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in this au made by my friend. Trixi is a part time waitress, and a full time serial killer she’s only been to jail once! She decided to join land sharks after her boyfriend Labyrinth broke up with her after she killed a teenage girl that came from a very bad home life and he had began getting very close with her in a fatherly way. After she joined Land Sharks, she’s became more of a co leader disregarding her title, she’s best friends with the team leader “Mama Shark” and has loads of fun going on killing sprees with her. Go follow my friend @spaced_outart she has a crazy oc and an even crazier persona, her art is rad go give her a follow my freaks 😈🤟🏻💕
ok i got sick of the jumpsuit pretty quickly so i changed her design and i hope i don’t change it again 4 some time bc i actually rlly like this 1 and it just SCREAMS trixi trickster ya know what i mean 😆🔥🤟🏻
2 🖤🔥🤟🏻
this is what she sometimes wears 2 bed hehe
Labyrinth’s bio 🔥🤪🍷 - Designation Given title - Labyrinth Sabbath Black Alias - Labyrinth The Ringleader Pronouns - He/him Physique Elevation - six foot four Hourglass - 27 (mortal time) - 2,327 (demon time) Optics - Blue Hair hue - dark brown almost black Complexion - Pale/very light Ones Own Moral alignment - neutral evil Sexuality - straight Significant other - Trinity Grimwood (Trixi Trickster) Occupation - ringleader at his very own circus, and protector/demon guardian of Trixi Species - warlock demon Status - Alive Abilities Supernatural detection Telekinesis Teleportation Levitation Mind manipulation Time manipulation Weather manipulation Shapeshifting Invisibility Precognition Professional at combat and self defense Professional lion tamer Illusionist Personality Overprotective, flirtatious, sexy, cunning, smart ass, selfless, chaotic, violent, evil, tender, bad ass, extremely intelligent, very talented, soft, adorable etc etc Face Claim Andy Biersack
batsy and trixi taking a stroll while trixi’s lookin evil bc she’s ready 2 go on a killing spree 😜🤟🏻🔥
Trixi’s biography (template by @vexingclownette ) Designation Given title - Trinity Grimwood Alias - Trixi Trickster Pronouns - she/her Physique Elevation - four foot eleven Hourglass - seventeen - twenty one Weight - one hundred and fourteen Optics - green Hair hue - snowy white blonde hair Complexion - Pale/light Ones own Moral alignment - chaotic evil Sexuality - straight Significant other - Labyrinth Black Occupation - ringleader’s assistant (works at Pity Circus every other month which is when they have their shows) serial killer/thief. Species - Human Status - Alive Abilities Professional dancer (during her foster days her foster mom signed her up for dancing lessons after seeing her dance to Britney Spears one Friday night) Skilled gymnast (her foster mom also signed her up for gymnastics just to keep her busy and to also help her socialize and meet new people because the foster kids weren’t nice to her) Personality - bubbly, chaotic, insane, violent, flirty, spunky, very intelligent, sarcastic, smart ass, mischievous, selfish, independent/dependent, moody, crazy, sexy, evil etc etc Face claims Margot Robbie Taylor Momsen Juliet Simms Britney Spears (circa 2001) Avril Lavigne
Trixi x Labyrinth mood board
trixi’s go 2 sleep wear 💕 (it was originally a shirt that Labyrinth owned but would never rlly wear, so he lent it 2 her and well now it’s hers 😂🤠)
happy 4th of july from Pity Circus’s favorite couple Trixi Trickster and Labyrinth Helios Black 👻🌟✌🏻
these are the boys, all the boys face claims are the black veil brides members. Labyrinth (andy), Axel (ashley), chaos (cc), and Draxel (jinxx) they’re all part of a circus called Pity Circus, they perform every other month and kill people that they know maybe be a harm to Trixi who they protect especially Labyrinth who is her lover believe it or not. Yep, these are the boys!
trixi’s revamped official design, no more cowl no more ruffled collar! she still loves the colors red and green, she doesn’t have them braids no more, and she now has snake bite piercings so thts cool imma show u guys the new boys tmrw 😀🤟🏻🤠👻🍭😈
i drew trixi w a few different hairstyles, hope u like
happy bday @zoyadowling ily 💗
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