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Some Facts About Colours: . . ✔According to various international studies, the world’s most popular color is blue. . . ✔Recent studies have shown that infants as young as 2 weeks of age can already distinguish the color red. Probably because red has the longest wavelength among colors making it the easiest color to process by the developing receptors and nerves in the baby’s eyes. . . ✔Pink is the palliative color. Apparently, it suppresses anger and anxiety due to its calming effect. That is why prisons and mental health care institutions paint their walls pink to control the behavior of those out-of-control prisoners and patients. . . ✔The safest car color was determined to be white.  Based on studies, it is the most visible color under all conditions except snow.  #twentiesblissblog
Primers have different ingredients, weights, and textures that will work better with different skin types. If you're not sure what kind of skin you have, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and let it air dry. How does your skin feel after 15-20 minutes. ✔If your face feels moist or oily, you have oily skin. Try a mattifying primer to tone down shine and soak up the oil. ✔If your skin feels tight or dry, you have dry skin. Look for a gel-based or illuminating primer that won't dry out your skin. ✔If your skin feels soft and clean, you have normal skin. Experiment with different primers to see what feels best and gives you the effect you want!! #twentiesblissblog @benefitcosmetics
There's absolutely no reason not to spice up your wardrobe with some statement jewellery. Because this special purchase is an investment that can last a lifetime, research and buy wisely in order to find and keep quality pieces that will bring years of enjoyment. If you are looking for statement afghan jewellery in reasonable prices, must check ➡️ @afghan_accessories #twentiesblissblog
You may not see it today, but you will look back in few years and be absolutely perplexed and awed by how every little thing added up and brought you somewhere wonderful!! #2019 #twentiesblissblog @archerandolive
Essentials For Growth!! ✔ Proper Rest. ✔ More Learning. ✔ Building New Habits. ✔ Consistency. ✔ Let Go Of Bad Experiences. #twentiesblissblog
What is good luck for you? As counter-intuitive as it may sound, if you want to have good luck, you'll need to work for it. Good fortune is often lying around, waiting to be be noticed. Learn to recognize opportunities for good luck and take steps to actively invite that good luck into your life. Don't fear black cats and broken mirrors any longer! Instead, change your behavior and mindset. The good luck will follow you! Read the full blogpost ahead featuring @zenpopjapan lucky new year pack!! #zenpopjapan #twentiesblissblog
Some Facts About Tea Tree Oil ft. @iunik_official tea tree relief serum. Did You Know ? . . - No one has been able to create artificial Tea Tree oil with the same antimicrobial, antiseptic and odor-controlling effectiveness of the all-natural original. . . - Tea tree oil should never be swallowed. 100% pure Tea Tree oil is toxic when ingested by people, cats and dogs . . - It takes about a ton of shredded Tea Tree branches and leaves to make 2 ½ gallons of pure Tea Tree oil. . . - Australian soldiers during World War II treated wounds and foot fungus with it. #iunik #twentiesblissblog
It can be all too easy to fall so deeply into a routine that your whole life becomes boring.  You might need to step out of your comfort zone in order to figure out what is missing from your life to make it more exciting. Talking about an excitement, It is described as a state of enthusiasm, stimulation or emotional arousal. If you feel that your life is lacking in these qualities, then you may want to make changes in order to create a more exciting life for yourself. Took me a little while to unbox this, but it all worth it. @boxcitement is all about playing its part in one's boring life. What makes it stand out from the other subscription boxes in market? Is that it is not curated, but created. ➡️ Read the full blogpost in Bio! #twentiesblissblog #boxcitement
Ordered this Rubber Stamp Printing kit from @aliexpress.official - Took 40 Days to reach me. - Price : Rs 3900. - Shipping Charges : Rs 100. Paid Rs 850 Custom Duty! Included : 0-9 Numbers , A-Z Alphabets , All Symbols and Signs, Stamp Pad, 6 Stamps. Very Useful and Versatile! ✔Another cross on my to do list!! Swipe➡️➡️➡️➡️ #twentiesblissblog
