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Working for endless dreams.💭 |Writer|| Entrepreneur| 👩‍🎓......More to add . Enduring Freedom. . Collab- DM/💌 #thestalkingtrends . Reviews⤵️

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GIVEAWAY BY @thebeautywonk & @thesoapfactoryindia . What made me choose to repost this giveaway was again because I am tempted towards Soap Factory. The products look cute, no? Also, I don't know Rifat much personally, but her stories tell me how bold she is 🙈 I like her for that 🌱 . . #randomthings
🌺GIVEAWAY BY HIBISCUS MONKEY ( @hibiscusmonkey )🌺 . So, I'm a person who stays away from giveaways having rule of reposting their picture on our feed because it feels an attack to my area. This giveaway is so exciting for me because I wanted to try this oil since I've seen it on the feed of @24hourrealcare.blog and here, I'm reposting their picture on my feed, going against the attacking vibes because its HM. 🙈🙈 . . Tagging @khubsundar @vanitysparkles @peachogram.com_ @euphoricjournal @girl_instaglam 😍😍 . . . #HMLove #HMBigMama #HMoil #india #allaboutdahair #hairgoals #hairenvy #weekend #hairlove #HiByeKiss #organic #hairmagic
#texturetuesday post. In the frame, Aloe Vera Gel by @organixmantra . Reasons to purchase it- • Big tub which can last me full summer. • 200g available on Amazon at Rs 449/- (after discount) • Presence of Agran, Jojoba & Vitamin C additionally. • Recent Reviews on IG . First Impressions- • Translucent in color. • Actually a big tub and can last 3-4 months to me. • Has a strong fragrance • Very soothing to skin, feels so cool in summer on application • Doesn't seep into the skin quickly & forms a watery layer on skin. . . #thestalkingtrends #aloeveragel #productreview #organixmantra
•°• Lavender, Myrrh & Wild Forest Honey °•° By: @juicychemistry Price: Rs 350/- Shelf Life: 6 months Ingredients: Swipe Best suited for Skin Type: Dry (or dry patches) . 🍯It is heavy in weight, thick in consistency and has mild aroma of the ingredients. 🍯It needs a little effort to spread it over the skin. Since, it is meant to moisture dry patches well, it leaves a thick layer on skin, and to spread it needs a lot of effort. 🍯Due to the thick consistency and thick layer it forms on skin, it is not suited as day cream. 🍯Cleanse your face, and apply it half to one hour before going to sleep. 🍯 When you wake up even in morning, you'll still feel the layer of this cream on your face. It indicates that it doesn't get much absorbed into the skin, but forms more a layer on skin itself. 🍯While a lot of products fail in the market, it is a good product for dry skin, and is able to tackle the dryness easily (It took my mom one week & me two applications to get rid of dry patches). During seasonal changes, when skin changes its type, its good to use twice a week and you're good to go. 🍯 Oily skin people might not love it, for thick consistency, high moisturising properties, which can cause more sweating & oiliness on application. 🍯It came in a tiny-plastic tub, though it asks us to recycle the tub. (We can prepare out DIYs using it) I grabbed it during one of the JC 30% sales, and it costed me some Rs 260/-. You do grab it then, and save some money .💸 #Iboughtthis Since shelf life is limited, grab it when your skin starts to show dryness signs. Not too early, and better not be late. . #thestalkingtrends #juicychemistry #nightcream #dryskin #skincare #organicproducts #skinfriendly #certifiedorganics #greenbeauty #nopreservatives #crueltyfree #loveyourskin #texturetuesday #texturethursday #throwbackthursday
•°• WHITE LOTUS MOISTURISER •°• By: @suganda.co Price: Rs 750/- for 50 grams Shelf Life: 2 years Texture: Swipe. Ingredients: Swipe again. . 💮 Its texture looks sticky, but its not at all sticky. In fact, it spreads easily and is light-weight. 💮 It is aromatic, i.e., due to presence of essential oils, it has a fragrance which is quite noticeable by others too on application. However, it neither irritates the eyes, nor the nose. 💮 I have normal to dry skin, so, I needed to apply another moisturiser over it to keep the dryness at bay. 💮 I gave it to a friend of mine, with oily to normal- acne prone skin for usage, and it proved to be a great moisturizer in summers, for neither its oily, nor make the skin oily after application. 