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Where does true happiness come from? Ya know the old saying goes that true happiness is found from within. Which is true to an extent. . For me personally, I certainly find happiness from within but, I also seek happiness from a place outside of myself. I find happiness when I am able to give outside of my own needs, to something bigger than me. . I find happiness when giving to others. I find it when I’m around fun, positive people. People who I can laugh and smile with. . I find happiness when I can give a hug and receive a hug. I find it when I can just be in the moment with who and what is in front of me. . I find happiness in my purpose everyday which is serving all the beautiful mommies out there and teach them how to live a healthy, happy life with pure confidence. I find happiness when they look at me and say thank you Liz, this has changed my life. . So where can you find happiness? If you are having a hard time finding it from within its time to take a look at how you’re treating yourself. Are you giving to yourself every day? Next Who are you spending your time with? Are these people lifting you up or bringing you down? Next are you living a life with purpose? Do you know why god put you here? Are you doing something with your life that fills your soul? Or are you doing something every day that makes you dread waking up? . Be honest with yourself and answer these questions. You have the power to change and control all these answers to find a happy and fulfilled life. Keep smiling my friends life is too short to live anyway other than happy. ❤️
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Here’s to you mama- this superwoman logo was made for you... for us ... . Here’s to the moms with young children that stay up all night and have to wake up for work the next day... here’s to the moms that are single and take all responsibility on themselves... heres To all the moms that work their butts off staying home with their kids to only have other people say they don’t work... that’s BS. Here’s to the moms that work their asses off every single damn day in every aspect of life ...and no matter how tuff it gets they never give up and stand up tall even though you want to fall. . Here’s to the mamas that are in a struggling relationship. Here’s to he mamas who have been abused, heres to the moms that have been told they aren’t good enough. Here’s to the moms that have feel they have failed themselves and or their kids. Heres to the mamas that travel so much for work and barely see their kids so they can eat...Here’s to the moms that are exhausted at he end of the day and still give love to the world and their family in the best way they know now.. Here’s to the moms that feel insecure about their bodies because they created miracles, their children... Heres to the moms that run to the bathroom to cry so their kids don’t ever have to feel or see their pain. . Here’s to the moms that feel isolated... here’s to the moms that are dealing with postpartum depression... heres is to you mama- YOU ARE A TUFF GIRL BECAUSE YOU ARE A MOM... no one has ever walked in your shoes, no one has ever felt the pain you have felt... no one knows where you have been emotionally.. no one understands but you and God himself. NO ONE understands where you were before and how you got to where you are today and where you aspire to be. . It takes a tuff girl to birth a child, it takes a tuff girl to work every day and serve their family. It takes a tuff girl to stand up and keep moving when all they want to do is sit down and cry. It takes a tuff girl to be a mom no matter what. It takes a tuff girl to aspire to change and it takes a tuff girl to make the change. . Tuff girl fitness is not just about a work out... continued 👇🏻
True story
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This tire is twice my size and twice my weight- I didn’t focus on the size or the weight of it....I focused on my strength to get it up and off the ground. . Same thing in life: Stop focusing on why you can’t do something. Stop thinking about how it seems impossible, focus on the power you have to get up and off the ground and do it! Whatever it may be! . So mamas.. what can you do today to get your health journey up and off the ground and start living healthy again? Here’s a few tips: . 1. What you think is what your reality is... stop saying I don’t have time and start saying I will make the time. . 2. Start slow- set small goals you can be proud of. Like working out for 15 minutes at home 3x this week and eating 1 healthy meal per day. Once you can make these small accomplishments it makes it easier to take on more. In fact you will end up wanting to do more! Rather than get overwhelmed and quit. . 3. Focus on being patient. Be proud of those small accomplishments everyday they will add up and overtime and you will start seeing results. Your body didn’t gain the weight overnight it’s certainly not going to lose the weight overnight. Learn to focus on being proud and patient. . Don’t focus on your size, focus on the control you have to get your journey up and off the ground. Patience, dedication and gratitude.. . This is the beginning mindset you need to start a new lifestyle that will last a lifetime. .
Always have this mentality! 👆 . Never settle for less than you deserve. Always surround yourself with people who give you the time of day. The people that teach you, inspire you, the people that give you what you deserve. The people that give just as much effort as you do, if not more. . Surrounding yourself with the right people is a major key to leading a successful happy life. Never settle for halfway people, or you will live a half ass life. No one deserves that! Stay Tuff, never settle and give everything you want your full effort. Start attracting the right people in your life by being the person you aspire to be.
You’re a mother working full time and you feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day. By the time you get home from work you only have so much time and you feel selfish if you don’t give all that time to your kids. You end up feeling guilty. So what happens ? You put your own health on the back burner, the weight keeps piling on and your body is going to the opposite direction you want it to. You become more and more insecure about the way you look cuz your clothes start fitting differently, you worry about what your husband or bf is now thinking of you and eventually you don’t recognize yourself. . Every day you wish you could figure out how to make this all turn around but you don’t know where to start... . Life can be Tuff as a working mom I know how it feels. But I also know that if there’s a will there’s a way. And there’s a way to take care of yourself to make you feel better, more confident, to start losing the weight with out disrupting your schedule. In fact, I know how to show you to make your life easier and less stressful. . If you are that girl that has had enough and is willing to do whatever it takes to get your confidence and your body back, then I’m your girl. Dm today to find your inner Tuff girl and become a better you. Not just for you but for your family.
Tuff mamas!!!! This is @lizcollinsfit Before and after picture from 3 months #postpartumbody ... and the other one is about 7 months later walking on stage for a fitness competition... . Are you this girl? Just had a kid ...The one that’s thin but flabby? Not quite excited to jump in to your bikini knowing you’ve been hiding your bod all winter? You’re looking to lose a few pounds and gain muscle? Welll.. it’s not too late ... . Join the Tuff Girl Fitness Academy today and you will receive complete training on mindset, nutrition and work outs. DM for more details! .
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You’re looking forward in to the future you see and imagine something so beautiful. You can see yourself in a much better place emotionally and physically. But for some reason you keep holding on to something in your head that’s preventing you from moving forward. It’s these beliefs and thoughts that you continue to play like a broken record. Your thoughts may be something like this: . I don’t have the time to work on myself . I’m exhausted by the end of the day being a working mom or a stay at home mom is exhausting (I get it I’ve done both) . I’m constantly giving my time and my life to my family. . I wish I could but it will never happen to me . When you think, your thoughts say- I wish I could BUT.... fill in the blank . We all do it and I certainly have. The only thing that’s standing in your way of your vision for yourself are your own thoughts. . Let me say something, the way you are thinking is not always your fault. It could come from something someone said to you as a kid, it could have been something you’ve heard a friend or significant other say to you that has caused you to believe you can’t. It’s something you have heard at some point in your life and it’s been drilled in to the subconscious that’s driving your life way more than you think. . So, how do we fix this issue? There’s a way to reprogram the subconscious mind. You see, the subconscious mind drives our lives and the scary part is whatever it hears it believes. So what’s my point? And how do we reprogram the way we think? . It all starts with the kinds of thoughts you give to yourself every day and not one day but every day with repetition and consistency. If your give yourself positive thoughts your subconscious has no choice but to believe it. Over time you will have reprogramed your mind to be powerful rather than self destructive and limiting. And you will start to get to that beautiful place ahead of you that you were once dreaming of. It will eventually be your reality. . Start your day off today and every day with empowering thoughts: . Stop with I wish I could but... Start with I can do this and today this is the small action I’m going to take to get there!
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