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Custom built my dream adventure-mobile and have been traveling the country for 4 yrs. #vanlife Live passionately. Follow your dreams. ⬇️CLICK TO FLY⬇️

COME FLY WITH ME! Oct 27th, 11am-5pm, in Southern California, we’ll be teaming up with @adventureaide at Torrey Pines Gliderport for a rad meetup! I’ve been training to be a pilot here for the last few months and wanted to share how incredible the experience is with all of you. If you book the adventure on the Adventure Aide app (at no cost) you’ll get a free print signed by me, free lunch and access to our Basecamp where I’ll be hanging out and doing a Q&A. Come enjoy the views, a cafe over the cliff, tons of photographic opportunities, and most of all, awesome people to hang with! You can also book a tandem flight at the event if you want to join us for an experience of a lifetime! Click the link in my bio download the app and book the ‘Paraglide & Hang Out with Travis Burke’ and also see all of the other awesome adventures they are hosting near you! Hope to see you guys this Saturday. @flytpg #meetup #sandiego #paragliding #california
I typically only share the epic landscape shots, but traveling is so much about the journey and the people... so here is a fun mix of both :) While sailing through hundreds of jungle-covered islands, we spent time with local kids in super remote villages, dive in waters with some of the most diverse marine life in the world and play with cute puppies at every stop. Incredible journey through Raja Ampat, Indonesia with @brinkleydavies , @kylor and @indtravel 🙌🏼. #wonderfulindonesia #rajaampat #behindthescenes #indonesia
Treehouse Dreams. - This magical spot sits on a remote game reserve in South Africa. We set out in a 4x4 vehicle the next day and were lucky enough to spot all five of the safari “Big Five”- lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant! - Bucket list items checked with @theblondeabroad at @lionsandsgamereserve. 🙌🏼 #treehouse #bucketlist #southafrica
West Coast Wandering! I spent last week driving through California and Oregon with my good friend @alliemichellel. It was fun to revisit a lot of beautiful spots and even find a few hidden gems that I’ve been wanting to visit for years, like this grove of twisted 500 year-old trees in the first image. It blew my mind to read (while walking through Redwood National Park) that according to multiple large studies, less than 10% of old growth forests remain in the United States and only about 20% remain worldwide. Humans have obviously had an insane impact on this little rock we call Earth, and hopefully we can continue to shift our efforts in a positive way to respect and protect this incredible planet! 🌎🙏🏼🙌🏼 #getoutthere #PNW #respectandprotect #beautifulplaces #home
Peaceful moments in Neverland. Here is last night’s view while watching the sunset and moonrise at the same time. Just a few minutes later, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus all started to light up in the sky as the pastel colors of the sunset slowly faded to darkness. Out of respect for the locals and the landscape, I’ve decided not to give the exact location of this spot, but Oregon in general has some of the most beautiful coastline in the country and I encourage all of you to explore its rugged beauty if you have the opportunity! Next stop, Bend, Oregon. @hippytree @forsakeco #PNW #Oregon #getoutthere #52weeksofnature
Dreaming big! I had this dream for years of capturing images of deep space and understanding those twinkles in the sky just a bit more. Last weekend I had another opportunity to photograph Andromeda, my favorite galaxy (other than our home, the Milky Way)! Andromeda is our closest neighboring galaxy and can actually be seen with the naked eye if you know where to look (and if you’re in a place with low light pollution). Huge thanks to my good friend @gibsonpics and the whole crew at @optcorp for continuing to make this dream possible! ——— QUESTION: Dustin (@gibsonpics ) and I are talking about bringing different size telescopes with us to cities around the world to give YOU the opportunity to look at and photograph galaxies, nebulae, planets (possibly aliens 👽), etc. Would you be interested in a meet up like this or know someone who would? Please comment below to let us know your interest and what major city you live near! Thanks so much for all of your support 🙏🏼
