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ShanRock's Triviology has been making the trivia for over a decade...and we love it! Come play Portland's Best Pub Quizzery all week long!

The good people at @firstbookportland have a lot of respect for paper. They dedicate themselves to getting real live books into the hands of children, they send me a good old-fashioned snail mail thank you note every time I host a fundraiser for them, and now they are part of the New Seasons Bag It Forward program! For the rest of 2018, every time you bring your own bag to these New Seasons locations, you can donate that nickel you save to their wonderful organization. Do it! #PaperPower
There ain’t no party like a ShanRock party cuz a ShanRock party is MANDATORY! Treat yo self to Parks and Rec Trivia at the @spareroompdx , August 26th at 6pm! Play the quiz that answers the question: Wouldn’t it be tight if everyone was chill to each other? #GryzzlQuizzl #TreatYoSelf #IGotRunOverByALexus #ShoutOutToLizLemon
Just say oui to quizzery tonight! Play at @barebonescafeandbar at 7, @theeastburn at 7, or Zach's Shack at 8! #TriviologyTeamArt #JustSayOui
The new AC system is up and running at Peter's Bar & Grill! Come feel it kick this heat wave’s butt while sipping a frosty pint at quizzery, tonight at 7pm!
The perfect Triviology game clocks in at just under two hours…about the length of Star Wars: A New Hope, without the end credits. However, sometimes a venue prefers a shorter quiz, in which we have to cut the Let’s Get Physical challenge for example, while another venue prefers the extended director’s cut. For those of you that favor the standard quizzery, know this: @thewaypost is now an official Classic Triviology™️ venue! They originally wanted a longer game at a very leisurely pace, but have now reverted to the original, tried and true, two hour model. Oh, we’ll still take vice breaks (a term which I use in lieu of “smoke breaks” because booze is a fun vice, too, dammit!) at Waypost, but we’ll just move at our standard pace from here on out. Hope to see you tonight at 8! #ClassicTriviology #ViceBreak #LetTheWookieWin
Excellent work from just three of the many regular teams at 15th Avenue @hophousebeer ! This is one of the most well attended venues of the Triviology week; come see why this is the favorite spot for so many Triviologists (hint: great food, excellent beer choice, wonderful staff). Showtime at 8! #TriviologyTeamArt #OnTheCase #FourScoreAndSevenBeersAgo
Last week at @theeastburn was lousy with love and generosity! Team Llama Sweater (strategically huddling in the photos) had to spin the dynasty wheel for the second time in a row, and although they were only required to buy one drink for a fellow trivia player, they chose to spring for an entire round for their favorite frenemy team, Assholes and Elbows! The week before, they were also compelled to buy a drink for a foe, but instead bought one for every single trivia team! I bought them a dessert as a reward for their killer sportsmanship, only to discover that yet another team had bought a drink for me. Good karma, baby! On top of that, East Burn had me choose yet another team to award one of their awesome homemade desserts to. Come share the love and play tonight at 7:00! #LlamaSweaterLives #TheChosenTeam #JerseySoftballStyle #DynastyWheelBreaker #TriviaDome #AssholesAndElbows #FreeDessert
These are your Smarties on sunlights! Tonight will be your last chance to hear me complain about the heat for at least a couple of weeks, so don’t miss it! Play @thewaypost at 8, Speakeasy at 8, @cruzroom at 7. #AnyQuestions
I had a great reminder of how lucky I am to live in Portland this weekend. I got to watch blues great Taj Mahal at the zoo, where I had just seen this baby Colobus Monkey (I call them skunkeys), while eating Ethiopian food and drinking great local beer. Plus, I didn’t have to deal with traffic on the way home thanks to the Max...Portland is rad! Tell me your favorite thing about our great city tonight at trivia: 15th Avenue @hophousebeer at 8!
You guys are such good sports about doing the wacky things I request of you to make everybody laugh! In 2012, I hosted a Purple Rain trivia night during which I asked every team to reenact the scene where Prince creepily lurks directly behind Apollonia staring at her; this was a pass/fail Let’s Get Physical challenge, and everybody passed with flying violet colors! I’ll think of something silly to make you do tonight at @theeastburn , 7pm. Other trivial shenanigans at @barebonescafeandbar at 7 and Zach's Shack at 8! #PrinceLives #LetsGetPhysical
I love it when you guys write snarky comments on each other‘s answer sheets…the hopes for such smack talking (smack writing?) is a major reason why I decided to have you score each other‘s papers when I designed Triviology back in the day. I hosted a private event yesterday morning (oh yes, Triviology is hirable for customized games!), and the scorer of this answer sheet riddled their paper with charming snark. My favorite is the accusatory statement written in the blank space: “you didn’t even try!” Get your try on tonight at: @cruzroom at 7, Speakeasy at 8, @thewaypost at 8. #TriviologyTeamArt
OK, you punk-ass book jockeys... it’s time for another Parks and Recreation quiz! If I have to work on my birthday weekend, at least the trivia can be about the dopest little shorty in all of Pawnee! Sunday, August 26th, 6pm at @spareroompdx. What should we name this quiz?#ParksAndRecTrivia #BirthdaySmackDownWeek #BookJockeys
There’s no smoking at @spareroompdx , so be sure to bring a Buster if you want to light up during tomorrow’s Arrested Development quiz. All five seasons will be included, including the remix of season four. Showtime at six!
This just in! Inspired by a baking question from last Thursday, your Zach's Shack trivia jockey, John Doyle, has made a tarte tatin to share with Triviologists tonight! Whatever amount you were planning on tipping him tonight, please double it! “Starting a new regular ShanRock trivia gig tonight at Zach’s Shack on Hawthorne. Taking over the reins from my old friend Jack Rice. Due to a question in last week's game I promised I would bring along a tarte tatin. Come on down and have a piece. Game starts at 8:00.” #TJDoyle #TJLife
Triviology will rock forth at Zach's Shack tonight with trivia jockey John Doyle! Hands off that trophy… It’s his! Hot dogs and quizzery at 8:00! #TJDoyle
Ye who quiz...get your game on tonight at Peter's Bar & Grill at 7 or The Lombard Pub at 8! #TriviologyTeamArt
Tonight will bring a momentous occasion to Triviology: the birth of a new trivia jockey! Pants has done a bit of writing and hosting for me in the past, but now it’s official...she is taking over hosting duties at Speakeasy! Experience her maiden voyage tonight at 8:00! #TriviaJockPants #TJlife
You really must come to Zach's Shack for trivia tonight, because Jack is going to One Day At A Time his way to Indianapolis for good in just a few days. Though we will continue to quiz you up at this venue, this will be your last chance in a Triviology setting to tell him how much you appreciate the years of unique Jack-esque entertainment he has provided to Portland. Thank you, Jack, for being absolutely essential in making Zach’s the fun, special quiz venue that it is. The Triviology team sent him off with a recent victory - we played and won the super fun @searchofanexit escape room at @velocult ! Godspeed, Jack! #TJlife #TriviaJockJack
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