'Breaking out is individual-specific', though in this review, it didn't cause any breakouts. 💮 All the ingredients are good for skin, and no harmful chemicals. However, people need to check if they are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient in particular. 💮 Usage- 3 pumps in one application (which is dependent on individual) 💮 Glass Jar & Pump Packaging makes it an environment friendly & reusable packaging. 💮 Rs 750/- does sound a big investment when its your first trial, but grabbing it during flash sales is a worthy option. . #thestalkingtrends #suganda .co #suganda #whitelotusmoisturiser #skincare #oilfreemoisturiser #oilyskin #dryskin #ligjtweight #whitelotus #texturetuesday
•KALEIDOSCOPE OF LOVE• Author- @authorpriyanka Purchased from- @amazondotin . 🌻This book is thinnest of each book, with 10 stories packed in 90 pages. I needed a break, after reading those thick books, and then, came this to my life. 🌻 It is best for non-readers too, because each story is short, and the only relation between all stories is love. So, you can read the happy, sad & climax, and end in small duration. 🌻Each story shows how dimensional love can be, and that it happens by heart, irrespective of education, blood, or outside beauty. 🌻Like real life, not all stories have a happy ending, some have betrayals too, some shows fatherly love, while some shows how can one be deprived of love (though filled with love) 🌻Long-term connection with characters can't be established. And the language used is extremely simple. It makes it best for non-readers or beginners, but a slight okayish for others. . #thestalkingtrends #bookreview #kaleidoscopeoflove #reader #reading #book #priyankabhuyan #shortstories #love
On this #texturetuesday is the serum, I'm using for 4 months now. The bottle is almost 3/4th emptied. . Product- Face Serum by @naturesbutter_byshree Priced at Rs 450+$ Got under @thegoldenchest_ at discount. •°• •°• Review- •Non-sticky & light-weight, leaving a light moisture to the skin. Hence, doesn't leave skin to suffocate. •Being normal to dry skin type, this serum provided enough moisture in 3-4 drops per usage. •Spreads well, looks yellowish-golden. •Seeps into skin pretty quick. •Will last for some 6 months (on daily usage) •Has a fragrance of Helichrysum, which I like personally. •Ingredients- Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Hazelnut, Pumpkin, Black Cumin, Pomegranate, Lavender, Helichrysum. •Good for all skin type as far as ingredients are concerned. Check for specific allergies before spending. °•° °•° #thestalkingtrends #thegoldenchest #naturesbutterbyshree #faceserum #skincare #productreview #delhi #faceserumbyshree #faceoil #serum #oilserum #cleanbeauty #cleanskincare #cleaningredients #abcommunity
°•° Underarms Pigmentation & odor °•° On this #texturetuesday is my favourite combination of two powders, addressing most common summer issues, pigmentation & odor of underarms. . DIY- 🍊Mix Orange/Lemon Peel Powder & a pinch of Charcoal Powder (approximate quantity shown). 🍊Add water to it and apply on underarms evenly. 🍊Rub it gently for a minute, and bath off. . Featuring- Orange Peel Powder & Activated Charcoal Powder by @indusvalleyofficial priced at approx at Rs 185/- for 100 grams. _____ ☀️Adding more activated charcoal powder can be messy to clean. It is to be used as a pinch only. ☀️Can be used 6 days a week, once a day. ☀️Pigmentation reduction will take a month, but odor controlling may take only 2-3 applications. _____ #thestalkingtrends #powdercleansers #powderedcleansers #orangepeelpowder #charcoalpowder #pigmentation #underarmspigmentation #odor #underarmsodor #underarms #skincare #selfcare
°•° EXPLORE •°• Explore your innerself. 🤔You can sit by the window & meet yourself. 🤔What about travel? 🤔May be looking outside from the last seat of the bus, or 🤔 May be reading a book. 💭💭💭💭 I can do all of the above. How do you people explore yourself?
•°• IMPROVE °•° It is a continuous process. Introspect, and work on yourself. Be a better person. Compare yourself with yourself, not others. ⚡⚡⚡⚡
•°•LAUGH°•° Laughing is a therapy, if it is not meant to belittle others, spreading positivity & energy inside. 🤣😂🤣 When did you laugh last? (Not smile, but laugh!) Share in comments & live those moments again.
