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WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE “I like making funny videos” AGENCIES • WME MANAGER • @Real_Gari How Jeans Can Effect Your Life ⬇️

Will forever love you guys ❤️
Who else has a love hate relationship with their phone 📱🖤 (swipe 🔛) Tag a friend
Good morning! I'm excited for the next few weeks - lots of exciting projects coming up, including lots of travel. First off, I'm going to Milan on Tuesday then we go to Amsterdam and then Mykonos, I can't wait!
Friends help each other no matter what 😝 w/ @hannahstocking ➡️ swipe to find out Tag a Friend
Escape the ordinary ✍🏼 write your own future 🖖🏼
When youuu finally understand woman 😂 w/ @adamw @iamstevenspence @directedbystro
When your friend gets in a relationship 😪 w/ @eljuanpazurita @whleli @morganharvill @directedbystro (tag a Friend who does This)
We had a small argument about who was the best basketball player in the world haha but it was nice to meet you @lilhankwilliams
Selfish selfie taker 😱 w/ @lelepons @hannahstocking @adin @directedbystro (Tag a friend)
How people on instagram wake up VS Real life 😂 (Tag 3 Friends)
When you got your friend's back no matter what 😰 w/ @hannahstocking @adamw @chelsearae__ @directedbystro
Feeling motivated 🙏🏼
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