Images and stories from Pakistan.

The civilization of Concordia Photo by @mobeenmazhar #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @jorgemarvel Gaddani ship breaking yard in Balochistan was once one of the biggest ship breaking yards in the world. Photographer Jorge Marvel recently went to this rarely seen place and the pictures are incredible. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
What's photography to you? How do you define it? What do you want to portray through your photos or what do you look for in other people's photos? Are pictures about creating something that's beautiful or something that has the most resemblance to reality? Comment with your views about photography. Photo by @ghulamrasoolphotography #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @_the.lost.soul Today was officially the first day of winters in Pakistan. People in the cities felt the rain while the mountainous regions turned white with snow. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @jorgemarvel A man sits inside an oven. These ovens are used to bake wheat breads and are common all around Pakistan. They're called 'Tandoors' in Urdu. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @leotaillefer Pulling the sled in a magical landscape, a good way to travel on the snow. Karakorams, Pakistan. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @jorgemarvel A local herdersman at Ranikot Fort, Sindh, Pakistan. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @mobeenmazhar Verjerav Glacier, Shimshal Valley, Pakistan. One other prominent feature in the surroundings is the Verjerav Lake which is formed and evacuated due to the collision of Khurdopin Glaciee with the rocky mountains. This lake poses a threat to the communities downhill and has historically passed through the processes of creation and destruction. Comparing the size, Attabad Lake is a tiny lake when compared to Verjevav Lake. According to recent reports by @mobeenmazhar , the lake isn't there anymore due to the natural movements of the glacier. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @jorgemarvel Workers at Gaddani ship breaking yard. It is located at Gaddani, a coastal village of Lasbela District located in the southern part of Balochistan along the Arabian Sea, Pakistan. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @awaisali.sheikh A flock of Greyleg Geese looking out for danger. When they sense a threat they straighten up like this together and cautiously look around but this is the perfect time to take a picture of them. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @sheraliphotography Borith Lake is named after Borith which is a hamlet (چھوٹا گاؤں) in the surroundings of the lake. It's altitude is roughly 2,600 meters or 8,500 ft above sea level. It has some other fascinating places in it's neighbourhood i.e Ghulkin Glacier and Passu Glacier. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @dslrwalaybhai Parachinar is the capital city of Kurram District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
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