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Custom built my dream adventure-mobile and have been traveling the US for 3 yrs. #vanlife 🗺📍South Africa. Live passionately. Follow your dreams.

I’m so glad I have these images because when I have kids and grandkids they are never going to believe the stories I tell. From scraping old grease out of ventilation systems through the night in super dirty restaurants to traveling and experiencing the world. I just hope I can help plant the seed that lets them know with passion, dedication and the belief that it is possible, they accomplish anything! Swimming through paradise (also known as the Hawaiian Islands) with @kelsealoha and big thanks to @moderndayhawaiian for the boat ride and unforgettable adventure 🙌🏼.
Moab, Utah was the first place I stayed out shooting all night until the sun came up. 5 years later I’m still just as excited to head out at night to photograph the universe. Single photo with the moon and Milky Way Galaxy, also a self portrait. Thanks to @gmc and @matadornetwork for making moments like this possible! Crazy to think just a few hours later it was completely stormy and raining. #partner #travelstoke
Exploring the oldest desert in the world along the Skeleton Coast in Namibia. During high tide the Atlantic Ocean comes all the way up to the dunes and a lot of the coast becomes impassable. We barely made it through and returned by charging up and over the dunes, which made for quite an adventurous day with @theblondeabroad. Huge thanks to @atiholidays and @matadornetwork for making this possible!
Another unforgettable luxury treehouse with @theblondeabroad in South Africa. I’ve also been fortunate enough to see all of “The Big 5” during our safaris here at @lionsandsgamereserve. Definitely checking things off of the bucket list!
First night in South Africa! Waking up in this incredible treehouse that sits above a game reserve where wild animals like lions, giraffes and rhinos roamed all around us was a dream come true! Connecting with nature miles from the nearest human with @theblondeabroad at @lionsandsgamereserve.
After sleeping in a rental minivan for multiple nights while on the never-ending chase for fall foliage, staying in this custom built, 2 story, luxurious treehouse in Vermont was beyond a dream come true! Moose Meadow Lodge, VT. (Side note- I just found out I’ll be leaving the country today and will also be staying in another treehouse that I’ve been dreaming of for years! ...I need to go pack but stay tuned for more 😋)
Each time a wave crashed the ocean illuminated from the bioluminescence. To me, it almost appeared as if the glow from our galaxy was within each wave. It’s nearly impossible to forget an experience this special but I’m glad I had my camera there to document the moment as well! Beach camping with friends near La Push, Washington. @forsakeco @bigagnes_ @hippytree
After paddle boarding out to the small island and hiking to the summit we made it back just in time to enjoy one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in Hawaii in a long time! @cobiandewey watching the clouds dance around the half illuminated moon. Oahu, Hawaii shot with @gopro #Hero6 .
I’ve been pushing way past my comfort zones and it always seems to lead to my favorite moments. I just got to Hawaii and will be in front of the camera for a documentary about over coming my fears of water and trying to take my photography to a new level. I’m super thankful to be surrounded by passionate and skilled friends such as @jillyfish831 (pictured here) that always inspire me to go further and experience more! First cave dive of the trip, 33 feet (10m) below the surface on a single breath along the Big Island of Hawaii.
I was going to post a picture of me standing out on the ledge... but figured this video was a little more "exciting"! 😜 Peaceful morning near Moab, Utah with nothing but the faint sound of the highway below.
Moonlight is really just sunlight that has to travel extra far before illuminating the earth (after it bounces off the moon). And for that reason, I take a little extra time to appreciate its perfect ambient glow among the universe. Sleepless nights in a dreamworld.
We took a little road trip from Seattle, WA to the coast a few weeks ago and got incredible lucky with perfect conditions. Even in mid day light this place looks beautiful! Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park with @wheretowillie @mandymarr & @forsakeco. Photo tip: Use an ND filter to get a slower shutter speed which will smooth out the fast moving water.
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