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"YES! JUNCTION" by @lukassperryman and I
dallas rep today. what city are you representing?
"PeacePus" by @lukassperryman and I
Gooey Goodnight by @lukassperryman and I
WHY? by @lukassperryman and I
W H Y ? • 📸 @steviemackey
2018 is a year of growing and learning. Gotta finish it strong #WAR #LOVE • 📸 @steviemackey
i would love to say i'm working hard, but when you enjoy what you're doing so much...is it really work??? 📸 @steviemackey
life gets better. all my troubles have taught me to appreciate the good times! • 📸 @steviemackey
Here's To 20 Years, Dream On. • • • 📸 @liammgamboa
"I'm sure I could write endlessly about nothing. If only I had nothing to say." - Patti Smith
RIP to MAC MILLER, a writing legend. His third dimensional lyrics inspired much of my writing. His open minded metaphors and powerful imagery always had my mind blown. Gone, but never forgotten. This is absolutely crazy
throwback thursday🤷‍♂️ #meanmuggin
what colors would fall into a tropical pallet?
just exploring los angeles the other night with @liammgamboa and @andrewxxtofer threw this dope video together. What do you think?
this cat came over and sat on my skateboard so I wanted to share
ESSENCE by XPERT LEADER Preorder on iTunes now (Link in bio) and get my first single "MB"🎈🦋
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