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Madi and I twining in white and gold for her baptism 👯‍♀️💕 my pantsuit is from @hm and Madi’s dress is from my lovely friend @ceciliadago . It really was the sweetest day, definitely made our Christmas even more memorable to have her baptized that day. Working on a blog, watch for that next week sometime! #madisonpatricia #christmaschristening
Giving those Ray Donovan vibes ... #maxstratus #donofans
Waking into the weekend like ... we’re in for a deep freeze, snow filled weekend, so thinking we’ll be in hibernation mode. What are you guys up to? Anyone else bracing for a cold one? . Whatever you’re up to - hope you guys have a great one!
Just posted the sweetest photos from Madi’s 2nd birthday party! I love the way the decorations turned out for her little tea party, including the cake I decorated myself - it’s no @artsybaker but I tried lol! Check my stories for the link to my blog! . Shout out to Alison of @redefined_finds who refinished this vanity for Madi’s room (it used to be my mom’s!). It’s my fav piece from her room and it was perfect for my little set up! Totally worth lugging it all the way downstairs lol💕 ~~~ Alison used @fusionmineralpaint in Little Piggy for those interested! ~~~
Walking into his first solo piano concert like... . . This was hands down one of my proudest moments as a mama! Swipe to hear my little man play! . Max has shown an interest in music since he was very young. At 2 we saw the musicality in him through his choices of music, his interest in instruments and his love of song. I played classical music my entire pregnancy, he grew up on Baby Einstein, a collection of DVDs that had visual stimulation accompanied by music from Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and more. His favourite outing was when I would take him to @cosmomusic , an instrument superstore that we would walk around and discuss the different instruments and the staff would let him play and hear the different sounds. Max started piano at 4... and here we are one year later... I’m both curious and excited to watch his journey unfold and so proud of where’s he’s at! It’s not even about how he plays, but watching him be passionate about something and seeing him achieve that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment when he plays. ❤️ #maxstratus
Happy Birthday Madi!! We love you so much, thank you for completing our family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕 . We had the sweetest little tea party at a proper tea shop yesterday - Tea for Two! Then cake back at our home with the family. It was perfect. 🎂☕️#madisonpatricia
Tea for Two... how cute is that?? Get it - a tea party for birthday number two... that’s what I’m going with! . Party planning in full effect over here - I got one day to put it together. Sorry Madi, your birthday isn’t an afterthought, it’s just I’m still reeling and still have decorations up from Christmas and your Christmas Christening .... truth be told, I almost skipped this one, she wouldn’t have known anyway🤫but spotted a cute little tea shop nearby so high tea for the little miss and cake back at the house! . This tablescape came together this morning and I’m starting to feel it ... sorry to ramble and be so chTEA, it’s going to be a TEAriffic parTEA for my beauTEAful Madi 😏☕️
‪Super productive day at Stratusphere HQ! I don’t know if some of you even know about our little Shop!! If you don’t, check out my stories to see some of my Stratusphere Shop items we shipped out today and you can order from there or . Swipe to see the most popular items from today, which tells me my Stratuspherians like unique, personally autographed items, are gonna get their sweat on with their New Years resolutions, and last 2 tell me they need a way to heat up! 🔥 😜 #stratusphereshop
This was my set up for Madi’s Christmas Christening! I kept the traditional Christmas decor upstairs then downstairs where I had tables set up for eating I used blush/gold/rose gold with a vintage vibe, keeping the Christmas/winter feel. Working on a blog for next week... stay tuned! . Next is Madi’s 2nd birthday on Monday! I haven’t done a thing for it yet ... I think gotta get all this Christmas stuff down so I can have a clear head for visions of a 2 year olds birthday ... wish me luck! #sendcoffeeeventhoughidontdrinkcoffee #howisshetwoalready 😢
When your son looks better in lashes than you lol💜 #filterselfie #maxstratus
Max got the teepee for Christmas so I thought I’d give Madi a little place to unwind (not that she drinks tea or reads books just yet 😂) #madisonsroom #nursery #nurserydecor #interiordesign #myhomesense
In my day we trekked the tundra to go to school... haha! Not really. Welcome back snow❄️
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