Few Hair Tips feat. @puretanica Cool Bliss Shampoo And Conditioner. - Consider giving your hair a rinse with cold water when you are done washing it. This will seal the hair follicles, and make your hair appear smoother and shinier. - Avoid using very hot water on your hair. It can make it become dry and frizzy. - Use conditioner at least once a week. Do not use too much or on scalp, especially if your hair gets oily easily. - Never brush wet hair. Use a wide tooth comb if you must comb your hair while it's wet. Wet hair will stretch and break easily. @puretanica Cool Bliss Duo, has all the good things to rave about, It is a big claim to make but i havent got the volume in my hair like this product gives, with any other hair product ever. It is Color Safe, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Harmful Chemicals, No Hidden Fragrances, No Sodium Chloride (Salt), Safe for Extensions & Keratin Treated Hair. Made in USA. @puretanica #twentiesblissblog #puretanica
Hair Tip feat. Traveler Brush by @nuway_4hair @nuway4hair_tw Comb from the bottom up.  In other words, comb a little bit at the tips, moving upwards only when you’ve gotten out any tangles in the previous section. Most people’s natural inclination is to start at the root and just try to comb their way to the bottom. You’ll run into a lot of tangles this way, and risk breaking and tearing your hair. Start from the bottom, and slowly work your way up. #twentiesblissblog
A new craze to hit online mail subscription services is snack boxes. You can order monthly or bi-monthly boxes of tasty treats to be delivered right to your door. box will include original Russian snacks and sweets as well as some localized versions of global products from many worldwide recognizable brands. It is a good way to explore something new, something that you can’t get in your local store. Each month you will get 1 KG of treats in a box. Head over to my blog to see what's inside the box!! Link In Bio!! #rutreat #twentiesblissblog
A notebook can be a great way to catch ideas as they occur to you. Personalizing a basic notebook makes it your own. Keep Reading to find out more on the Personalised notebooks by the @papernotesbrand Link In Story!! #twentiesblissblog #papernotesbrand
You may make your tracking tool as fancy or as simple as you want it to be. Ultimately, it is so that you can record your investment of time and effort towards your goal each day. For some it is as easy as buying a calendar, sticking it up on a wall and then marking off each day. Whichever method you prefer, make it a habit and incorporate it into your daily routine. Make your tracking tool as continuously visible as possible, so every time you look at it, you know you’re in the process of making a great achievement and that you’re getting there. Dot Stickers by @pandapen00 #twentiesblissblog @kuretakezig_usa @sakuraofamerica @leuchtturm1917
Few Tips On WaterColors!! 1. Buy paper intended for watercolors only. 2. Plan colors before starting to paint. 3. When starting to apply paint, start as light and transparent as possible. 4. Clean brushes between colors. 5. Invest in quality over quantity when it comes to buy paint colors. #twentiesblissblog
Spending time outdoors in the sun may feel good, but it can be very damaging to your skin. While skin cancer is obviously a major health concern, the sun can also cause dark spots or an overall darkening of your complexion. If you want to lighten or brighten the look of your skin, a whitening cream can do the trick. @somebymi Rose Intensive Tone-Up Cream Contains : - 70% of Western Rose Water. - Vitamin B12 for wrinkle prevention and elasticity. - No artificial color and fragrance. - Contains wrinkle-improvement and moisture soothing ingredients that help maintain a moist and white skin tone. . . Note : Always do a spot test before applying the creams to your full face. Rub a small amount over your inner wrist or elbow, and wait 24 hours!! #twentiesblissblog #somebymi
Don't dwell on what you did or didn't do yesterday. Instead, start each day fresh. Get organized for the tasks you have to complete today, and face the day as something new without the weight of the past. If you had a bad day the day before, leave that behind you. Focus on a new day instead. How can you make today better? How can you fix any mistakes or avoid situations that made the previous day bad? Start Fresh!! #twentiesblissblog
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