FAMILY | FRIENDS | FITNESS | FOOD 📍Boise, ID 🌎Getting lost to find myself.

Need sun, need beer. 🌞🍺
29 trips around the sun. Wouldn’t change a thing even if I could go back! Thanks to everyone who’s been along for the ride ❤️
Just want to lift heavy shit again! Eat your pancakes for tonight’s lift @kyyyle21
It’s 5 degrees out and I just wish I could teleport to this summer day in CDA riding jet skis and slurping sirloins with my brotato chip @mattgroganfit
Winter is neat ❄️
No glove no love 😂
Scrolling through your phone on a Sunday and just remembering how drunk you were in a picture 😂 ready for lake days again.
Happy thanksgiving everyone ❤️ thankful to be back and Boise and be at home with family every holiday. This is my grandmas 86th thanksgiving ❤️🦃
My backyard is ok I guess.
My sister tells me I’m narcissistic for posting so many selfies. So here’s another one @rachaelpages
(Update) It’s official. I’m just a man child. This is as thick as I can get my facial hair. Can’t wait to shave and be 21 again 😂
When we going on another adventure? @sboruszak @leyonce23 @kornstar19 @kellybellymo
My Grandma turned 87 today. She’s so old and crazy and we love her that much more. I lived with my Mom and her the first few months I moved back to Boise. I tried to get her off the sweets and she would take the long way around the living room trying to sneak pie and ice cream to her room 😂
RIP to my 🥜 but at least by eyes look hella blue.
Work days was the worst days, now we sip IPA’s when we thirstay!
40 degree golf weather in Idaho ⛳️
Setting some new goals. Smashing the old me 😤 focusing on daily intake and just feeling better.
Damn. We should all do something nice today ❤️ #love
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