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Getting one of the best views of the city AND getting a workout in. Why not have it all? Photo by @ana_shahnovich | #explorealberta
When valleys of golden larches light up the backcountry. That’s how you know it’s officially fall in Alberta. Photo by @jer_boych | #explorealberta
As we say goodbye to summer, we say hello to cozy sweaters, fall colours, pumpkin spiced everything, and the beginning of a new season. Photo by @erikmcr | #explorealberta
The petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (rock paintings) at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park are depictions if what life was like for the Blackfoot people who lived there 10,000 years ago. Combined with the nearby hoodoo hikes, it makes for an otherworldly, spiritual experience. Photo by @jaspywoof | #explorealberta
The first people to see these landscapes from the saddle clearly noticed something worth sticking around for. Cantering through meadows, rolling prairie and foothills will do that to a person. Photo by @rockin_a_photo | #explorealberta
Picture this. You’re gliding past jagged mountain peaks, across the glacier fed, crystal clear waters of Maligne Lake on a boat with a thermos of hot coffee in-hand. Now you know what to picture when your meditation app tells you to “go to your happy place”. Photo by @emitoms | #explorealberta
Take a walk along tree-lined streets and discover those hidden boutiques, cafes and gems that Edmonton is known for. You’ll be charmed for sure. Photo by @tristanfotografia | #explorealberta
A @canadianpacific freight train rounding the infamous Morant’s Curve on the edge of the Bow River. It doesn’t get more iconic than that. Photo by @just__karl | #explorealberta
Sometimes a rainy day is just what you need. Hello sweatpants and Netflix. Photo by @cameronhawesmusic | #explorealberta
Fresh air and an epic view with your best bud. What more could you ask for? Photo by @tiffpenguin | #explorealberta
Dig it: You can literally search for, and often find, real dinosaur bones here. You need this in your life, like, now. Photo by @funforlouis & @rayawashere | #explorealberta
Cowboy boots aren’t mandatory when road tripping through Alberta’s ranching country, but they will definitely help you fit in! Photo by @clarkcaldwellphotography | #explorealberta
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