America’s #1 Hair Brand We put in the work, so you can #workit Show us your style with @tresemme

A quick brush before your finishing touch. #DryShampoo #TRESpartner @rocky_barnes
Black hats and lip mattes, yet your hair reigns supreme. #TRESpartner @blankitinerary
Style security and it keeps your texture humidity-free. Have you tried Micro Mist Level 1 yet? . . . Pro Tip: Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray can lock in the beachy texture you want without getting sticky or stiff.
Platinum blonde with a look that’ll last long. #TRESpartner @tezzamb #wcw . . . Pro Tip: Our Compressed #MicroMist Level 3 Hair Spray locks your look in in seconds — and last for hours!
A flawless mousse for your #flawlesscurls
A quick spray to keep humidity at bay. . . . Pro Tip: Hold the Compressed Micro Mist Level 3 Hair Spray approximately 10-12 inches from your hair to best lock in your look.
Voluminous pony + eye-catching accessory = fierce from every angle. 💯💯💯#TRESpartner @blankitinerary
Stock up on serious style protection. #RepairAndProtect7 . . . Pro Tip: If your hair is in distress, we’re coming to the rescue. The Repair & Protect 7 Mask Sachet protects your locks from the 7 most common hair offenders, brushing, blow-drying, bleaching, coloring, curling, flat-ironing and braiding.
Changing seasons = more reasons to stunt new styles. #TRESpartner @kaitlynn
Shades and a sleek pony — the perfect look for a day of working it. 😎
With a little dry shampoo you can #workit even after working up a sweat. 💪
Foggy days. Fresh style. Dry shampoo can get you through anything. #TRESpartner @blankitinerary
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