FAMILY | FRIENDS | FITNESS | FOOD 📍Boise, ID 🌎Getting lost to find myself.

Shoulders gotta grow!
Gettin’ kind of old and grizzly 🐻
Gonna miss the brodi @taylor_caves AKA Clark Kent. Gonna have to make some Santa Barbara trips!
Near death but it’s Friday. Grab the weekend by the balls. Do fun shit with people who don’t suck ❤️
@pennypnw even though you comment and talk shit on my Instagram and you’re just a dog I miss you.
Day #1 (long post blah blah) I’ve been missing the stability and structure I get from fitness. I think on the outside most people would describe me as a fun loving outgoing person. While that’s all true at face value we can’t always see the battles people are facing internally. A lot of times we don’t share these battles with other people because it brings us to a point of vulnerability. We are always posting our best angles, our best times, achievements, vacations. All that stuff is fine and fun to share but I also think it’s important that we keep it real with each other even if it is just a stupid social media platform. I’m someone who struggles to keep a positive outlook at times, I sink into a self destructive fog that takes me further away from my goals and ambitions. The one thing I have found that consistently overpowers this fog that a lot of us deal with is taking care of my body. Not just to look good for someone else, but to really care for yourself as a whole. Over the past year I have lost a lot of hard work that took years in the gym to build, but more so I lost that underlying foundation that the rest of life is based on. I guess what I’m trying to say in a really long fucked up post 😂 is that life is full of day ones. Take steps to improve your body and you’ll see that the mind follows.
Prom pose
Longest week of my life lol. It should be illegal to work on Saturday’s! #freetravis
My assistant and I plotting the future 😂 @kornstar19
The master @clementstevens put hands on my image and made it pop. First print going in the new place!
Hey @mgroganfitness this was 2 years ago. Let’s go be 🐻 bait again!
Awesome place with some awesome people. @sboruszak @leyonce23 @kornstar19 @kellybellymo
I got lost but look what I found
Who knows with these fools. @sboruszak @kornstar19
The Payette is still cold 👌🏻
I be like 🍺
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