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There may not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but that view is priceless. Photo by @robhehr | #explorealberta
The season for hanging out, skateboarding, riding bikes, exploring and soaking it all up has arrived. Photo by @evanrenz & @ll.dunbar | #explorealberta
The exact moment when a hot summer day turns into a dark stormy night over the Alberta prairies. Yeah, we know, epic right? Photo by @michalpphotography | #explorealberta
Whether you’re walking or hiking, it’s all about getting your fill of those nature vibes. Photo by @miriam_lena | #explorealberta
When the view is just as epic at 9pm as it is at 9am, you know it’s officially summer in Alberta. Happy Summer Solstice! Photo by @zaks.faks | #explorealberta
Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! Today is a day to recognize and celebrate the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Indigenous peoples in Canada. Photo by @ardash | #explorealberta
Home to some of the most remarkable prehistoric specimens ever unearthed, this place will have you channeling your inner nerd in no time. Photo by @middayglow | #explorealberta
Hundreds of species call Alberta home – 587 to be exact. So count yourself lucky if you spot this adorable duo. Photo by | #explorealberta
How to make your drive through the prairies a 10/10? Just find a sunset like this and you’re all set. Photo by @dan_jurak | #explorealberta
Pedal the city’s 800 kilometres of paved pathways and it’ll be easy to stumble upon stellar views like this. Photo by @twelve.poles | #explorealberta
The best cure for a case of the Mondays? Going for a paddle with your #1 adventure buddy of course! You can thank us later. Photo by @jasoncharleshill | #explorealberta
It kind of feels like nature set this scene just for you. Go with it. Photo by @singhcaptures | #explorealberta
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