Twan Kuyper

WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE “I like making funny videos” MANAGER • @Real_Gari Check out my Youtube

Guys this man right here is a legend thank you for pushing me everyday to be better love you man 🙏🏼 @real_gari
I love to learn and become smarter/better everyday!
Kenzo cuddling with you is what i miss the most i will love you forever and I'll never forget you R.I.P Kenzo 💔
“ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE 🔥😏....WAIT FOR IT !!!! @lelepons @mikaela (tag a friend)”
The Future is for Dreamers Not Haters! 📸 @renlasal
Who can relate ? 😂 w/ @lelepons @spence @directedbystro Tag 3 Friends
Guess who my Mrs Smith is ?
I fell in the pool 🤷🏼‍♂️ @sidmagazine @renlasal Also i posted a brand new youtube Video link in bio
Brother ❤️
When u ask bae who’s texting us?
Reunited and it feels so good, never again am i leaving you this long ❤️❤️ @kenzokuyper thank you @charlesgitnick and his amazing family for looking after him
I told you I'm busy #sidmagazine Photographer: @renlasal Stylist: @orettac Grooming: @emilyzempel
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