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FITNESS | TECH | MUSIC | Europes #1 team functional fitness competition📍UK CITY SERIES - Manchester - 3rd November | Team Entry👇🏽

What a session 💪🏽 Was great to team up with @theactiveman + @activeinstyle for their TRAINING DAY today at the unreal set up at @train.insideout | Started the session off with the beep test and finished with a 30 minute functional strength session 🤢 Big congrats to @theahudsonldn and @roryknightfitness for topping the beep test | Two weeks to Manchester, 4 weeks to Australia, time to ramp up that training 💪🏽 Thanks to @freshfitnessfood for fuelling us #functionaltraining #oneteam #teamfitness #turfgames #stronggirls #strongman #fitness #wod #fitness #londonfitness
Nobody finds their best alone | @andy_macfit making sure @fueltraining from Team Halo Tops is on point with her wall ball targets at our London City Series event recently | Manchester is just over two weeks away, have you got your team entered? #functionaltraining #oneteam #teamfitness #turfgames #functionaltraining #athlete #wow #fitness #stronggirls
Running - the purest form of fitness | We are excited to team up with @teamathleticlife this week for their TRAINING DAY workout at @train.insideout Rosslyn Park Rugby Club (Barnes) | We will be doing the BEEP TEST (cue those memories of high school PE days) | The session starts at 145pm on Wednesday 17th | Spaces are limited so if you would like to come along drop us a DM with your email address #oneteam #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #beeptest #running #runningtraining #conditioning
Swipe 👉🏽 We thought we would throw in a very spicy (but short) weekend challenge 🌶 Most of you are familiar with the Moby song ‘Flower’ and the various workout challenges | Here is a quad burner inspired by @leephillips999 this week . . The song is 3.30min, with a total of 30 squat reps. Sounds easy? Think again. There is a lot of time holding at the bottom. Lee managed to get through to 2.30 which is 20 reps . . Standards - starting standing upright, squat must be hips below knees on ‘bring Sally down’ and knees and hips fully extended on ‘bring Sally up’ . Grab your workout buddy and give this a go and let us know below how far into the song and reps you got out 👇🏽 #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #wod #workoutchallenge #fitness #quadzilla #squats
Today is #worldmentalhealthday and while it is 1 day out of 365 each year, it is a topic that we should not stay quiet about. There are some phenomenal ongoing initiatives around the world to combat this including the @menshealthuk #mendthegap , @mymanorlondon #strongNOTsilent and @ruokday | We are a huge believer at Turf Games of not just physical health but also mental health | Mental illness has many different faces and should not be a taboo topic, the more we talk about it and talk to each other, the more normal it will become | We are extremely proud of the community we have built in London and the support it has given to both camaraderie and collaboration to many athletes and are really looking forward to taking it global again over the coming months #TURFGAMESCOMMUNITY #mentalhealthawareness #menshealth #womenshealth #oneteam
WORKOUT 2 is coming in 🔥 Thanks to the master @sam_pepys_performance for this little beauty | This workout is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) with a 20min time cap | Run can be either on a treadmill or outside. . . Standards - press ups: chest to floor and elbows fully extended | Squats: hips below knees and knees locked out at top | Pull-ups: arms extended at bottom and chin above the bar . . TIP - don’t go flat out from the start. This workout is about pacing and ideally sticking to a tempo you can maintain for 20 minutes . . How many rounds can you get - 10/12/14/15? Give yourself a goal, grab a workout buddy and try and beat it ... GO! 🤛🏽 #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #wod #workout #fitness #athlete
You know you are in for one hell of a session when @theandrew.tracey has programmed it | Sled pushes at the @farm_fitness Arena put many an athlete in a dark place at our Summer Festival ... can’t wait to do it all over again soon| ATHLETE @katehudso #functionaltraining #fitnessfestival #teamfitness #turfgames #functionaltraining #londonfitness #outdoorworkout 📸 @jonpaynephoto
With just over a month to go till our 2nd International City Series, it’s great to see the Aussie teams in training | This time we head to Sydney where TEAM LDN will take on athletes from Australia to be crowned Champions 🏆 @kate_hilliard getting stuck into last weeks TG Workout 1 down at @98rileystgym | Can’t wait till 17 November 🇦🇺🇬🇧 #fitnessfestival #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #sydneyfitness #londonfitness #functionalfitness
