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The question is, are they small enough to eat in one bite 🤔 Inspired by my pastry crush @cedricgrolet - mini chocolate pastry case, vanilla creme pat, flourless brownie disc, vanilla mousse, fresh raspberries and a strawberry gel! The full recipe is up on my website, link in maaa bio! p.s I tried to eat them it one was messy to say the least 😂
Next time I say “Hey why don’t I make something that has hundreds of little stars on it”, send me this picture and slap me. I’m not sure I can ever look at a star again 😂 It turns out trying to balance stars the size of a grain of sand on wobbly blueberries is basically impossible. I’m not even sure I got the shape right ahah 😂 Oh well it all gets eaten anyways!
I’m baaaackkk! It was great to get back in the kitchen baking today, I thought I was going to be a lil’ rusty but I nailed these macs! These are vanilla macarons, with a mascarpone vanilla cream and a sticky cinnamon apple compote in the middle. I was pretty impressed with my garnish though - I mean how fancy does that look?! It’s just thinly sliced apple, held together with a toothpick then carefully fanned out - so easy to do! A good little tip is to spritz the apple with a bit of lemon juice to stop them browning 🍏
What a view...the skyline looks alright too 😉
A power drill and a chocolate mousse cake…yup…seriously. Now one thing I’ve never been great at is DIY - when it comes to drilling anything I basically tear down the entire house if I even pick the thing up. So when I saw my drill yesterday I said to myself…how can I use this to bake 🤔 I though what better way to create pockets of caramel in a mousse cake than to use a drill, right?! Now I made sure I thoroughly cleaned this before I did any drilling but just looooook at those perfect little oozing salted caramel pools - I mean c’monnnn! But in all seriousness if you’re gonna try this be careful with the drill and make sure you clean it properly..or just don’t be silly like me and use a drill…just use a spoon or something a sensible person would use....or use a drill. I also reallllly tried to get a shot of me lifting a slice out so you could see all the caramel but I totally fluffed it 😵 Do you think I’m crazy for using a drill?!
That lip bite... every time I see a dessert 😂 Photo by @iraisavampire
I could watch that chocolate glaze alllllll day 🤤 I’m not sure I quite used enough chocolate in this dessert though...peanut crumb base, milk chocolate feuilletine (I cheated and used crushed up corn flakes with melted chocolate!), dark chocolate mousse, a milk chocolate hazelnut glaze and finished with a swirl of milk chocolate ganache! See...nowhere near enough chocolate 😂 I think next time I’ll use a dark chocolate glaze just so the colours don’t blend as much. I put the slice in at the end because you all asked for it last time 😘
Spots vs stripes! Pick your favourite side! It turns out trying to do stripes on half a cake is sooo hard 😂 usually I smooth it together loads of times but because I only had half a cake I could only have a few goes at smoothing it and I did a terrible job 😂 So I was a little disappointed with that side but it was a fun experiment. I’m voting stripes..if I can get it right next time 😏
I just couldn’t wait any longer to use my child’s clay pottery spinning wheel again 😂 This is a sweet pastry case filled with vanilla pastry cream, flourless chocolate cake, a raspberry coulis disc and then topped with a vanilla mousse sphere and toasted Italian meringue! My heart is always pounding when I’m doing the piping 😂 I get so nervous I’m going to slip and mess up the whole thing ha!
I finished lining up all of my strawberries then I was like...dayum...that looks like one of those 90’s prawn cocktail appetisers with all the little prawns hanging out of the martini glass 🍤 But moving past that 😂 this is a sweet pastry case, with a lemon mascarpone filling, fresh strawbs and crushed pistachios. It’s actually super easy to knock up and only takes a couple hours! I’m about to have a little BBQ and have this for dessert! Full recipe for this is on my website, link is in my bio ❤️
PB&J Cake! All my favourite childhood flavours in one place 🤤 When I started cake decorating I struggled massively to find out about sharp edges, crumb coating or the perfect chocolate drip...all these techniques that I really wanted to try but just had no clue how! I just put up the recipe for this cake along with all my tips about sharp edges, chocolate drips etc so hopefully if you are in the same boat as I was this post will help you out ❤️ Link is in my bio!
The winner of the pie off! I think we ended up with over 900 votes 😵 And thanks for saving me so that I didn’t have to make the holey one! Now..I would love to say I baked this and sat down to enjoy a nice big slice but after feeling pretty good with myself having cut out a billion leaves and taking a photo, I cleaned up all the mess I made only to discover a bit of a disaster. I realised that I’d mistakenly used salted butter to make the dough instead of unsalted butter! I was about to make something that was basically as salty as the sea, and I’d just spent all that time and effort decorating a pie that was virtually inedible 😭
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