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πŸŒͺ Kansas 🀴Husband πŸ‘£ USMC Vet ❀️ Father of 6 (& expecting) 🌱 Passion for Nutrition & Healthy Living

First concert!!! This girl makes daddy so proud 😌 @nataliestrouhal
❀️ Making daddy’s heart soft
Sophie-Linds having her very first day at church! & she absolutely loved it! ❀️
Birthday Girl !!!
These sisters absolutely love each moment spent together.. makes my heart happy 😍 Some weekend FUN, birthday slumber partying, and about to wind down with some cuddles. Tomorrow, we’ve got church and pumpkins!!
πŸ’• Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl who turned 8 today! She woke up to a β€œLOL” decorated house this morning. So incredibly grateful to have you in my life and so blessed to be your dad. We celebrated today with family, friends, gymnastics, music, gifts and food!! A girls night and a sleepover will top this birthday off just right! πŸ‘Œ
My beautiful babies πŸ’•
The conversation is no longer about calories. It’s all about nutritional density πŸ™Œ - Thank you for taking the guesswork out for healthy nutrition. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Reach out to learn how simple it is. πŸƒ #itsthatsimple #nutrientdense #intermittentfasting
Today was a day all about Jesus, family and fun! I love Sundays πŸ‘Œ @nataliestrouhal
Picture Day!!!! πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’š
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My little Chloe Belle caught my icky sickness and had an early morning waiting for the doctor to open so she can get some medicine.. I think she still loves me 😍
Mommy’s girl πŸ’•
My babies continuing to fill my world with love πŸ’•
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Charlotte and her beautiful new haircut! ❀️
Your thoughts will determine your realities. Keep your thoughts positive and you will make positive decisions and subsequently take positive action. I am committed to maintaining a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy soul! πŸ’« - For over a year now I have been apart of a health and wellness company that has helped me grow in more ways than you can imagine. I’ve been able to transform my daily thought process, daily habits, and best of all, have support from those on that same mission! If you are searching for a change in your life that will positively impact the lives of others, we deserve to connect. ✨ - I hope you have a blessed Thursday! 😎 - #mission #impactlives #confidence #pathwithpurpose #isagenix #mind #living #joinme
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