Troydave SA


Wise young man with a postive spirit# retirewithsashin
Butan hidden panther
Being undefeated at the moment
Lol gerneration of today
Loving the song but eish im single if i had a lady i was gonna sing for her in valentines day#Baby gal sthandwasami
Valentine is coming beware dont allow to be introduced . guys majentse ayeyeeyeyeye
You will never get used to the injection from birth lol
Listening to the king nyovest each and everyday and getting motivated
Politician since day one till the day i die
Pay attention to each and every step you take # Rollin with weather 🐰
Hungry for competition bitch get on my plate
Nice being a boss more life
My bitch she's bad and bougee
GOD that I work for will give me this # jays_forever # Rollin with weather
Waiting 4 motivation from above # old khaki
Old khaki # old_times #Rollin with weather.
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