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At the Super 73 meet up @Huntington Beach!!! #super73 #ebike
Found this jem walking the streets of Thailand. Drawing penises on stuff seems to be a universal thing...hehhehe nice.
Getting lost staring out to a beautiful empty beach...
No filter. Blue clouds? Managed to snap a pic of lighting out in the distance. AWESOOOOME!!!
Map of the old city Chiang Mai, Thailand
We don't get clouds back in L.A.
So I look up and bam!!! MONKEEEY!!!
Rice paddy surfing!!!
Watch out for trucks and follow the brick road!!!
Juice!!! Wtf is juice?!?! I want some purple drenk!!! . . . Gahahahhaahaaaaaa!!!
Paradiso... . . . 📷: @cupofjoja
Greetings!!! I come in ✌✌✌
Holy shit keep left! KEEP LEFT!!!
Yo...this kid
Cool little restaurant tucked away behind the street Market in Chiang Mai. Amazing green curry!!!!. . . . . I think the restaurant is called Faces? Statues and gargoyles staring at you while you eat under a canopy of trees!
It may not look much, but good God and 8lb 6oz Baby Jesus in heaven, it was daaaaaamn tasty!!! Had bowls of whatever this is!!
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