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ShanRock's Triviology has been making the trivia for over a decade...and we love it! Come play Portland's Best Pub Quizzery all week long!

Happy weekend, Triviologists! With the Clash Of The Trivia Titans approaching (Feb. 17th, @spareroompdx !), it is time for a question that there is no wrong answer to! As usual, in addition to the big prizes, every team that shows up to play will get a gift bag including some Triviology swag...what would you prefer? The past couple of years I’ve been giving away Triviology cups, and we could certainly do that again…or you could vote for beer cozies, sunglasses, bottle opener/keychains, or 4-color pens! Comment below to tell me whatchoo want! If any rogue voters out there want bandage dispensers or hand sanitizers, feel free to cast a spoiler vote! #COTT2019 #ClashOfTheTriviaTitans
I made a woman cry tonight by giving her the @theeastburn bonus prize! That’s what it’s all about, people! #blessed #LaughterThroughTearsIsMyFavoriteEmotion
I can’t wait to see what the phantom chalker writes in the @theeastburn bathroom tonight; take a peak before trivia at 7:00! I wonder if there are mysterious sage messages in the poop rooms at @barebonescafeandbar (play at 7:00) or Zach's Shack (play at 8:00), too?! #PhantomChalker
It’s cloudy in Portland tonight for Classic Triviology at Peter's Bar & Grill at 7:00 and The Lombard Pub at 8:00, but it will be Sunny in Philadelphia on January 27th for a 6:00 theme quiz at @spareroompdx !
I finally landed Andrea as a regular trivia jockey after years of coaxing! Catch her in action at @gilsspeakeasypdx tonight at 8! Meanwhile, veteran TJ Helen and I will host at @cruzroom at 7 and @thewaypost at 8! #TJAndrea
For those of you that have been asking after Mr. RedHotNumberFive’s health...behold my nephew Colin, kicking it in full force! Show me your sweet dance moves tonight, 15th Avenue @hophousebeer at 8! Also, help me think of a way to get my niece Kate into the act, since Colin is such a huge part of the music round! #ColitoElMagnifico #KitKat #KickItColin
Excellent drawing from your multi-talented Sunday evening @theeastburn barkeep, Rachel! Sample her cocktails during trivia tonight st 5pm! #leprekey #ChalkArt
The last time we did Sunday trivia nights at @theeastburn , it was theme quizzery. But tomorrow, we are launching a weekly Classic Triviology game at 5:00! Get your game on early so you can unwind before a big week of rat racing! Don’t worry…we are still rocking our super successful Thursday night quizzes at this venue, too...we’re just doubling down on it!
Hate to be a bummer on the first day of the new year but…remember that there is no trivia tonight! You’ll have to fulfill that resolution to be the first Triviology champ of 2019 for tomorrow: Peter's at 7 or Lombard Pub at 8!
Whether you’re eager to rage into the wee hours to celebrate the new year or are getting too old for this shit, Triviology has you covered: early quizzery tonight at 6:00 at 15th Avenue @hophousebeer !
Calling all Squibs, Muggles, Wizards, and Witches! The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. The Quiz That Must Not Be Named, Harry Potter trivia night, is coming. The seven original books, eight HP films, and the Cursed Child play are all fair game. This Sunday, Dec. 30th, 6pm at @spareroompdx !
Folks, I am A-OK, and all three trivia venues will go on as normal tonight! I will be wearing my appendix ensemble at @theeastburn , showtime at 7! Guess how many shades of green I will be wearing in my lounging-in-front-of-the-TV inspired collection! Sure to be sporting much classier outfits tonight are the Johns: Gordon at @barebonescafeandbar at 7, or Doyle at Zach's Shack at 8! #TJLife #TJJohn #TJDoyle
I hate to cancel trivia at @thewaypost ; the least you deserve is a good explanation! My appendix is actin’ a fool, so it’s time to kick it out. The good news is, while I’m having an appendectomy tonight, you can still play the quizzery at @cruzroom at seven or Speakeasy at eight. Also, chances are solid that there will be an upcoming question or two about useless organs of the human body, so start studying up!
Here at Triviology, we love a good theme, whether it involves the questions I write or the art that you guys make. @corimmcc , an incredibly talented member of a regular @theeastburn team, has put dick to paper many times during trivia, often inspired by the questions. That is some truly phall-tastic multi-tasking! I love that these critters are magically levitating their beers...because penii don’t have arms (that would be silly)! Play tonight at East Burn at 7, @barebonescafeandbar at 7, or Zach's Shack at 8! #TriviologyTeamArt #HauntingPenii #TheOnlyAcceptableDickPics #Cocktoberfest #LetsJerkItOut
Your notes on these two whammy rounds perfectly illustrate the reasons that I #1 : Look over your answer sheets after the quiz is over, and #2 : Make you score each other’s answer cultivate interactions, whether it’s supportive (WOW!!) or trash-talkative (no good/disappointing)! Bring your A game (or your Z game...either way!) to quizzery tonight at @cruzroom at 7, @thewaypost at 8, or Speakeasy at 8! #WhammyRound #TriviologyTeamArt #BestShitTalker
Triviology is here to help keep your mind healthy and sharp, but as for the rest of your being, healthcare is important! Open enrollment for @healthcaregov in 2019 ends on December 15, so you’ve still got over a fortnight to research and pick a plan that works for you. Good luck and godspeed! See you for brain exercises tonight at 8, 15th Avenue @hophousebeer !
In nearly 14 years of making trivia in Portland, I have learned many important things. Here is one of them. Every time I play Pearl Jam in the music round, everybody will sing along in an Eddie Vedder voice while making an Eddie Vedder face...and it will be hilarious. Honestly, we all do the same thing on the rare occasion I play a Creed song, too but that impression is not born out of love. Sing along to the I Don’t Feel Tardy tunes tonight at either Peter's Bar & Grill at 7 or The Lombard Pub at 8! Last chance for trivia this week as we will take the night off for Thanksgiving tomorrow. #IDontFeelTardy #EddieVedderFace
Dynasty wheel action tonight at @thewaypost ! The defending champions at that venue just won three weeks in a row, and so tonight they must spin the wheel and accept whatever penalty it lands on! They may have to take points off of their final score, award a point to another team, or my personal favorite…buy a trivia player a drink! Showtime at 8. Non-wheel based action at @cruzroom at 7 and Speakeasy at 8! #DynastyWheel
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