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Evening strolls are better when the air smells like homemade pasta 🍝 #Rome
Hey #Prague , Czech you out 💖
Gondola rides AND Snowboarding? #Annecy truly is the Venice of the Alps 🚣 + 🏔️
#Jodhpur : The perfect spot of color in the middle of Thar Desert 💙
Island life in #Mallorca is pretty sweet (and features a gorgeous 14th century cathedral!) ☀️
📍Paradise: Found #BoraBora
DYK: #Singapore is considered the smartest city in the world 🤓
The grass is greener (and redder!) in #Luoxiagou 💚 🧡 ❤️
Live life in full bloom #Iceland
Oh my, #Myra
This week's #TripMaximizer is @anastasijashishkina ! To get featured simply caption a photo or video with #TripMaximizer and how you used TripAdvisor to get the most out of your trip! Link in our bio. . . "TripAdvisor helps to find the hotel room with the best view!"
The remote mountain village of #Shirakawa is famous for its traditional gassho-zukuri houses (some of the original houses are more than 300 years old!)
It’s no wonder why this city is called the Cuidad Perdida… this hidden treasure can only be accessed by climbing 1,200 stone steps through a dense jungle! #WorthIt 🗺️
El Jem… more like El Gem 💎#Tunis
A glass of Portuguese wine from the roof terrace of a 16th century fort? Well… if you insist. #Lisbon
A forest… underwater? #Kazakhstan , you’re one of a kind. 🏊🏽
DYK: There are 117+ flights per day between Seoul to Jeju (more flights than any other route in the world!) – What are you waiting for?
Never a dull moment in San Miguel de Allende 🌈 #Mexico
It’s getting steamy up in here… #GrandPrismaticSpring 🌈
High tides & great vibes ✌️ #Cyprus
#Juifen – which directly translates to “nine portions” – used to be home to only nine families, who, every time a shipment arrived from town, would request exactly nine portions. #themoreyouknow 🍽️
Gothic isn’t a phase, it’s a lifestyle #NotreDame
Wait… that’s sand? The White Sands in #NewMexico is made up of rare gypsum sand, making the dunes look as white as snow. ☃️ x 🌵
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