Open up your mind and the possibilities are endless. Walking through a fairyland with @brinkleydavies. ———— Going up river on a small local boat through mangrove forests and thick jungles that hold some of the rarest species in the world, we arrived at a spot called “Mirror Lake”. This incredible place is meromictic, meaning it has layers of water that do not mix. The top layer being cool, crystal clear fresh water, and the bottom layer being warm, green, and salty. Diving down as monkeys sat and watched us from the branches above only added to the magic and mysticism. Derawan, Indonesia with the amazing team at @indtravel ! One of my new favorite images, shot with @aquatech_imagingsolutions. #underwaterphotography #wonderfulindonesia #freedive #indonesia
Dreamland! (Swipe Right) Spent last week on the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia at @kanduivillas , one of the best surf resorts in the world! Conditions this year have been all time... but we had a super rare flat spell most of our visit. I still managed to put down the camera, borrow a board and score a couple incredibly fun sessions with just a few friends in the water! Huge thanks to everyone at @kanduivillas for making this possible! Everything from the staff, the organic garden, the villas, the puppies and the variety of waves really puts this place over the top! Can’t wait to visit again when it’s truly pumping! 🤙🏼 ———- Night shot- I walked outside of my villa late at night and saw this amazing view of mars and the Milky Way galaxy. After taking a few minutes to soak it in I noticed the clouds moving in quickly, so I ran and grabbed my camera and lucky captured this image on the first try! Camera settings- Shutter Speed-30 seconds. ISO- 3,200. Aperture- f/2.8. Let me know if the settings are helpful!? @hippytree @indtravel @djiglobal #wonderfulindonesia #kanduivillas #mentawai #indonesia
Swimming with these gentle giants. I held my breath and dove down toward the darkness, deep below me I could see whale sharks emerging as they made their way near the surface feeding on plankton. As I turned around, I saw this scene with beautiful rays of light casting down through the water from the early morning sun. - Peering through the lens, I snapped a couple photos before starting my ascent back to the surface. Dive Master and Marine Biologist, @brinkleydavies shared her knowledge and passion for these sharks with me during our 15 hour day on the boat. These whale sharks lack natural predators, but in recent years have been listed as an endangered species due to shark finning, and other anthropogenic pressures such as fishing operations and plastic pollution. - There is so much we still don’t know about these majestic creatures and it would be a shame to lose them forever. Little things like limiting are use of single use plastics, supporting sustainable tourism and saying no to shark fin soup will go a long way in protecting these and so many other animals that have been around for millions of years! - Such an incredible experience in Derawan, Indonesia with @indtravel. 🙏🏼🙌🏼 #wonderfulindonesia #whalesharks #freediving #respectandprotect
Transfixed in a lake among stingless jellyfish. Within the 17,000+ islands that make up Indonesia there lies a remote brackish (slightly salty) lake where 4 different types of jellyfish have evolved over thousands of years of isolation from the ocean. Some species were considered deadly but are now all completely harmless to humans. Sitting in this weightless world, watching the jellyfish float and swirl all around us made it feel as if we were on a different planet. Kakaban Lake, Indonesia w/ @brinkleydavies & @indtravel. #wonderfulindonesia #jellyfishlake #jellyfish #indonesia
We just spent 4 days sailing through some of the most beautiful and diverse waters in the world. Raja Ampat in Indonesia has been on my bucket list for years and witnessing this place on the new @kireinaphinisi boat made it even more magical! Huge thanks to @indtravel for making this possible 🙏🏼🙌🏼. Music by: @michaeldunstan_. Shot with @djiglobal #mavicpro . #wonderfulindonesia #rajaampat #indonesia
Just arrived on the super remote island of Morotai in Indonesia. From freediving with sharks in the ocean to exploring hidden waterfalls in the jungle, this place has been incredible so far! 🙌🏼 @brinkleydavies enjoying the view. Off to capture the Milky Way from a tiny sand bar in the ocean tonight. Swipe right to see a little behind the scenes as we travel around the country shooting with @indtravel. 🇮🇩#wonderfulindonesia #waterfall #indonesia
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