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ShanRock's Triviology has been making the trivia for over a decade...and we love it! Come play Portland's Best Pub Quizzery all week long!

Are you stuck in an office right now, chatting up that cute secretary or plotting your next prank on your obnoxious coworker? Another good way to avoid work is to plan a crack team of The Office aficionados (officionados?) for this Sunday’s theme quiz at @spareroompdx , 6pm! You can practice your teamwork skills tonight at any of these Triviology branches: @cruzroom at 7, @thewaypost at 8, Speakeasy at 8. #TeamWork #Officionado
TFW you go to a movie with your friends and all of a sudden your business name pops up on a slide you didn’t even know existed and your friends start to cheer; good times at @hollywoodtheatr ! I would like to think that Triviology is the Hollywood Theatre of pub quizzery...we’ve been around forever, we host a variety of different events including fundraisers, we have impeccable taste in films (including the bad ones!), and we got beer! Play with us tonight at 15th Avenue @hophousebeer at 8! #SaveMovieMadness
Most of the candidates I voted for in the primaries were victorious, and I choose to take that as a good omen for my team’s chances of winning @willametteweek ’s readers’ poll for Best Trivia Night in Portland! Please hop on to WW’s website and select ShanRock’s Triviology under the Nightlife section. You guys are always telling me that mine is the best game in town, and now is my chance to get official and glorious proof of this assertion! #BOP2018 #BestTriviaNight
Leprekey sighting in the wild! I love it when you guys send me photos of my pens, beer cozies, hoodies, T-shirts and car out of their natural habitats; keep ‘em coming! Play the game tonight: @barebonescafeandbar at 7, @theeastburn at 7, Zach's Shack at 8! #Leprekey #QuizMobile
I am a big fan of hilarious wrong answers and wild guesses; after all, I design many of the questions I write so that you can often get points even if you’re not sure of the answers. A recent Whammy round I wrote challenged you to list every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a colon in it (and not just so that I could giggle at the word colon!), such as Avengers: Infinity War. Just drink in these funny fake film titles from a couple of different teams! I can’t wait to see your creative answers tonight at Peter's Bar & Grill at 7, @velocult at 8, or Lombard Pub at 8. #BestWrongAnswer #WildGuesses #TheRustYears #TriviologyTeamArt
It is happening again. With each setting of a Tuesday sun, Triviology returns to @cruzroom at 7, @thewaypost at 8, and Speakeasy at 8.
In over 13 years of Triviology, you people have drawn countless fart clouds and toots and dooks coming out of my leprekey’s bum...and I have dearly loved every single one of them! But never before has anyone given the little guy a mermaid tail, and I must say it suits him very well! Create your own new species between questions tonight, 15th Avenue @hophousebeer at 8! #Leprekey #TriviologyTeamArt #FartsAndTootsAndDooksOhMy
It’s the return of the Triviology theme quiz: 4th Sunday of every month, 6pm at @spareroompdx ! I might make your dream theme come true! First up: The Office, May 25th!
I wonder what it’s like to be shunned by Dwight Schrute. I’ll bet it’s fun. Trivia’s fun, too! Play The Office pub quiz with me on Sunday, May 27th, 6pm at @spareroompdx , where I will choose your Hay King. Costumes are most certainly encouraged; trivia jock Margaret is representing the warehouse! #TJMargaret #HayKing #UnShunReShun
Sometimes folks ask me why I named my Triviology rounds as I did. Here’s the origin of the miscellaneous trivia round, although it is probably the most recognizable pop-culture reference in the lineup. Just in case you are one of those rare people that think I have both misspelled the word tchotchke and misused an apostrophe, bless your heart, the term is from Office Space. Chotchkie’s is the ridiculous name of the ridiculous flairy restaurant where Jennifer Aniston works. Feel free to quiz your trivia jockeys about the names of all of the other Triviology rounds tonight; just don’t ask them about their flair! Play @theeastburn at 7, @barebonescafeandbar at 7, @ Zach's Shack at 8. #BlessYourHeart #IDontLikeTalkingAboutMyFlair #OriginStory
Bring your multicolored brain to trivia tonight! Play at Peter's Bar & Grill at 7, The Lombard Pub at 8, or @velocult Velo at 8...where this giant brain may or may not still be in attendance! #ILikeBigBrainsAndICannotLie #TJDoyle
These are some of our regulars at @thewaypost , enjoying some extra prizes I bestowed upon them a couple of weeks ago. Swag or no swag, The Waypost is a welcoming, fun Triviology venue. Meet some new frenemies there who just might gaze longingly at you, tonight at 8 o’clock!
So this is what it looks like when I host trivia at 15th Avenue @hophousebeer ! Join the fun tonight at 8 as I survey all!
There is a mysterious bathroom chalker at @theeastburn who always strikes during the pub quiz; I’m eager to see what message they deliver to us tonight! Play East Burn at 7, @barebonescafeandbar at 7, or Zach's Shack at 8! #TriviologyTeamArt
To temper the bad news that there will be no Lombard Pub quiz tonight, here is a photo of my cute widdle niece swaddled in a rad hoodie! And let’s not forget that you can still play tonight at the most legendary of Triviology venues, the bar where it all began over 13 years ago: Peter's Bar & Grill (showtime at 7)! Or, if you prefer brand a new venue unsullied by legends of trivia teams from days of yore, @velocult is your place (showtime at 8)!
In the music world, it’s called a diss track or an answer song; what should we call it in quizzery when a team chooses its name as a direct burn on another team? There were TWO civil wars going on at @thewaypost last week, with half the teams involved in this moniker imbroglio, as you can see in the photo. Stoke your own rivalries tonight at @cruzroom at 7, Speakeasy at 8, or Waypost at 8! #DissTrack #HotTeamNames
Which Dunder Mifflin trivia team would you be on? The Just For Fun team? The A-Team? The Backups? We’re gonna find out! We will launch our new monthly theme quiz series at @spareroompdx with one of the most requested themes in Triviology history - The Office! This mandatory meeting is on Sunday, May 27th at 6:00. All seasons of the US version of this beloved show will be fair game. If you win, you can hold your Tiny Dundie as close as you want! Meanwhile, enjoy classic Triviology tonight, 15th Avenue @hophousebeer at 8!
Some wonderful generosity equals great prizes for tomorrow’s Pantsapalooza Pub Quiz! Here are just some of the pizes that a few different teams will win: @portlandshortbus passes, @purringtonscatlounge packages, a free customized Triviology game, and tickets to see Portland performances of My Favorite Murder, Aimee Mann, and a wonderful legendary band who’s identity I will only reveal at the fundraiser! See you at @spareroompdx at 5:00! Full event details on #Pantsapalooza
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