Images and stories from Pakistan.

Photo by @xwaxen A drone camera view of the historic Islamia College Peshawar. It's one of the oldest institutions of learning in the city, the other being Edwades College. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
An aerial view of Satrangi Lake, Naltar Valley shot with a drone camera by Shehzad Wazir (@theskardufolks ). This video was shared with us by using the hashtag #TBPMotion through which we're starting to share a series of videos to portray Pakistan. #TBPMotion #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @guddupakistani These women cover long distances to fetch water for their homes. This photo was taken near Digri, Sindh. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
What's your favourite lake in Pakistan? Photo by @pirusaein This aerial shot was taken above Lulusar Lake in Kaghan Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Video by @evazubeck Eva zu Beck (@evazubeck ) came across this shepherd hut while hiking up to Desan Meadows in Swat. She says ''This is the place where I would love to wake up every single day." The mountains of Swat valley are dotted with many shepherd huts like this one. Have you ever been to Swat? What is the place that you liked the most there? #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @umaimaumi A perfect picture of a morning scene in Lahore. From this picture, one can imagine the noisy Bazaars of Lahore where there is a mixture of the voices of cart vendors shouting the names of the goods they sell, the sounds of omelettes being made on steel pans, the loud bangs of construction works, the noise of Rikshaws and hundreds of bikes buzzing like mosquitoes. What a crazy yet enjoyable place to be in. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @sohail.karmani An old man from Sahiwal enjoys a smoke. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @usman_zubair Jamia Ghosia Hamdia located in Shrine of Hamid Ali Khan, opposite of Bahauddin Zakaria shrine Madina tul aulia, Multan. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
And then they posed for a picture together. After two shots when the photographer said done, the wife gave the farmer this look, expecting him to look back at her. That's when this photo was taken. Photo by @ibrarkunri Kunri, Sindh. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @ibrarkunri A farmer from the farms of Kunri, Sindh. He was working in the farms when he was requested for a photo. He agreed and asked whether another photo of him and his wife could be taken because they never had a photo together. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @hasanzee Qurtaba Chowk Lahore is the junction that divides Jail Road and Ferozpur Road. It is famous for it's delicious Parathas throughout Lahore. It's also known for it's clock tower which doesn't have any history written on it besides the Pakistani national anthem. Does anyone of you know the history of the clock tower? Mention it in the comments. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Alex (@lostwithpurpose ) in Yasin Valley, Ghizer. She's from America and has now come many times to Pakistan since her first visit a few years ago. Through her travels in Pakistan she wants to let her followers around the world know that traveling to Pakistan is equally safe as traveling to other countries in the world and Pakistan has its own share of problems which every other country in the world has. Not coming here due to security issues can't be an excuse as alot of travelers from other countries have recently proved. And yes, we can't guarantee you hundred percent safety but neither can many progressive countries of the world as events in recent years have shown. The region you see in the above picture hasn't experienced any violence in more than a hundred years. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
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