Twan Kuyper

WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE “I like making funny videos” AGENCIES • WME / IMG MANAGER • @Real_Gari GIVE ME MY PHONE BACK 😡 - New YouTube ⬇️

We all go through ups and downs but never forget to sit back sometimes and reflect on what we have accomplished so far. Never give up 💪🏼🙏🏼
Off to San Francisco for a quick meeting w/ @real_gari thank you @jetsmarter for getting us there quick 🛩
You can't have a bad day on a Jetski 😜
What do you think we are looking at?
Give me my phone back 😡 w/ @iamstevenspence @directedbystro watch full video on my YouTube link in my bio
Make sure to do your groceries kids
Finally back in the gym 😜
Best friends tell each other everything 🧐😂 w/ @lelepons 🎥 @pavel
Family is everything ❤️
Happy 4th of July everyone make sure you spend it with people you love #sister #4thofjuly
“When you steal stuff from your sibling 🙈😂 w/ @lelepons @directedbystro (tag a sibling)”
I've missed my little brother so much ❤️
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