Turf Games

A functional fitness team based competition like no other📍LONDON WINTER FESTIVAL 9th February 🇬🇧👇🏽 LONDON SUMMER FESTIVAL 14/15th June Rosslyn Park

With 20 days to go until the Winter Festival and teams all set - time to ramp things up a notch. The Men’s category is set to be hotly contested with a field of some serious athletes. Can @harveylawtonpt and @davidbirtwistle defend their Summer title with a new look Team? We will be taking a look at various teams from all categories in the build up to the big day .. countdown is on! #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #fitnesscompetition #athletes #teamfitness
Looking forward to seeing plenty of this on February 9th at our Winter Festival - Brunel University London | Keen to come along and watch? Grab your spectator ticket from our website. The Countdown is on 🧭 #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #fitnesscompetition #londonfitness
They’re back! Excited to have @function360physiotherapy providing athletes with running repairs during the TG Winter Festival on 9th February at Brunel University | Need a treatment before the big day? Stay tuned for a Turf Games offer coming soon #fitnesscommunity #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #physio #rehab
Super pumped for Turf Games Sydney Athlete @kate_hilliard for breaking the 500m @concept2au women’s ski erg World Record this week | Kate now holds the women’s treble 500m / 1km / 2km - machine 🥇👏🏽Can’t wait for TG DOWNUNDER later this year #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #concept2 #strong #athlete
Unreal @mymanorlondon x Turf Games Training session last night | ‘Yard Work’ was teams of 4 or 5. Timer was sandbag run outside up the hill and back while your team mates were on either 30/50kg dball hold, clean & press, dumbbell snatch or KB swings - 25min AMRAP. Followed by hill sprint finishers | Perfect session to get ready for Turf Games Winter Festivals | Huge thanks to all the athletes who came along and threw it about and to @squad.sc and @christhebullboxing for the session | Session 2 ‘Yard Work’ Saturday 26th Manor Victoria 💪🏽 #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #yardwork #fitness #strongman #strongwomen
We are proud to be using all @blkboxfitness bars, plates and equipment at our Winter Festival . You can shop all the gear on pre sale at BIG DISCOUNTS and pick up at the Winter Festival via the BLK BOX banner on our website - via the link in our profile - bars, bumpers, dballs, plyos, dumbbells etc 💪🏽 . #fitnessgear #fitnesseequipment #functionaltraining
Mixed Team Summer Champs are back to defend their title 🏆 @gymboxofficial GOLD will have some pretty big competition with Halo Tops who were runners up in summer and at the City Series looking to go one better - it’s going to be one belter of a day 💪🏽 Remember to get your spectator tickets via the link in our profile #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #fitnesscompetition
SPECTATOR tickets are now LIVE | Click on the link in our profile and hit the Winter Festival dropdown in the menu . Athletes, tag as many people 👇🏽who you think should be coming to cheer you on at the Turf Games Winter Festival on 9th February #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #functionaltraining #fitnesscompetition
BUILD RESILIENCE | Turf Games ‘Fittest in the City’ women’s champion @zoelawrenson_pt will be looking to back it up with the Winter Festival win as part of team Hel’s Angels on Feb 9th | Some super strong teams coming through and some unreal team names 🤣 4 weeks and counting #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #athlete #rowing #fitness
We are excited to announce @mymanorlondon as hosting the Strongman Sally arena at the TG Winter Festival | check out our Winter Story ‘Highlights’ to see what will be used. We have launched two training sessions with them at their Victoria ‘Yard’ studio so you and your team can train and get ready for the big day | Dates are - 645pm Wednesday 16th January Midday Saturday 26th January Click on the link in our bio and head to the ‘Train With Us’ section to secure your spot Time to ramp up that training 💪🏽 #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #athlete #strongman #workout #turfgames
We are super excited to continue our relationship with leading UK Fitness Equipment Brand @blkboxfitness | Following on from our Summer Festival, BLK BOX will be providing a huge amount of equipment for our Winter Festival on February 9th from barbells, to rigs etc | All equipment we are using is now on pre sale at big discounts | Head to our website and click on the banner to shop the gear #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #fitnesscommunity #fitnessequipment #turfgames
No pain, no ... | Athlete @easthamsfitness | Winter Festival London is creeping up fast, head to our story highlights to see what workout 1 involves #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #athlete #fitness
“If you get back up in the training, you’ll get back up in the battle” | Great to see so many teams have commenced their Winter Festival Training | One of the top contenders in the men’s category, team ‘Make it Hurt’ captained by @coachpooky alongside @michaelchapman___ @robhartley.act @tompenn91 @no_nonsense_pt 💪🏽 5 weeks to go #TGwinterfestival2019 #functionaltraining #workoutprogram #functionalfitness #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #athlete #strong
The Champs are back | Hel’s Angels captained by the one and only @heloisenangle will be gunning for 2 from 2 at the TG Winter Festival on 9th February | The women’s category is going to be super competitive, we can’t wait to see everyone going head to head on the turf and supporting everyone off the turf 🏆 #functionaltraining #workoutprogram #functionalfitness #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #womensfitness #athlete
Day 1 | We are excited to launch the first of our monthly Athlete Training Programs and for January we have teamed up with London S&C coach @sam_pepys_performance | Kick start 2019 with a structured approach to training | The program is a 4 day push pull style split with mobility moves at the start of each session and energy system development circuits at the end. There is also an optional day 5 engine session | All movements are linked in the document and are on our YouTube channel | Click the link in our bio to find out more | The program is available to be sent worldwide #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #workoutprogram
Preparing to go back to back 🏆 Turf Games Summer Festival ‘18 Men’s winning captain @harveylawtonpt is looking to defend the title on 9th February at our London Winter Festival | With @davidbirtwistle @sam_pepys_performance @tomblissfit @virtus_strength rounding out the team, a very good mix of engine and raw strength, they are going to be very hard to take down | Who will step up to the plate? The countdown is on #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #fitnesscompetitor #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #athlete
Reflecting on a HUGE year for Turf Games, heading to The Big Apple and taking on the might of the New York fitness scene in March ‘18 has definitely been a highlight 🗽 Our first international event saw Team LDN Team vs NYC at the unreal venue @solacenewyork - what an afternoon. Round 2 in 2019? #turfgames #newyork #fitness #fitnesscommunity #fitnesscompetitor #fitnesscompetition #fitnessvideo @bricknewyork @150baycrossfit @solacenewyork 🇺🇸🇬🇧 🎥 @box_creative_films
That feeling post Christmas Day walking into the gym when it feels like you are carrying a 55kg Dball through the door 😜 ATHLETES - @davidbirtwistle @chris_feather @kate_hilliard #turfgames #fitnesscommunity #fitnesscompetitor #postchristmasworkout
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