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UnPredicting everything!!! Fire Sale!!! Out of character, we are open tomorrow (Wednesday) because frankly we need to sell some stuff. The reality of being closed all last week due to the fires and mandatory evacuation left a bit of a dent in the old shop checkbook. We want to sell a few things to maybe make back a few of those dollars. So, we thought we would be open for business instead of camping. Also in the spirit of a famous week for shopping we thought it would be a good idea to get on that bandwagon. So, here we go....It is probably no surprise to anyone who follows us that we can be a bit clumsy in the “sale” department. Giving it a try, we created few “Gift with purchase” packages. We filled some @roguejourneymen bags with @silca_velo tools and other things like a @buddypegs book. ( @opinelofficiel and @spurcycle bells are also in the mix). Stop in for a gift package. $49 or $100 bags and the tools, book, bell or knife comes along at no cost. Save like $75 on some packages. Each package is a little different. We are also selling all the bikes in stock at 10-35% off. We really want to make a couple new sales. Also, we want some demo bikes to find a home. Finally, some @roguejourneymen prototypes are on sale and other specials. This will go on for a few days unless we get bored and bummed because nobody bought anything. We are open Wednesday, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday this week for normal hours. #unpredictyourjourney #unpredictyourwednesday #smallbusinesssaturday
November mornings in Topanga.
Feels so nice to have the Outpost open and be back in production. If you have visited lately you’ve probably seen Andrew working on some Rogue Journeymen projects. To make some more unique bags and wallets we sourced a bit more gear and canvas from WW2 during the evacuation when we didn’t know how long it would last. Feels so great to be creative again with that stuff. If you want to see the latest gear and what is happening with our a house brand, follow our Instagram page for @roguejourneymen - Big thanks to everyone who has stopped by to make a special order or buy something we make in the past couple days. We are honored and humbled and appreciative.
Things are getting right back to normal. Rod picked up his new @surlybikes Ogre while @dave_conk and @andrewgld flanked him being goofy. Nice to be back at it. #surlyogre #newbikeday #surly #topangacreek #topangacreekoutpost
@clint_yeastwood stopped stopped by the Outpost and picked up a @surlybikes Karate Monkey frame yesterday. Right now every detail of normalizing life is precious. Friends like Aimee getting their picture with a new frame, chatting a while over banana bread and coffee. Does not get better and after being evacuated for the week from the fire threat, we acknowledge it further. We appreciate everything. #topanga #topangacanyon
Today’s ride in Topanga. Feels so nice to be back at the shop with a bit of normal. Just done sifting through photos from the ride today instead of refreshing the Topanga emergency website for updates on an evacuation. Photo by @georgewhittam #thankful #topanga #saturdayride
Thankful. We had our Saturday shop ride today and are double appreciate of Topanga. We rode through new fire lines made to protect us in the past week. Gulp. The people. The land. Gratefulness. #thanks #appreciation #thankful #whpcommunity
We are definitely ready to ride. Tomorrow’s Saturday is on like always. 8 AM is when we leave. Plan to ride up some serious hills. Please show up a bit early so we can leave right at 8 and ride for a couple hours. Always hills. Always fun. Always a good crowd of people. So stoked to get going and bring a little normalcy back to our lives.
WE’RE BACK!!!! We are safe. Shop is safe and we are open after a week of mandatory evacuation from the fires in our mountains. Word arrived from the Topanga Town Council this morning that the CHP removed the road blocks and opened Topanga. We immediately came back and are ready to go. Still a little on edge from the experience but not worried about the fire as a threat. Stop up and say hello. And, yes. Ride is on for tomorrow. We are planning to ride up Red Rock to see the damage so be ready for some hills. Thanks again everyone for all the offers, kindness, prayers and concerns. - Chris, Dave, Jeo, Andrew, Eric and Rover.
Update: The fire chief in charge of our mountains explained why we are still evacuated. Tomorrow begins our 2nd week. Turns out that shortly after the Santa Ana winds flow toward to Pacific Ocean, they scurry right back with an onshore breeze. Topanga is bullseye if this occurs with a fire still burning at our door that would wipe us out so from the training and the caution of firemen who are trained to protect us (often against ourselves) we are in a holding pattern and still evacuated. The current 24 hour period watch started again this morning at 8ish AM and lasts 24 hours. So, finally thoughts and prayers are needed. Think about very tiny onshore wind and pray for itsy bitsy air flow tonight during this 24 hours so we can go home and open the shop. We will take positive thoughts, let the universe take over, meditation and raindrop therapy being our favorite. If you haven’t prayed in a while, call your mom and ask how. She will be elated. And if it works, so will we. #evacuees
Update: Day 7 of the Santa Monica Mountains evacuation from the recent fires. Here is a map of evacuations still mandatory. The pink color includes @topangacreek and we are still under the fire departments evacuation orders. The green area has been repopulated. It probably goes without saying we hope to be back soon. It doesn’t look like today. Please stop by once we open.
