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Alright can we talk about soggy bottoms! Now, if I’m going all out I’ll blind bake a pie so that it’s nice and golden on the bottom but sometimes I want to be lazy and I just don’t want to blind bake my pie. I’ve read about a few techniques like adding ground almonds to the base of the pie dough or crushed cookies, but has anyone else got any other tips to prevent a soggy bottom without blind baking a pie?! I feel like the type of pie dish is also crucial…with a wet filling or a juicy fruit it seems near on impossible. p.s I did this design and was like dayummmm then realised I’d basically done one that was identical a few months ago ha! And yes I baked it, I ate it, and didn’t take a picture 😂
I’m excited to announce I’ll be ending my baking career to become a topless model...kidding! 😂 I’ve had a lot of great opportunities from doing topless baker so when @dearboymag asked me to do some “modelling” I thought why not! I’m featured in their latest ‘Play’ issue which is all about the colour yellow, check their profile to read all about it! Now, I’m probably the most awkward person when it comes to posing in front of a camera so this was wayyyy out of my comfort zone but it was such a fun experience! Thank you to @juun.h for the photography and @aliesey & @emlou_makeup for styling and makeup! ❤️ For some reason Instagram hasn’t uploaded the second pic! Explicit content obvs
Ok I think this might be the most extravagant macaron I’ve ever made 😂 Imagine trying to make 50 of these, it would take years ha! This is a succulent macaron garden with hand piped buttercream roses and cactus things, all on a bed of sand (crushed biscuits). Have I gone too far or do you love the outrageousness?!
What a week!! I had a crazy week in New York, podcasting, filming with @foodnetwork and then shooting this little show with @snooki @misterp79 @mtv_cribs 🙌🏼 Can’t wait to head back soon but also I need to do some baking! I’m itching just to whisk anything 😂
I’m hosting a cake decorating class! A few weeks ago I hosted a little macaron class and I’ve just released tickets for my cake demonstration class! The class is on September 21st at 5:30pm at the @kitchenaidlondon Experience store. We’ll be going over everything from making buttercream, crumb coating, how to smooth a cake, chocolate drips and how to temper white chocolate to create stunning sails! The link to the tickets is in my bio - any questions just let me know! ❤️
Just me holding a picture...of me 😂 If you haven’t heard me shouting from the roof about it, I started a podcast!!! It’s called Bake Off, Undressed and it’s all about the new series of the Great British Bake Off. Every week I have a new guest on to breakdown all the soggy bottom moments and cake fails whilst also just having a great chit chat! I’ve had the amazing @julietsear & @nikinsammy on so far and it’s been hilarious! I cannot thank you guys enough for all the support so far...we’ve made it into the TOP 👏🏼20👏🏼PODCASTS👏🏼ALREADY👏🏼! Thank you thank you thank you! If you haven’t subscribed already, check the link in my profile or search ‘Bake Off Undressed’ on the podcast app!
Just some Sable Breton tarts with sliced fruit on top, easy right? Well..slicing this fruit was a total pain in the 🍑 I must’ve spent an hour slicing all of this 😂 We’ve got figs, nectarines, plums and some blueberries (although they look a little...wilted 😂)
All.That.Piping 😵 After doing SO many piping videos, I thought it was time to throw them all into one mesmerising compilation 😍 I think my favourite is still the swirly chocolate tart! What’s your fave??
Matchstick lemon tart! All my tarts are usually pretty flat but I loveeee the different heights and angles going on here. I did a little insta story today with the recipe so that can see how to make the matchstick meringues - they’re so simple to do! I’ve been making far too many tarts recently but I’m testing a gazzilion pastry recipes, this one was by far the worst though - I had a shocker trying to bake it so lots of patch work underneath there ha!
That little crown of strawberries is just 🔥 Chocolate cake with layers of Swiss meringue buttercream and fresh sliced strawberries. Then I coated in on different shades of chocolate buttercream and a drip (#obviously ) If you want the recipe let me know and I’ll write it up and put it on my website! But speaking of cake...if you love cake and @britishbakeoff then you should check out my newwww podcast! I’ll post more details about it on here this week but in the meantime it’s all in today’s IG story ❤️#bakeoffundressed
The question I ask you you go stems on or stems off?! I’ll be totally honest, and I know you’re going to be mad...but I’m all about those stems 😂 Sweet pastry case, strawberry jam, créme diplomat (pastry cream with whipped cream folded through it) and fresh strawberries. So simple but ughhhh it’s good 🤤 Diplomat Cream is also my new fave - I accidentally dipped my phone in it earlier and had no shame licking my phone clean 😂
I saw an advert for some earrings (because clearly I love to wear them in my spare time 🤔?!)...the earrings were pretty damn ugly but - as a pie lid, the design was spot on 😂 So here’s my earring inspired pie lid - with strawberries, apples and a little braid around the side!
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