Images and stories from Pakistan.

Fishing boats near Gawadar (Photo by @tahir_khan_kayani ) It is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. It lies on the shores of Arabian Sea opposite to Oman. Gawadar is of high significance because it is an important part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a joint project of Pakistan and China worth $46 billion. It is envisaged to be the link between One Belt, One Road and Maritime Silkroad projects. #TravelBeautifulPakistan
Photo by @asmarsphotography A woman in Burqa walks with a Riksha in her background in one of the streets of inner Peshawar. The city is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It's one of the oldest cities of the world and Asia particularly. #TravelBeautifulPakistan
Photo by @taseerbeyg Mr. Tokk Ali is the owner of a hotel situated by the side of Borith Lake. He's not only known as a happy man but a source of happiness in other people's lives He was also featured in @humansofny 's Pakistan series. Giving an interview to @humansofny he said; "When I'm bored, I call up Radio Pakistan and request a song, then I start dancing. I'll even dance on a rainy day. It's my way of expressing how grateful I am. I am the happiest man in Pakistan." Borith Lake, Gojal, Gilgit Baltistan. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by (@adeelchishti_ )They clean it every morning but the city becomes its old self every night with wrappers and papers scattered here and there. They succeed every day and fail every night to deal with pollution. Why? People are used to throwing waste on the streets. When you ask them why, they say that everybody pollutes Pakistan and one more piece of garbage will not matter. Well, it really does matter alot. Only you can make a huge difference alone by having environment friendly habits. This post isn't just for awareness but to appreciate the workers who clean Pakistan each and every day. Next time you see them, tell them, "You are our real heroes!" #TravelBeautifulPakistan
When you travel it's not always easy, you come across challenges and you overcome them and they make you realize that if they can be overcome, so can many other things in life. Traveling makes you identify trivia. It's strengthens self confidence. Photo by @thelonetravelller Katora Lake, Upper Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. #TravelBeautifulPakistan
(@evazubeck ) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This region bears so many labels: history, culture, beauty, but also refugees, Taliban, instability. You can see straight away that it’s a complex place. . The more I explore it, I sense something in the air, perhaps a reminder of just how close we are to the Afghan border, or maybe a bitter memory of some of the tragic attacks this area suffered in the last decade. There is a heaviness here, but it blends in with the typical Pashtun pride and exuberant joy. . And it’s mostly the joy that’s written out on people’s faces as they wave from a distance, smile from their stalls, and gaze with curiosity. . Yes, a complex place, it is. #TravelBeautifulPakistan
Photo by @irfanjunejo Aerial view of Karachi - Hyderabad Motorway M9. The symmetry of this view is pleasing. Excellent shot Mr! 💯 #TravelBeautifulPakistan
Hinglaj Mila 2018 (Photo by @smrafiq1 ) Pilgrims move around the crater of a mud volcano while performing their Yatra rituals. They call these volcanoes by the name 'Chandrakup' and consider them of great religious value. The Pakistani Hindu community perform the Hinglaj pilgrimage. On this occasion they perform sacred rituals and Pujas at different locations on their way to the Hinglaj temple. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
When you educate children, you empower them with the strongest weapon against darkness. Photo by @afrancolini A portrait of Komal from the village of Bar. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Three cups of tea. Photo by @afrancolini #Travelbeautifulpakistan
When I no longer thrill to the first snow of the season, I’ll know I’m growing old. Photo by @kamran_saleem_photography A Himalayan Brown Bear in Deosai National Park, Pakistan. #Travelbeautifulpakistan
Photo by @tahir_khan_kayani Jabl-e-Zareen (The Golden Mountain) near Pasni Harbor. The name "Zareen" (golden) may be associated with the color of the sand, or perhaps Pasni, as the town was a Rich trade post of Harappan Civilization (around 4,000 years old) for Middle East. The town was hit by a strong Tsunami in 1945 (at 225km/hr) #Travelbeautifulpakistan
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