We certainly are humbled and appreciative to so many people. While the fires are still a threat and we remain under a mandatory evacuation, we are counting our blessings. We have received countless offers for housing, help and every thing. A handful of people sent email noting the economic stress we probably have and reached out to say they will be in as soon as we open to buy that bike or gear they were considering. We had one amazing guy immediately send a paypal deposit for a @roguejourneymen bag saying he’ll be in later but figured it would help. (It does). Having a small business in a cabin in Topanga really has created a community and we are so fortunate that ours is the best. Hopefully the winds die down and we can get back to making banana bread and coffee for everyone to show our appreciation. In the meantime while we refresh our apps waiting to hear word of the fire department telling us it’s oK to return we want to shout out THANKS. From the bottom of our hearts for all the kindness during the fires.
Update: We have entered our 6th day of evacuation. Topanga is under a mandatory evacuation and we are following the firemen’s instructions. Word is that the building is fine and the latest reports keep giving us hope that winds will die down today or tomorrow and hopefully the evacuation is lifted. (We think that every day). The mental toll of abruptly closing the shop is starting to bother us and is on the forefront of our minds for a variety of reasons. But the greatest part of this is certainly the extraordinary concern and offers that dozens and dozens of people have contacted us with. We are certainly looking forward to getting back up and running. Hopefully soon. Check back. Massive thank you everyone reading this for being a part of the shop family.
Update: Evacuated. Day 5. The LA County fire department has us under a mandatory evacuation. We are safe and in a frustrating holding pattern. The Santa Ana winds are the culprit with hot spots around us and the Woolsey Fire is 35% contained. That’s our neighborhood. Our hearts are with everyone who has lost their homes and businesses. We appreciate the firemen and while waiting isn’t fun or easy, we are fortunate to have so much to be thankful for. Thanks everyone.
Today is a great day. @andrewgld is celebrating two years of sobriety and we could not be happier about it. The culture of our shop in Topanga is about friendships, community and caring about each other in the big picture. Andrew’s journey is part of it. Few may know that @onion.sauce gave up drinking 25 years ago and it’s one of the factors of the growth of @roguejourneymen The two guys created a leather goods brand on Thursday nights because they were creative and laughed and had a good time over root beer and burritos. The universe has a way of making things work out. As the fires around Topanga have kept us on edge and evacuated for a 4th day, we appreciate each other and everyone around us even more. Besides celebrating Andrew’s two years clean we have been flooded with kindness and friendships from all over. Our shop family is truly remarkable and amazing. We really have been overwhelmed at the kindness from all over the world. Earlier today we posted an update that we are on the better side of the fire week. We learned later we are still in a definitely a larger caution moment than we thought. Winds are not nice in the canyons. But, today is a fantastic day because it’s people that matter most and we are surrounded by the best of the best of them. Congratulations Andrew and thanks to everyone on our wild life single track.
Update: We are still evacuated but breathing a bit easier. The National Weather Service has downgraded the wind from high to moderate for today and tomorrow. That’s great news. Edison hasn’t sent a robo call but doesn’t list Topanga as a forced outage any longer. We see one map (not official) announcing the blvd opening today at 2 PM. Fingers crossed we dodged the bullet. Fire is still burning in the hills near us but without windy conditions we should be vigilant at fire safety without being on edge. We are currently waiting for the fire department to give us the latest update hoping it’s allowing us to return. Die cut thanks to @markdupp
Current mood is summed up by @rover_shopdog - Update: We are still in a holding pattern. Some local Topanga volunteers have done an excellent job over the years creating an evacuation system for Topanga with frequent updates and preparations. We are following all rules. We are all safe and away from the canyon. It seems virtually the entire Topanga community has evacuated, the road is closed and it is a mandatory evacuation. Law enforcement are announcing evacuations on loud speakers to the people who are literally off the grid (more in Topanga than you would imagine). We are waiting out the next 48-72 hours while strong Santa Ana winds are threatening embers from the fires around us. It’s only holding tight and waiting. Thanks everyone! The Red Flag warnings are in affect until 5 PM Tuesday. Realistically, we don’t expect to be out of a cautionary mode until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest. PS. Rover is with @onion.sauce @andrewgld and @big.cookie #thankyou
Update: Everyone from the shop has been out of the canyon since yesterday. Topanga Canyon Blvd is closed from PCH to Mulholland. We are almost exactly in the middle. The electricity has been turned off as a precaution for Topanga. Downed power lines are a cause of fire and Edison has planned this during red flag days informing us that the electricity will be back on no earlier than 6 PM Sunday as the conditions warrant. Winds were quiet today and no advancing fires were immediately threatening from the fires that have been affecting our neighbors. We are not planning to return until the canyon is open and the fire department gives to OK. Our expectations are not earlier than Monday morning as the winds are expected to be very strong Sunday and possibly as late as Wednesday. In the meantime we super appreciate everyone reaching out and checking on us. Mostly doing well and a little scared and sad for our neighbors. Thanks everyone.
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