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ShanRock's Triviology has been making the trivia for over a decade...and we love it! Come play Portland's Best Pub Quizzery all week long!

Thank YOU so much! It’s a great time for us all to be kinder than usual to each other, so I sincerely appreciate the team that dropped this wonderful note into my tip jar. Let’s follow the Jellyfish lead, and be extra friendly to each other this weekend, shall we? #GreatTips
Qudos to Quiz Quizstofferson, who won their final night at @barebonescafeandbar Triviology a couple of weeks ago, with help from their magic beards! Fear not; they’ll be back in a different iteration soon...hopefully with a team name inspired by yet another member of outlaw country super group The Highwaymen! Play tonight: Bare Bones at 7, @theeastburn at 7, Zach's Shack at 8! #QuizQuizstofferson #JohnnyBarCash #WaylonKenJennings #QuizzieNelson #TJjohn
Trivia Jockey Pants has an extra treat for you at Speakeasy tonight! Every single team that shows up to play trivia will get a 25% off pass to an escape room adventure of your choice, provided by our friends at @escapismportland ! You can choose different themes and different difficulty levels. The Triviology team did the Ritual Room last year, and it was awesome fun! And as always, the champion team at this venue gets a big fat $30 gift certificate to the bar, too. Play the quizzery at 8:00! #TriviaJockPants
Sometimes team art inspires my trivia questions! Team Quasimodo crafted this AMAZING drawing…and guess what literary character sought sanctuary in the I Am A Walrus round just a few weeks later? Play at 15th Avenue @hophousebeer tonight at 8, where you can try your hand at subliminally implanting ideas into my noggin for future questions! #TriviologyTeamArt #IAmAWalrus
Murderinos and Quizerinos unite on Oct 21st, Sunday, 6pm at @spareroompdx ! We are doing a bonus theme quiz especially for good people who like to talk about bad things on the very same weekend that @myfavoritemurder comes to town! There will be no questions about these Portland live shows at The Schnitz, so every single MFM fan has a fair shot at victory, whether you scored tickets or not. It’s free to play; maximum team size is five, and the champion team wins a gift certificate to the bar and a trophy! Until then...SSDGM!
Cecily celebrating after an extra busy Triviology quiz at @theeastburn ! I can only hope she feels like dancing tonight, too, since it’s the closest trivia to her birthday! Quiz, dance, and celebrate with us tonight at 7:00! #RespectTheTrivia #BarkeepCecily
If you’ve played my game before, you are familiar with the Whammy, in which I write a whole round about one particular topic in each quiz. Tonight’s Whammy round will remind us of the awesome contributions that immigrants have made to this country. I’m not going to give you a more specific hint than that, even though there are many different fields and achievements I could choose from! Play tonight: @cruzroom at 7, @thewaypost at 8, Speakeasy at 8. #WhammyRound #TriviologyHints #ImmigrantsMakeAmericaGreat
Rick and Morty fans from last night’s theme quiz are wishing peace among worlds, Rick style! Celebrate peace, love and trivia at 15th Avenue @hophousebeer tonight at 8!
If you’re reading this post while sitting on the toilet, make sure you wash your hands…you don’t want to give everybody at trivia pinkeye! Play Rick and Morty quizzery this Sunday, 6pm at @spareroompdx ! Meanwhile, tide yourself over with Classic Triviology at Speakeasy tonight at 8! #TriviologyTrophies
Bea Arthur’s Dick In A Box have been playing Triviology for about a dozen years, and from day one, they have been universally recognized as exhibiting Best Penmanship above all other teams. But then...The Socialist Lubricators showed up. Now we’ve got ourselves a real competition! What do you think, Triviologists…who wrote it best? Also, it’s fun to think what question I may have asked that people could have guessed either “smiles” or “blood on clothes!” Show off your own nifty writing skills tonight: Peter's Bar & Grill at 7 or The Lombard Pub at 8! #BestPenmanship #WhoWroteItBest #BeaArthursDickInABox #TriviologyTeamArt
The bad news is…your trivia jockey Pants has a horrible migraine and will not be able to fulfill her quizzing duties tonight. The good news is that you can still play at @cruzroom at 7 and at @thewaypost at 8. Plus…I made you think about Wayne’s World for a minute, so that’s cool.