Hard to beat an outdoor workout | Throwback to the @gymboxofficial arena at the Summer Festival | Keen to get involved in the Turf Games? Head to our website and check out upcoming events including Manchester in 3 weeks #fitnessfestival #fitnessfestival #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames 📸 @jonpaynephoto
Need a reminder how epic our Summer Festival was? Huge thanks to @playerlayer + @thegentsjournal for this video and online article | Summer Festival 2019 - June 14/15th - Friday Night Lights Corporate Charity competition on the 14th and Athlete Day 15th | More details coming very soon ... going Large 👌🏽 #fitnessfestival #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #londonfitness #fitnessvideos
You ask - we deliver | Here is the first of your mini workouts we will be posting on the ‘gram | We will be getting some of London’s top trainers from our community to contribute them normally, however for the first one we thought we would use a workout that was at our recent Fittest in the City event - This workout is FOR TIME Complete 5 Rounds of the deadlifts, sit-ups and thrusters Then, once you have done the above, to finish 50/30cals assault bike - How quick can you go? Post your times below - TIPS - Scale weight accordingly based on your ability + remember to pace yourself, do not go flat out from the start otherwise you will quickly be out of breathe - #functionaltraining #turfgames #athlete #wod #workout #fitnessworkouts
Is it summer again yet? Oh wait, we have the Winter Festival first | Stay tuned for details emerging very soon about the Winter Festival | ATHLETES @almhayes_fitness @robbothan #fitnessfestival #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #athlete #winteriscoming
How epic is this facility 👌🏽 1 month to go until we take on Manchester for Round 2 of our City Series | @crossfit3d will play host on November 3rd, with its enormous Rogue Rig, used in the 2015 European CrossFit Regionals with 15ft rope climbs, which may or may not be used 😉 plus loads of other toys, including Ski Ergs, bikes, bars + sleds, to plan an epic competition style workout (p.s this will not be a ‘CrossFit’ workout | Mixed Teams of 5 battling it out for a place in the Sold Out Winter Festival + other prizes. Have you got your team entered, handful of teams left | Hit the link in our bio #fitnessfestival #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #athlete #crossfit #manchester #rogue
New Week | New Goals | Same Focus | Time to get after it 🤛🏽 #fitnessfestival #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #athlete #focus #partnerworkout 📸 @jonpaynephoto
Suns out Saturday sessions | Next week we will start releasing weekly workouts for you all to do and add on to your sessions. We are also partnering with one of our top athletes to bring you our first 4 week Turf Games Training Program ... stay tuned for more | In the meantime, if you want to challenge yourself, you can do what @gareth_barry74 did last month - it was his birthday so he decided to row 1,000m for every year. How far did he row? 44,000 meters ... get after it 💪🏽 #fitnessfestival #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #concept2 📸 @jonpaynephoto
#WINTERISCOMING | If the vibes at the Summer Festival was anything to go by, the Winter Festival on Feb 9th is going to be off the hook | A few more teams (mixed, women’s + after agent) going live today at 9am | Hit the link in our bio #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #athlete #fitnesscommunity #fitnessfestival
High 5’s don’t come easy at a Turf Games, but they are free | Looking forward to taking Turf Games north to Manchester on 3rd November with @crossfit3d playing host | Have you got your team entered? | ATHLETES @mandy_moveit @trainwithtara #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #athlete #fitnesscommunity
HAPPY #NATIONALFITNESSDAY | We have always said Turf Games is the culmination of the 3 t’s - Training, Tactics and Teamwork ... this video is proof we weren’t lying | The finisher on Saturday at the TG City Series was a 2.5km team row | Before their event, Team Cirque de Sore Legs were caught practicing the transitions and discussing tactics - the result ... against an unbelievable field of athletes, they 🥇WON🥇 the row event by 1 second - clocking up an incredible 7.10min ... it’s a game of inches, get training 😉 ATHLETES @davidevolve353 @louloudunc @shaneruds @joel_nutrifix @katharineweguelin #functionaltraining #teamfitness #turfgames #athlete #fitnesscommunity #concept2 #indoorrowing #fitnessvideo #rowing #londonfitness
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