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Flashback to almost 20 years ago at my first comic con signing at #motorcitycomiccon , which I booked myself! I was a young, up and coming fitness model, pre-WWE. My only connection to wrestling at that point was what I watched religiously on TV and my dear friend from the fitness world @torriewilson who had just started at WCW. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I would sign with @wwe by the end of that year! - Back in the day my boyfriend’s brother (now my brother-in-law) used to have a comic shop in Toronto and he got me into comics. He introduced me to a few titles with strong, kick ass women - Danger Girl and Witchblade being a couple of my fav. I was inspired by the physiques of the comic book heroines as I was ‘molding’ my body with my bodybuilding at the time and fell in love with the curves and the strength of the female form represented on those pages. I worked my butt off to achieve those strong lines and fierce curves. My hard work landed me a contract with #musclemag and the covers kept coming. (Swipe to see my first couple!) - After joining my now brother-in-law at a few cons to help at his booth and getting recognized from my cover work, I had an epiphany to book myself at these cons! 🤔So I booked my own booth - I blew up my covers, made a banner, printed some photos, and got the sharpies ready. I even made my own posters advertising my appearance at the con and used my notoriety from the fitness world to get the word out. I contacted the local gyms around the con and asked them to put up my posters and I brought in the fitness peeps! - Tomorrow I will return to #motorcitycomiccon with @primetimeappearances and it made me think about that driven, ever enterprising 23 year old who took things into her own hands and made shit happen! PREPAREDNESS MEETS OPPORTUNITY - my life mantra that has been the driving force behind everything I have achieved. And MAKE SHIT HAPPEN - that one has worked for me too😜🙌🏼 #flashbackfriday - Any Michiganders out there?? I will be at Motor City Con Sat May 19 - for ONE DAY ONLY! Come say hi!!👋🏼 Show and ticket info at #linkinbio
Walking out of @ottawacc_official like... - Big thanks to #ottawacomiccon and to @eycentre for the amazing hospitality! And thanks to @frozenpond for bringing me out! - Now it’s fam jam time! Any locals? Let me know any must-see places we need to hit while in #ottawa !!
Travel essentials of a 4 year old boy. - I told him to pack his essentials in his suitcase ... what does that mean to Max? Packing The Essential Michael Jackson DVD of course. And other travel necessities like the Vision CD set and some @kennyg - and no clothes 😂
Find your light and stay in it ☀️✨ - #airplaneselfie #nomakeup #justlashes Glow by @tanontherun Lip balm by @burtsbees Face cream @glamglow
I love looking at these mats knowing my Stratuspherians voted for the colours for my line! 💕#stratusphere #votedbyyou #yogamat - Side note: the images for my packaging was shot by the lovely and talented @lianalouzon , founder of the jewelry line @rockingvibe. And, we just partnered up to give YOU a chance to win a $200 gift card (hello, Mother’s Day!) towards any of her beautiful pieces!! SWIPE to see some of them ... and check out my post before this to enter! The contest is running for one more day.... Good luck guys!!
****CONTEST CLOSED**** Congrats @vanessalee98 !!! If you missed the announcement on, DM @rockingvibe your full name and email to claim your prize! ________________________________________________\Hey guys!! How’s that Mother’s Day shopping going?? Don’t worry, your girl got you covered... I’ve teamed up with my fav jewelry line @rockingvibe for a chance to win a ‘lil sum sum for Mother’s Day! Enter to win a $200 gift card towards any of these amazing pieces you see in the vid! . 1) Follow me @trishstratuscom and @rockingvibe 2) Like this photo 3)Comment with your fav emoji . For an extra entry tag a friend :) The contest will run for 2 days and the winner will be announced on on Thursday! #mothersdaygift
French toast with a drizzle of Canadian maple syrup anyone? Sunday breakfasts > weekday breakfasts . Happy Sunday guys! What did you start your day with?
Me and my minis 🖤 #mybebeandme
Omg I was pretending to fly away- look at the legit concern on my son’s face as he tries to pull me to safety😂 Ugh, I love him so much!!!!😍😍 #windstorm #toronto #shareyourweather @weathernetwork
This spring weather has me feeling like... - LOVE the energy @dave_laus captured in these photos from my latest cover shoot for @yorklifemag ! We have limited copies available in the Shop! Click link in bio!
I’ve been saying I would share some of the things I did to prepare my body to conceive. Here is a list from keener, over-doer me of some of the things I did that worked for me and my body. Did I over do it? Maybe. But it was all worth it!! - Of course, there is not a single solution for infertility. This is what worked for my situation, for my body. From my research, I learned it takes 90 days for your eggs to mature and be selected for ovulation. I knew I couldn’t change the quantity of my eggs, but I could affect the quality of my eggs. Thats when I decided to take control of my fertility. I put together a 3 month plan to see if I could change my diagnosis. We become pregnant at the first cycle after my ‘90 day plan’. - Here’s some of the stuff I did: 📍twice a week acupuncture ☕️drInking Traditional Chinese Medicine teas twice a day 🧘🏼‍♀️fertility boosting yoga daily 🥤fertility boosting smoothies daily 💆🏼‍♀️reduced my stress 😴 got 8 hours of sleep a night 🍽 ate a clean, whole food diet: organic, non-GMO, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, gluten, sugar & dairy-free. 🍳🥑🥦🍇🍃🥥🍵ate fertile, ‘warming’ foods: ⬆️ protein, healthy fats, certain spices, matcha tea🤰🏼daily visualization & meditation 💊 took loads of vitamins/supplements and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) pills and tinctures. - I will never be able to say exactly what did it - was it the teas, the rest I finally gave my body, the acupuncture? Was it that I stopped breastfeeding my son, who according to my acupuncturist, for 28 months had been ciphering much of my energy. Or was it just the right time at that point and not at the point prior to this when I miscarried. I’ll never know, but I know it was worth every pill, needle prick and nasty tasting cup of tea! - Once again, I must stress this was for my body. My 40+ body, with amenorrhea & secondary fertility. My body that slept 4-5 hrs/night on average... this is what worked for me. This is what I needed to bring MY body into balance. But of course, feel free to pick and choose some of the goodies above ... not to scare you but I did share some of this info with @hemmepowered , you know my friend with the quads😂👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻🍍
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