Our friends at @magicboxpdx are helping to whittle away any excuses you may have for not voting! Grab a free pre-stamped voter registration kit from one of their awesome vending machines, and buy something fun for yourself while you’re at it as a reward for being a good citizen! Details below. And oh yeah, play trivia tonight: Bare Bones at 7, EastBurn at 7, Zach's Shack at 8.... Hey Oregonians! The deadline to register to vote for the upcoming midterm elections is October 19th. The Magic Box and The Venderia vending machines will be stocking pre-stamped (ugh! Who’s ever got a stamp on ‘em?!) voter registration forms in our vending machines over the next few days. Forgot a pen? Got you there too. If you’ve moved since the last election, you need to update your info! New to town? Get yourself registered! Check out our websites for locations. Thanks to @chavtasticjinx for helping spawn this idea! #pdx #GOTV #voterregistration #vendingmachine #vendingmachines #pdxvending #portlandvendingmachine #magicboxpdx #thevenderia
Perhaps the most frequently asked query I get about Triviology is “Where do you get ideas for your questions?” The real answer is…everywhere! I’m constantly jotting down notes throughout the day, so that when it’s time to write a quiz, I’ve already got some good ideas going. But sometimes there’s a place…and I’m talking about the @hollywoodtheatr here...sometimes there’s a place, well, it’s the place that inspires the perfect Whammy fits right in there. Hollywood Theatre’s Planet of the Apes marathon was the inspiration for a recent round about this iconic franchise. Everybody could list at least a couple of the titles, and lots of people knew all of them, but there were also some great wild guess wrong answers, like Son Of The Planet Of The Apes, Bride Of The Planet Of The Apes, and Harry and The Hendersons. Discover tonight’s Whammy round at @cruzroom at 7, @thewaypost at 8, Speakeasy at 8! #WhammyRound #MarathonOfTheApes #TheHollywoodTheatreAbides
At 15th Avenue @hophousebeer trivia tonight I’ve got a bonus prize for a Harry Potter fan! The feet are totally blown out of these Gryffindor socks, but for some reason I find it fun to wear sock tops on my evidenced by my friend wearing this ShanRock costume! Perhaps you’ll want to do the same. Claim your prize tonight at 8! #BonusPrizes
At long last, it is time to prepare for the most requested theme quiz that I have not yet done in Triviology history: Rick and Morty! September 23rd, Sunday, 6pm at @spareroompdx ! You guys, I already have a kickass trophy planned for this one!
In nearly 14 years of making the trivia for Portland, I have seen many grand and amazing works of art. But this…this!!! And I have so many questions…Where did they get bandanas that small? What do their voices sound like? Are the microphone stands made out of bones?!?! These penii will haunt me forever. If I am distracted at trivia tonight, now you know why. Play trivia @theeastburn at 7, @barebonescafeandbar at 7, Zach’s Shack at 8! #TriviologyTeamArt #HauntingPenii #TheOnlyAcceptableDickPics
Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes, friends! I am treating myself to ridiculously colored hair done professionally, instead of my usual way...Kool-Aid. Come see what hue I chose tonight at trivia, Peter's Bar & Grill at 8! #TasteTheRainbow #OhYeah
I am an incredibly lucky person for many reasons, not the least of which is because I get to do what I love for a living. Also, my amazing friends took me on a surprise birthday adventure and even put my name up in lights! I’ll put your name up in lights, metaphorically speaking of course, if you win quizzery tonight, @thewaypost at 8! AND this is the one time of year that you get to ask me questions and earn points when I get them wrong because it is #BirthdaySmackdownWeek #KnopeStrummerCoalition
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