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15.10.2018 - One more BLUE photo for you! And then, that's it. We had such a good trip to London. Thank you lots @hostelonenottinghill for having us over and giving us the opportunity to explore one of the world's best cities again. If someone here is considering to go to London, I definitely recommend staying at @hostelonenottinghill. Why? Cheap breakfast, great communal dinners, a lovely and super typical Notting Hill building, proximity to the tube station and the amazing Hyde Park, tons of activities and the friendliest staff I've encountered in London so far. Do I need to say more? Don't think so. Write 'em down, people!
14.10.2018 - Where new meets old, and old meets new. I adore when architecture comes together like this. In this picture; the Shard together with some of the old houses at Borough Market.
13.10.2018 - We were incredibly lucky with the weather on our little London getaway. Blue skies and pretty high temperatures almost consistently throughout the days. I know London has plenty to offer even when it rains but oh how sunshine can improve a citytrip! Just having the absolute freedom to go out and explore without feeling restricted is soooo good.
12.10.2018 - Walkie talkie, Gherkin and a bunch of other buildings (about which I absolutely have no clue regarding their names).
11.10.2018 - My favorite building in London remains The Shard. It's tall, it's distinct, it's gorgeous. I went up to the top about 3.5 years ago and the view is fabulous. A must-do if it's your first time around.
10.10.2018 - The business district of London seems to represent blue throughout all pictures I took over there. I'm excited to share them though as I feel they give a good insight into the neighborhood's vibe, which is dynamic, buzzing with life and a bit cold and distant, which people lined up on the street to get their lunch at food chains and such.
09.10.2018 - Afternoons spend together, watching the sun go down. Partners, friends, families gathered together on the grass. Those are the best.
08.10.2018 - So when in London I basically had 1 goal and 1 goal only: to go back to Primrose Hill. I visited London many times before and mainly stayed in Camden. This time around I stayed in Notting Hill because of my collar with @hostelonenottinghill. However, I had to go to Regent's Park and see the sunset from my favorite spot again. And how glorious it was seeing the London eye in the afternoon glow.
07.10.2018 - Been offline for a couple of days but... I'm back! Actually starting a BIG East-Europe trip tomorrow with @dagmarbruijn. But before I take you there in my feed, I wanted to share some photos from last week's trip to one of my favorite cities in the world: London. We got to stay at @hostelonenottinghill which is probably one of the best hostels I ever stayed at - mainly thanks to the super friendly staff and the communal dinners. A place to feel at home at. What more could you wish for on a city trip?
30.09.18 - ⠀ Streets of Copenhagen, I won't forget.
30.09.18 - ⠀ Give life.
28.09.18 - ⠀ Nothing wrong with releasing your inner rebel every now and then.
27.09.18 - Today I present to you the most typical and cliché picture I could possibly post from Copenhagen.
26.09.18 - I always visit multiple churches when on a citytrip. I'm not really religious myself, but churches often are such marvelous works of art and architecture and skill. There's pretty much always something to admire - if not a lot.
25.09.18 - Never underestimate the power of creativity. The people in Christianahavn in Copenhagen sure understand this rule. The hippie atmosphere allows everyone here to truly live their life the way they aspire to.
24.09.18 - Keep those windows clean, sir.
23.09.18 - This tower made me feel like I had walked straight into a fairytale of some sort. A Disney story. Tangled, maybe.
22.09.18 - The Black Diamond.
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