• Indus Valley Deostick (Lemongrass Variant• . 🌿Very compact in size, and easy to use, hence travel-friendly. ✈️ 🌿The cover is plastic-made, which is not eco-friendly.🌏 🌿Priced at Rs 299/- and Shelf Life is 3 years. 👏 🌿Lasts for around 6 months (I'm reviewing it after using it for 3 months), so affordable one.💰 🌿 Its fragrance lasted for around 8 hours in winters, and around 5-6 hours in current hot-humid & sweating days. ☀️ . °•Swipe ⬅️ for Ingredients. To me, they are pretty safe to use. °•Use: Just roll on the deostick on your clean & dried underarms, and you are good to go.👏 °•Recommended? Yes, if looking for affordable safer options. It might be boring to use same stick for so long though 🤦 . #thestalkingtrends #indusvalley #deostick #lemongrassdeostick #delhiblogger #delhi #pikreview #ikinakiapp #productreview
So a review after months. This is a sample, one-time use Feminine Pain Relief Patch by @sironaindia . 🌼Product Details- It came in a zipper lock sturdy plastic packaging, which exhibits a strong known aroma when opened. I assume it to be the Menthol fragrance (being one of its contents). It had a protective liner (Swipe for image), which gets remove easily and applied easily too. . 🌼Experience- Pretty thin, to apply it while going to workplace or outings. It is a great relief when in pain. It may not vanish all the pain (depending upon intensity) but surely reduces it to a great extent. Easy to use, with 3 years shelf life so that you can stock it up too. . 🌼Contents- Menthol & Eucalyptus Oil. It claims to be herbal & looks so too. 🌼. Caution- Not to be used on open wounds or wet areas or internally or near eye or face. If uncomfortable, remove it asap. . 🌼Repurchase? Owing to shelf life, and relief during cramps, definitely a worry-free repurchase. Tip: One pack has 5 patches, so 4 of your friends & you can order one. This will cost you less, and you can see its effects on your own. Also, it works on pain other than menstrual ones. . #thestalkingtrends #sirona #painreliefpatch #periodscramps #nomorepain #saynotocramps #natural #intimatehygiene #menstrulhygiene #productsofinstagram #notopills #menstruationmatters #periodspain #womenhealth  #femininehygiene #pikreview
Whats in my bag? 👛A wallet, filled with Aadhar Card, Voter ID card, PAN Card, Debit Card, Metro Card, and some random receipts. 📒 My current Read, to pull it out whenever I want to. 📝 A notepad and a pen! Just in case! 🌹In skincare & makeup, I have only a hand sanitizer, any normal travel sized cream, some tic-tac pins, clutcher, safety pins and a Lip Balm. 🔒Sanitary Napkin, because periods can knock anytime. 🍵 Green Tea Sachets. Its like my medicine too. Had throat pain or symptoms of cold, have a Green Tea & kick those off. 😜That cute pouch to keep some change & Earphones safe. . Thats all I have in my bag. And this one is a part of #handbagchallengebymathi by @carebymathi , which eventually helped me clean my bag after ages 🙈 . Very soon adding solid perfume to it as well. 🌼 So, whats in your bag? Or what should you think is missing in my bag? 🙄 . #thestalkingtrends #whatsinmybag #challenge #mybagisamess #delhiblogger #delhi #bagchallenge #myessentialsinthebag
We are supposed to wash hair twice a week, one with hair mask & another time with oil. But, managing work & studies is difficult. So, I started applying hair mask between oil & shampoo. I know this might be not the best idea, but lets try. . I took almost equal parts of Hibiscus Powder, Amla Powder and half part of Henna Powder and a total of half spoon of indigo powder into this jar. Being non-bouncy, non-shiny, frizzy and thin hair, I wanted to do a lot for my hair. I add lemon peel powder or orange peel powder if I want to because they are granuled. Add this powder to yogurt, or water, etc and apply for an hour. I don't let it dry out completely (apply a shower cap above it) because it may cause stretched hair, and hence, hair fall. . Reused this Aloe Vera Gel container to store this mixture. Really boring & time-consuming to prepare it everytime. Powders from @indusvalley_brand . #thestalkingtrends #haircareroutine #haircare #hairfall #hibscuspowder #amlapowder #hennapowder
Hormonal Hairfall is what I am facing since quite long. I tried a lot, and everything ended up doing a little because healing needed from inside. Together with taking care of inside, here is what I'm finally doing from outside- . I add almost equal parts of Bhringraj Oil, Castor Oil, Onion Oil, Neem Oil and store them in a container jar. I add onion seeds to them, and keep it outside in sun to prepare for 2-3 days. I then shifted it to plastic jar (Swipe to See 🙈) . I apply this oil Saturday Night and leave it overnight. Next day, I wash it off. . This oil has shown amazing effects to everyone I know near me applied it, may it be to hairfall or dandruff or hair growth, but minimal to me. However, I know that it is doing its best on me either. 😊 . #thestalkingtrends #haircareroutine #hairoil #delhi #delhiblogger #hairfall #antidandruff #hairgrowth #india
Here I'm sharing a mini-haul sort of something I had from Pee Safe/ @palm_safe . It was in the month of December, that I purchased these products. Long back, no? Not a review though, just quick glimpse- . 🐛 Mosquito Repellent Patches- Total waste of money. Though it has very strong aroma, that reaches the brain immediately, remains there for some 24 hours, but it doesn't help shoo away flies. Just that mosquitoes don't sit on it. ❌❌ . 💭 Foam Hand Sanitizer Spray- Easy to carry, spray packaging. White foam comes out of the bottle, which has some medicinal fragrance. Not very much satisfactory, but good one. . 🍀Peppermint Hand Sanitizer- Very Very Compact, fits well in palm itself, with removable cap, and has a spray inside. Peppermint aroma, and small pack goes long either. Its a good product. Suggested by @savourandstyle . #thestalkingtrends #delhi #mosquitorepellent #patches #handsanitizer #foamsanitizer #peppermontsanitizer #palmsafe #peesafe #hygiene #pikreview #ikinaki #plixxoblogger #plixxoinsider
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