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Bonnie Choice Matte Liquid Lipstick. - Smudge Resistant. - Longwearing. - WaterProof. - Matte Texture. Product ID : 42604 Use my code "X31" to get 10% off on your purchase from @bornprettycosmetics Shop and Product Link In Bio! #bornprettystore #bornprettycosmetics #twentiesblissblog
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Happiness?? . . "Expensive Gifts", They said. . . "Unexpected Forehead Kisses", I Corrected. #twentiesblissblog
A Wrong does'nt become right, Just because its accepted by the majority! . . Supplies Used : @bulletjournal @magnetips_pens #twentiesblissblog
One of my favourite squishy doughnut phone charm from my squishy box @squishykiosk. Also, today is the Last day to enter the @squishykiosk giveaway. Enter the link in Bio ! #twentiesblissblog #squishygiveaway #squishykiosk
"Be Not Of Those Who Curse Iblis In Public, Yet Obey Him In Private" Umar Bin Abdul Aziz. #twentiesblissblog
You are being presented with a choice : evolve or remain. If you choose to remain unchanged, you ll be presented with the same challenges, the same routine, the same situations, until you learn from them, until you say "no more", until you choose change. If you choose to evolve, you will connect with the strength within you, you ll explore what lies outside the comfort zone. Choose evolve! This spread is created with the supplies included in @zenpopjapan May Fruit Basket Stationery Pack! #zenpop #zenpopbeauty #twentiesblissblog
If you are trying to cut down on sugar consumption, or replace it with an alternative that is less refined, honey is the perfect option. A recent study has even shown that honey is better for health than sugar. BBC Food suggests that it is easier to replace one quantity of honey for each one and one quarter quantities of sugar. The ratio should be 4:5. @hemaniherbalpk #twentiesblissblog #hemaniherbal
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#PixiBeauty x @dulcecandy collaboration pallete is a very versatile one. The colors look really nice as eyeshadow or highlighter, bronzer, blush, etc. They are very long lasting as well. I just can't say enough about Pixi products, I've been impressed with everything. Love love love! #PixiByPetra #twentiesblissblog @pixibeauty @pixicosmetics @pixibeautyuk
Colourful Wrap Roll Storage - Durable - Convenient to use. - A Good choice for students. - Can be used as a pencil pouch or makeup brushes holder. Product ID : 34446 Use my code "X31" to get 10% off on your purchase from @bornprettycosmetics Product link : #bornprettystore #bornprettycosmetics #twentiesblissblog
Do you know? . . The word washi translates to Japanese (wa) - paper (shi) , it literally means Japanese paper tape. Before it became the pretty patterned tape we now know and love, washi was simply known as a durable Japanese paper made from the strong natural fibers of native Japanese trees and plants. When the paper is screenprinted with traditional Japanese designs (see below), it becomes a beautiful fine paper with multiple uses. The undecorated paper was also turned into masking tape for industrial use long ago because of its durability and toughness. . . This picture is inspired by a random image on google. Tag the original source if you know one! #twentiesblissblog #bulletjournalss
Before getting into anything, Dont forget to enter The Cutest Giveaway ever by clicking the link in my bio! Nowadays squishies have become a big hit and you can find them all over the Internet, squishy lovers have squishy-themed Instagram accounts, blogs and Facebook groups. Squishies are the perfect squeeze toys to relieve stress and anxiety, but they can also be used as toys or decoration!  Just like any subscription box the surprise squishy pack from @squishykiosk includes a set of 10 random cute squishies. The retail value of the included squishies is approximately 30 USD! The squishy package is a perfect gift for anyone who loves mystery squishies and surprises! Keep reading for more indepth review! #twentiesblissblog #squishykiosk #blfanpost
Bonnie Choice Liquid Pore Defect Concealer. - Longlasting. - WaterProof. - Silky Texture. - Provides instant and longterm hydration. For all skin types, including sensitive skin. Product ID : 42607 Use my code "X31" to get 10% off on your purchase from @bornprettycosmetics Shop and Product Link In Bio! #bornprettystore #bornprettycosmetics #twentiesblissblog
While it feels flattering to be admired by those we love, being copied can often feel like identity theft. Like the other person is trying to take away or rob us of our uniqueness. Psychologically we would describe this type of personality, especially if it happens too intensely and frequently, as the type of person who has no sense of self. This lack of self prompts them to mimic or try to become exactly like someone else (you in this case). Extreme copying reveals having low self esteem to no self-esteem, and/or reveals having an inferiority complex. On some level it’s a way to avoid feeling downgraded. When one is in the act of copying, they temporarily borrow the self esteem they imagine this other person has, for themselves. What do you think? #twentiesblissblog
Where are you moving?? I said, "Onto Better Things" . . This months's Abstract art theme is inspired by this beautiful washi tape i got from @pandapen00. Products Used : Brush Pen @sakuraofamerica White Acrylic Pen @minisopakistanofficial WaterColour Pencils @fabercastellglobal Pencil @eastlondonpencilco Fineliners @magnetips_pens Bullet Journal @leuchtturm1917 Washi Tape @pandapen00 Pink Washi Tape @thewashitapeshop Stamp Pad @aliexpress.official Black Gel Pen @zebrapen_uk #twentiesblissblog #bulletjournalss
#PixiPerfect skin treats are all about glowing and healthy skin. Nothing makes me feel as confident as having radiant skin. Especially the overnight Glow Serum left me shocked, i have never seen a product working so well in just One Night. Obsessed! #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #twentiesblissblog @pixibeauty @pixicosmetics @pixibeautyuk
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