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There is no better investment than your health! 🙌 - Eating healthy not only provides you with initial benefits (ie: weight loss, improved energy levels, mental clarity, etc.) but is extremely important for longevity. Your diet is an investment into your future and your quality of life. Your diet is also something you have direct control over every single day! Prioritize taking care of yourself - you can’t get time back. #eatlikeyoutrain #health #longevity #healthmotivation #healthiswealth #livebetter #keto #paleo #clean
Awesome results from @lauraleevasquez while using Trifecta on her cut! 💪🙌😎 . “It’s hard for me to post this. I thought about not doing it because the before picture bothers me so much. But I felt I needed to, to show people that there’s no magic pill to results and no overnight success. These pictures were taken 8 weeks apart. I don’t take magic pills and I’m not on a starvation diet. It’s about dedication, consistency, proper nutrition and never fucking giving up. Be your own motivation. #dedication #consistency #nutrition #trifecta @trifectasystem #bodytransformation #bodybuilding #bikiniathlete #contestprep #giveityourall #bustyourass #dontquit #nevergiveup
🎁 GIVEAWAY!! ☃️ Happy Holidays! We’ve teamed up with @flapjacked to give away an awesome prize. One winner will receive $200 worth of Trifecta + a TWO month supply of @flapjacked ! Here’s how to enter: 1) Follow @trifectasystem and @flapjacked 2) Like both photos! 3) Tag some friends! (The more the merrier) 💥 An extra point for sharing this giveaway on your story & tagging us! One winner will be selected Thursday, December 13! US only.
Happy #mealprepsunday 💪 Name the THREE lowest calorie foods (per serving) in this photo for a shot at winning a free premium subscription forever to the Trifecta App with daily programming from @brookeence 🤗 . . #mealprep #groceryhaul #sundayfunday #healthyfood #paleo #keto #clean
Creating a healthy, sustainable balance will always win out over a ‘quick fix’. If you want to get and KEEP results - consistency is extremely important. @jannabreslin - “I believe in following a lifestyle year around that is sustainable and achievable for the long-haul FOR YOU. This includes what you eat, how you move, and most importantly… what YOU will adhere to most. This is why I love a balanced approach to nutrition and fitness. There are NO QUICK FIX FIXES (or one size fits all) FOR LONG TERM SUCCESS! . If you constantly give your body the best, it will always respond the best. 🥗 Going on cleanses and strict diets never work long term because it is not a lifestyle that you can sustain for the rest of your life. This is why most people “fail” their diets 🙅🏻‍♀️ I never recommend doing extreme diets to get ready for an event or anything like that, because you’ll just end up in the same place you started. . If you eat and move to fuel your body the right way year round, your body will function its best, and in return look its best! 💪🏻 This is how I’m able to stay HAPPY, healthy, and relatively lean YEAR ROUND.” #eatlikeyoutrain #trainwithjanna #inspire #abs #girlsthatlift #abworkout #workoutvideo #healthybody #workouts
Meal prep goals from @lindsey_moto - “Happy Monday, everyone!!!! ... aka another fresh start to get after your goals! Let’s getttttttt it! 💯🙌🏼✨ Shoutout to amazing companies like @rpstrength , @trifectasystem , & @legendaryfoods foods for making clean eating and getting back on that meal prep game easier than ever. 💪🏼 . Pre-lifting meal (on a Moderate Training Day): Trifecta Chicken, Steamed Broccolini, & Sweet Potatoes topped w/Pecan Pie flavored Almond Butter and Cinnamon 🍗🥦🍠🥧🤤 Macros: 20P/30C/8F” #mealprep #healthyfood #eatlikeyoutrain #keto #paleo #clean #healthy #goals
Time & patience 💪🙌 🏋🏻‍♀️ @akchristian “115# ➡️ 145#. It takes time, patience & dedication. We live in a world where everyone wants instant gratification. Thats not how our bodies work and there is NO secret sauce. Keep grinding and love yourself through all phases. Don’t forget to give yourself some grace on the tough days because it’s not going to be easy and you won’t always be motivated. Just get better everyday! 💕” #transformationtuesday #crossfitwomen #eatlikeyoutrain
Breakfast doesn’t HAVE to be boring 🤗 🙌 - @fresafuerte “Second breakfast 🍳 Toast with laughing cow cheese and figs, egg white omelette, fresh cherry tomatoes, with @trifectasystem salmon and sautéed greens. I don’t find paying attention to my nutrition to be restrictive but more something I can be creative with. Making your own food can be good for both your body and soul. I love the challenge of putting together foods in my fridge to make something delicious.” #trifectanutrition #iifym #healthy #breakfast
Every master was once a beginner 🙌💪🙌 - @tdl_does_life “I haven’t done a #transformationtuesday in a while | let me just tell you, I’ve been ALL over. Overweight, underweight, all muscle, no muscle .... and quite frankly, I think that’s just what life was for me. All these stages in my body appearance represents where I was mentally and growing into where I wanted to be, but not knowing how to get there. I didn’t have any parent figures, partied, sold drugs for a living, did a lot of drugs, raves till 5am, did body building for 3.5 years, starved myself then binged, never had a real or healthy relationship, BUT I don’t regret ANY of it. Part of growing up 🤷🏼‍♀️ don’t be too hard on yourself and just Try. Effort is what matters, how you treat people is what matters, how you FEEL is what matters. Not your looks.... be healthy and happy and treat people right.... the road to how you get there is just your story, and without a story you wouldn’t have a way to connect with people, so embrace that.” #motivation #transformation #girlswholift #strongwomen #eatlikeyoutrain
Pretty much 🤣 - If only there WAS a magic pill. Use the link in our bio to start (properly) on your weight loss journey. #dietstruggles #weightloss #feels
Ab check goals by @chelseaagreen 💪 - Whatever it takes to stay on track, keep up with it. Whether it’s tracking nutrition in an app, finding a #swolemate , taking progress photos, or just following simple rules to eat better...find ways to keep yourself accountable. Progress photos aren’t always the most fun to take (especially on days you aren’t feeling the best) but if you stick with it - you’ll be able to see the changes over time AND you will be more inclined to stick with your diet in between photos. #eatlikeyoutrain #abs #checkin #progressphoto #girlswholift #strongwomen #accountability
So meal prep & PR’s this weekend? 💪@jackie58 - “Last nights meal prep 💁🏽‍♀️ Just weighed myself and I’m way up 😬 I don’t like to commit to my meals so I’ll put my protein in containers and depending on what I feel like, I’ll add veggies and carbs to it. For breakfast I just add eggs to veggies and breakfast meats and make a scramble. I have @trifectasystems for my dinners and my protein for intra workout in small containers. All I know is that if I don’t commit to a prep, the week becomes a free for all, “I’ll start over next Monday kinda thing”. It doesn’t have to be fancy, keep it basic but plan it out.” #mealprep #eatlikeyoutrain
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