Take Risks And Prosper🌅

Stick to the roads in my journey
I’m too wavy, think I need a Lyft
Last Thursday of summer #tbt
One step beyond
Quiet storm ⛈🤫
New horizon lens I won’t even peek at you 😎🍦
Life is just a maze , goin’ through my phases 📷: @thenoblesav #OTVOD
Say I won’t do it and did it again
Looking like I’m finna drop a mixtape... Just might lol
I’m bench pressing, money stretching
@newhorizonlens official launched, hope you guys checked it out 😎
Swipe for the drip 💧 Oh yeah @newhorizonlens will officially launch tomorrow 😎
Really feeling the pink 🌸 @newhorizonlens launch in 2 days 😬😬
Officially launching @newhorizonlens on 4/20. An online eyewear boutique providing rare and stylish sunglasses, some of which are customs and very unique. It has been fun putting this together, we just want to add a little more sauce to your outfits. With Spring almost in full effect, we have a variety of sunglasses that’ll help you curate your best looks. Follow the official page @newhorizonlens to be updated with products drop and new looks. Products will be available for purchase and website will be up and running on Friday 4/20. I appreciate any kind of support. Thank you in advance for your support. Swipe to see some of our looks—> #newhorizonlens
When you haven’t seen your twin in a while, you’re so dope sis, keep doing your thing😁 ❤️
Space coupe like ET 🛸
I got a flex habit 🚀
Gotta chance it , I’m a risk taker
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