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Want to win VIP tickets to a taping of The Daily Show AND get interviewed by me? You’ll get to sit in the same chair as a lot of famous butts if you do. And the best part is, it’s all to support my foundation’s work to improve the lives of vulnerable youth in South Africa. ENTER through my bio link or at
If you told me on my 4th birthday that I would one day have a comedy special on Netflix, I probably would’ve just laughed... then immediately yelled “Stranger Danger!” Cause I mean… what kind of creepy time traveler goes back to a 4 year old’s birthday party? #SonOfPatricia Nov 20th #TheFutureIsHere @netflixisajoke
Not gonna lie... things got pretty weird between me and voice over guy. #SonOfPatricia Nov 20th @netflixisajoke #TheresNoDimpleVision #NotADimpleShow #NoSoupForYou
Set a reminder in your head! Or... just set one in your phone. Either way, I appreciate the effort you’re giving this right now. Nov 20th! #SonOfPatricia @netflixisajoke
About last night- I'm so blessed as a person to have the opportunity to meet not only the legends who I've looked up my whole life but also legends in the making who's excellence I get to appreciate in real time. These two amazing people are just that. Thanks for a hilarious dinner gents. @lennykravitz 🎸 @anthony_joshua 🥊 #WorldChampion #Legend #SparringPartner #SingingCoach
Sometimes when I take a picture I don't look into the camera I look into the future. If we take time to look into the future we can see what we did differently in the past because without the future there is no past and all we have is the present which is another word for gift. #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #lifequotes #halloweencostume #jlo #DidYouSeeHerInThatPicture #blessed #halloween #quantumphysics #Spaceforce
Doing the Daily Show in Miami has been so much fun. Every night the audience has brought such a great energy with them (and some cocaine) and it's been phenomenal. Two more shows and then we party until Sunday🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. *Please note nobody brought cocaine to the show this is just a joke. I have to say this because I know some people on social media take everything 100% seriously which means their lives are probably very stressful and their friends avoid their calls. 📷:@imseangallagher
Yes that's Mar-a-lago behind me. Yes The Daily Show is in Miami this week. Yes I'm really in the water Yes I stole this look from @michaelbjordan on vanity fair. Yes I can't swim well so this was not ideal. Yes the secret service was not impressed. And yes I'm living my best life.
This man puts on one of the best live shows I've ever had the pleasure of attending. He made me want to go home and learn Spanish so that next time I can sing along to every song!!! @jbalvin congratulations on a phenomenal tour! Gracias hermano #jbalvin #music #magic
Doing my own stunts! #stuntman #surprise #waterbaby
What a fun Halloween. People's costumes were so realistic. One guy looked exactly like @jbalvin and his friend looked exactly like @anitta and you've gotta give props to the @winnieharlow look alike🙌🏽 #halloweencostume #halloween
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