a lot of bike shop culture is either off the charts vegan level healthy or beer soaked burritos, we are somewhat in our own direction with banana bread and donuts (when we can get them). #rootbeer is another favorite! 🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿. Lawrence’s other purpose for stopping in was to find out about our next #unpredictyourwednesday - We are headed for a fun adventure to Ojai this week on Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday via bikes and @amtrak Room for 3 more if you can make it! #unpredictyourjourney
@benweavermusic Poetry!!! Our stop today for a little poetry during the Saturday ride was in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains at Will Roger’s old cabin foundation. We read from Ben Weaver’s Ragged Ass Joy. Such a great part of the day.
So nice in Topanga the right now.
The hills are calling. We will have a 2 ish hour ride tomorrow (Saturday) in our hills surrounding the shop. Always hills. Always fun. Always a good crowd of people. Please be ready to leave right at 8 so we can ride for a couple hours and be back to open the shop by 11. Show up early. #saturdayride
@opencycle makes phenomenal frames. We aren’t a weight weenie kinda place but with that said, this bike is off the graph incredible or rather super light. Who wants 4130 when a carbon Open frame is around.? Wow. We did an affordable build on the bike and are still blown away at how light it is. Yeeehhhaaaa!!!!! #opencycles #open #weightweenies
Our winter recess is over and we are back ready to UnPredict some Wednesday’s on some Journeys. Next week is a fun trip. Join us headed to Ojai on the train for a quick camping getaway. The following week is a camping trip to see the Springtime floral bloom in the Corrizo Plain. Jeovany’s going away festivities are the last Saturday of the month. We are riding on Mount Pinos the week after and then headed to Sea Otter Classic. Let us know if you want to join. #unpredictyourjourney #unpredictyourwednesday
We show up everyday for this. Our favorite people. We love to see first time riders in Topanga and are super glad to be part of there experience. Some of these people have only ever gone mountain biking once. Our down to earth peeps having fun. #☮️
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